Peace and war - A difficult dichotomy. Where is the root?

Dear friends

I only just discovered this portal and I feel like I am stepping into the fire!

First if people who read this might liek to also read my profile it may give an understanding where I am coming from.

I have this strange dichotomoy which goes through me - it never goes away. I have done much personal work to uncover my own sources of frustration and anger...and yet....

I still get incredibly churned up when I come across people fighting for a cause or trying to establish certain rights or to get basic human dignity.

And I always ask the question why. Why in the UK have people recently felt so angry and disillusioned with life that they feel to die as terrorists. Why are so many people willing to become martyrs for a cause - as in Palestine.

I have spent many years looking at why, even though I renounced violence over 25 years ago, I still feel inside me this sense of sympathy for people who go so far as to give up their lives and their families to die as a martyr.

So the easy answer is oh religious fanatacism. That is the word which slips off the tongue so easily.

But in my heart I cry for those people, because I know from myself, from my early life, that something deep at the inner core is not right. That somewhere it is a cry for something else.

For sure, on a practical level for some, it might be a cry for freedom or a cry for social justice, a cry at exasperation against perceived oppression.

But why is it in this world, in the year 2007 that this desperation still exists.

I find it shocking that such things happen. Not because of the victims but because the people who commit such acts are so desperate, so lacking in love FOR THEMSELVES, that this is the only way to live.

From this space I constantly ask - what can be done, what can be done.

And sometimes the answer is horrible - when I look at how people in Zimbabwe are being persecuted by a dictator - I would fight - I would want to die for a cause

And similarly in Burma - recently.

And a question always comes back to me - why is it that we all allow this to go on?

Where is the real pressure on governments to bring about change in such dire situations? or is it only when there is money to be made, as in Iraq, that armies are called in?

And it is scary for me, because I woudl love to go and work in Palestine, in Burma, in Zimbabwe.

I would love to go into these places on the ground, to do something practical. I don't - not because of fear, but because a sense that also on a higher level people need to be looking together to really address the fundemental issues

And for me the fundemental issues are always the same - people allow people to exploit them. Religion, politics, economics - each have there way of creating exploitation

And people let themselves be exploited, that is worse - because there is often no option.

I do not have any answers to share. This is not about answers - it is more about questions

How can we fundementally, each and everyone of us, change this inbuilt programme which so easily exploits?

It is in all of us. We exploit in our relationships, we exploit in our workplaces, everyday in someway we exploit.

Subtly we exploit


Now, I need to explain something that happened at that moment when I wrote that. I asked myself, maybe that's not true. Maybe it is just me.

So I asked the founder of the organisation I work for, PHI, whether she also felt she, as a person, ever exploited.

She looked me in the eyes and said yes. It's called ego

She then said but the important thing is beneath that - what is beneath that?

And her reply was 'it is because people feel inadequate in themselves'

In other words when we feel inadequate we exploit

So lets all learn not to feel inadequate. Lets learn to feel at peace with ourselves...

As a therapist, who works with therapists, this is how we can make a real difference in the world. We need to work at the highest levels and on the ground, to help each other with our inadequacies. To really learn to love. To love ourselves. To love each other. Peace within brings peace without.

Peace to you


Andrew from PHI

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Comment by Jane Young on October 5, 2007 at 11:02pm
Peace and Love Andrew ~ let's hope we can all learn to love ourselves and realise that we are all one and the same. Then it'll BePeace.
Love, blessings and Joy
Jane xx :)


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