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Thanks for posting this Ohad. I have just looked at the first 12 minutes or so. What an amazing visionary and wealth of knowledge Noam Chomsky is. To think that in 1953 when he was in Israel he was 25 years of age. It was also interesting to see that even in 1948 he was saddened by the creation of Israel given his belief that a binational state of Jews and Arabs working together would be the best way to guarantee freedom and security for all.

All the best
Some of the original Zionists belived in the social Israel of Arabs and Jews back then in the begining but now as he suggest we need to go through the two state stage for creating conditions of cultural integraion.
Stewrt watching only 12 minutes of this is missing the point, one point is the point that Neri is making.
but he is going on , over all the major issues .

P.S t socialism was and still is popular among the main stream Zionist youth movement I grew up in Hashome Hatzair years after Chomsky and after the creation of Israel and they are still talking about a socialist union and all that , same with the the Noar haoved (labor party youth) and so on.
socialism was a huge part of the original Zionism . but as Chomsky say as we are now in a post Zionist time it is not relevant to the present .

it is very important to watch all 55 min all the way to the part when he is talking about the BDS movement
Hi Neri, I agree there needs to be a time for a two state solution. It is curious how on the Likud party platform continues to support a one state solution (a greater Israel with some self-rule for Palestinians). As evident on the knesset website:

Hi Ohad, I would love to have watched it all. And I will eventually. One suggestion when posting is to summarise what relevant parts of the video to help guide readers. I was impressed by the first 12 minutes and summarised what I thought was relevant of this. I look forward watching the section on BDS. Whether he is for BDS or against BDS will provide interesting food for thought.

What is interesting to note is that the BDS campaign against Palestinians living in Gaza is continuing to force people to build 100s of tunnels to survive. Not the best way to show good faith and build good neighbours. Just as firing rockets (as primitive as they are) on Israeli citizens is a crime. Remember BDS against settler products is only a symbolic action whereas the BDS action against the people of Gaza can be considered a war crime as it is collection punishment of an occupied people (effective control is still occupation).

In Australia the National Council of Churches have recently passed a resolution calling on churches to consider...emphasis on consider boycotting goods produced by Jewish-Israeli settlers in the Occupied Territories (ie West Bank). This is in line with what Gush Shalom has been calling for, for over ten years.

NCCA Statement on Palestine and Israel, 20 July 2010
good to see you here again :)
Hi Nery if you are referring to me I am always here , reading every day not always I have things to add.
I know when people are here they are in good hands. and I am trying to bring more people



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