FFF ::: Are these recent photographs from Gaza fabrications and misleading?

Are these recent photographs from Gaza fabrications and misleading?


See also Neri's closed discussion Gaza Today ( The more recent photographs are at the end

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what is your point?

Do you try to say that 1,500,000 people are not closed in a cage?
Do you try to hint that these people are free like you and me?

There are many people in Gaza and the Damages of the last Israeli operation are huge economically and with lives of people (and I count the Hamas dead as humans who have mothers and fathers who died).

The photos I are authentic and signal the optimistic view of normal future for Gaza as this 1,500,000 human deserve. Gaza now is under siege. The picture but are part of a bigger complex picture of sad reality of people who are caged.
Yes Neri.

Obviously "the pictures are [just a] part of a bigger complex picture" some of which is very sad indeed.

I know that neither you Neri nor I invented sliced bread. Your suggestion otherwise seems to me to be attempt to be patronisingly insulting.

You also know Neri that Israel was not, is not, will not be responsible for all of Gazan's woes and that those woes are not as bad as many claim. I trust that you understand Neri that that is why I posted what I did. It seems that you do not (want to) understand that.

I trust that Neri will not now claim that my response to Neri's personal attack on me is a personal attack on Neri, and thus ban me from this site.
I totally agree with Neri. Your pictures leave a very bad aftertaste. It's great that Gaza children have the occasion to go to an amusement park, but still that doesn't tell us the overall situation. What do you want? Do you want to clear Israel of its guilt, or do you just want to show us that all is not bad?

Today is Jesus' birthday. A day we all should emphasize peace more than one-sided propaganda. Last Christmas Israel started Op Cast Lead. More than 1300 people were killed, the consequences of Op Cast Lead are still (and will be for a long time to come) a part of the life of the Gazan population. Many people who lost their homes due to Israeli bombs have to construct mud huts because Israel doesn't permit building materials to be sent into Gaza.

Again - if there are amusement parks here and there, that's good (for the children) - but you lie to yourself if you blind out the big picture.
Jesus? The Jewish guy who lived among the rest of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel about 2,000 years ago? If propagandists had more respect for history they might be able to contribute to a better future. Instead, the falsification of history has become the norm: refusal to accept Jews' histoic ties to the Land of Israel (eg. describing Palestinian Arabs as Canaanites, describing Jesus and his contemporaries as "Aramaic-speaking natives", denying the presence of the two Jewish Temples in the heart of Jerusalem), denial of Arab aggression and Jewish/Israeli attempts at seeking peace, and the idolising of Arab victimhood. If the Gazans live in a cage it is one largely of their own making: every choice has its consequences, and choosing a bunch of genocidal antisemites to rule over them and represent them has resulted in a certain suspicion of their aspirations. Combined with the thousands of rockets and mortars launched at Israeli civilians over the years, those suspicions seem only to have been confirmed. And yet the anti-Israel propagandists simply try to draw sympathy to those who ululate at the death of Jewish children by exaggerating the difficulties which they experience.
Dear Oliver,

Please read my again.

I wrote that (my objective was that) "Israel was not, is not, will not be responsible for all of Gazan's woes and that those woes are not as bad as many claim."

I really do not understand how (on this special day) based on what I wrote you made these baseless and unfounded claims:
  1. "Do you want to clear Israel of its guilt?"
  2. "you lie to yourself if you blind out the big picture."

I repeat: I wrote that (my objective was that) "Israel was not, is not, will not be responsible for all of Gazan's woes and that those woes are not as bad as many claim."
Dear Paul,

of course Israel is not responsible "for all of Gazan's woes (...)". But it is partly responsible. No one (and not one state) can alone be responsible for everything.

If we make peace, there can one day be amusement parks everywhere. But in order to make peace, we must also talk about the woes, and about (and with) all those actors who impose those woes on people.

In order to create a better future we must first tackle the wrongs of the present.
Indeed Oliver.

As you wrote. "In order to create a better future we must first tackle the wrongs of the present."
No, the Gazans aren't free - because they have chosen to have themselves shackled by a gang of genocidal antisemites who are now imposing Islamist practice on them. No matter what the circumstances, everyone, ultimately, has a choice. The Gazans chose hatred over rational self-interest. They smashed the greenhouses rather than invest in them. They vandalised the villages vacated by Jews rather than build them up into new communities. They elected Islamist thugs rather try to develop an honest, productive and peaceful body politic. They fired thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians - often from schools and private homes - rather than try to build cooperative links with their neighbours. Their mentality cages them. Even if they lived in London or Los Angeles they would still be in a cage, held hostage by hate.

What is your vision of peace? what is the change you expect we can bring?
If the Palestinian Arabs prove to themselves and the world that they can build a stable, just and peaceful body politic which can be a good neighbour to Israel then I would accept a two-state solution. Alas, there are not enough signs that the Arabs are willing to make the leap from blaming others for their problems to taking on full responsibility for creating a better life for themselves. Should they put rational self interest before hatred, a yearning to achieve before wallowing in victimhood, and the celebration of life before the adulation of death then they would find that Jews in Israel and around the world queuing up to actively support them.
In practical political terms the Palestinian Arabs would, inter alia, have to renounce violence, end anti-Israel and antisemitic incitement, accept the historical connection of Jews with the Land of Israel and the legitimacy of a Jewish State there now and into the future, discard the demand for "refugees" to settle in Israel, recognise the right of Jews to own land and live in Judea and Samaria, and set up strong, but just and accountable, organs of state. Surrounding Arab countries would need to end their discrimination against Palestinian Arabs living in their countries, extend to them full citizenship and residency rights, and end any and all support for violent and inciteful groups.
From its inception, Israel has shown its willingness to cooperate with the Arab populations. The onus truly lies on the Arabs to embrace the opportunities opened up by having a Jewish State in their midst.

What is your vision of peace? what is the change you expect we can bring?
What is your vision of peace?



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