Would that be a solution for this ever lasting Palestine-Israel conflict, eventually reaching and absorbing the whole world? I Invite you to view, support and sign our petition on line:

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Thank you Marek

I have signed the petition.
I think it would be good if you could introduce here what the petition is about and in what context.
Also, I would love to hear more from you how you see this possible solution coming about?
Since 2001 we have an International Day of Peace globally recognised and approved by the Representatives of 192 nations of the United Nations, in General Resolution number 55/282. Download PDF of Resolution
We have a one day of peace - good! But there is a simple, common question which for some time occupy my mind and others minds What is wrong with the remaining 365 days of the year?
That was the thing which inspired us to start this campaign and disseminate this invitation received from the hands of United Nations where in aforementioned resolution 55/282 in § 3 we read:
Invites all Member States, organizations of the United Nations system, regional and non-governmental organizations and individuals to commemorate, in an appropriate manner, the International Day of Peace, including through education and public awareness to cooperate with the United Nations in the establishment of the global ceasefire.
The petition is at the stage to be introduced to the vast majority of the audience, all who are connected to the WEB and share this good news that there is a way to global peace forever. We were told so many times that the petition and whole initiative sounds very naive naive. Perhaps it is naive - for some, but for others like me it is a reality. It is the reality. It is the truth which many seek begging for it on their knees every day. As I do. We live in times where in global perspective life became a burden for every one especially for generations to come. How sad. I know that this must be stopped. I know that this must be challenged by everyone all around the world, especially by those who live and govern the region.
Some call it Holy Land. But how can it be holy as it had already caused so much of chaos in human's life. There is a story I wish to share with you all about the holy land.
When I was still a teenager it was about year 1967 when there was this war between Arabic countries and Israel. That time there was a great propaganda about this particular war. All around the world media called it "War for the holly land". My father said to me: Look at this Manius, he called me by my nickname, "They fighting there for the holy land again. Look. Imagine. Imagine the globe. Imagine the earth from afar like a big ball. Imagine all its continents, their shapes, mountains, valleys, oceans, lakes, rivers etc., all of it. Imagine. Imagine? I said: Yes. Drain the water from the face of the earth. Drain it all and you will be left with a dry land only. Actually you will be left with a dry rock only. A solid rock?. Yes, the solid rock!. Wherever you point your finger on the globe, on any place on this rock it is going to land on the same dry rock, on the same dry land. Holy Land. Is it really holy? Yes, it is. Everywhere. Everywhere is holy land. If it is not, let's make it holy. TBC...
So with the help and support from human beings like yourself we will achieve it soon. Global Peace Forever.
In Peace Forever to you and your friends



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