Israeli-Palestinian Confederation (IPC) Voting is Open thr Dec 31 for Israelis and Palestinians

There is still time to register and vote for citizens of Israel and Palestein.  Recent Huffington Post article by Harvey Stein, an Israeli, is here:  And the IPC website here:

I have met Josef Avesar and was much impressed by both him and his idea for a confederation.  For one thing, it finesses the whole question of borders.  I wish I could vote! 

-- Roger Eaton

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I noticed they now have a full slate of candidates.

That is good news.  Looks like Rachel Jacob ben David is on her way to being elected President.  Here is her statement:

I am, Rachel, daughter of Jacob, the son of Rachel Cohen from Tiberias in Galilee. First of all I am a human being. Believe in the value of peace among nations is the supreme value. God in heaven for all of us seeking peace among all children. Believes God of love, God of peace, believe that peace will come. Amen.

I، راشيل، ابنة يعقوب، ابن كوهين من طبريا راشيل في الجليل. أولا وقبل كل أنا إنسان. نعتقد في قيمة السلام بين الأمم هو القيمة العليا. الله في السماء بالنسبة لنا جميعا السعي إلى السلام بين جميع الأطفال. وتعتقد إله الحب، إله السلام، نؤمن بأن السلام سوف يأتي. آمين.

אני נישבעת שכל מילה שלי יצאה מליבי וכל כוונותיי טהורות וזכות. ואני כולי באה בקול השלום בין העמים. אמן, כן יהי רצון. אלוהים לנו אחד בשמים והוא אוהב את ילדיו שווה שווה. ואם העושה שלום במרומיו עשה שלום, אזי הוא יעשה כעת שלום עלינו, ואנחנו נסייע לו בכך, כי זו אחריות אישית ונאמר כולנו אמן. כי הגיע הזמן והעת לחיות בשלום ובאהבה ובאחוה וכבוד בין כל העמים. אמת?

I am not familiar with this woman, but I want to know more about her, and the other candidates that will be selected.  I first heard about this parliament earlier this month, and an Israeli lawyer clarified it for me.  But also it got ridiculed by extremists.

Extremists always ridicule every progressive move.

Your comment is leading me to think there is more to this election than I had imagined.

I invite you to watch it closely.  Roger apparently had more information on it, than what I had.  I know one thing this parliament will be taking up, is the borders between the West Bank and Israel.  Representatives will be coming in from the West Bank and Gaza.  I do not know how much influence the representatives from Gaza will have.  But both the Knesset and Palestinian Legislative Assembly will have veto power over it though.

Next up we will see how the new parliament behaves.  If it begins to adopt sensible ideas such as the creation of a small joint Israeli / Palestinian economic zone, and those ideas are taken up by the legislatures of Palestine and Israel, then we have history in the making.  If the parliament degenerates into quarrels, then alas, we have no progress.  As I mentioned, Josef Avesar is a palpably good man, and clearly he has intelligence and stamina, so maybe we have the seed of something important here.

I have worked with the Israel-Palestine Chamber of Commerce, and the potential for economic growth and joint business ventures are enormous.  Gaza can really start developing a service sector around Israeli customers.  I think Gaza is seeing into the future on this, because they are now offering Hebrew in Gaza schools.  Out of Gaza, Israeli farmers can start sending out fresh flowers and fruit overnight to markets in Europe, and the West Bank can start exporting grapes and olive oil.  But a great deal of this, will depend on open borders and trade between Israel and Palestine.  Which is the formidable task this parliament will have to handle.



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