The S-P Blog We have one god, one life, and one earth We don’t wanna live in a world when the strong one eat the weak ones, we wanna live a world when the strong help the weak We all human, no matter what is our color, our roots, or our religion How can I sleep in the night When I know there is a chilled cried because he is hungry, a chilled cried because he have no home, no family, even no land How can we forget We think about our selves and we don’t care about other people, and if we wanna care we don’t know how, we just looking at them and cry and hope to them a peaceful tomorrow, but I think that it's not enough, what they do to deserve that, maybe they are cursed because they born and lived in that place when the people are dieing and get killed by human tools In the end it's obvious that the human killed him self, we killed our self, we killed the animals, we killed our earth What we looking for did they really think that if earth dead they can move to anther plant if they really think in that way really we are dead If we all stand and no body left behind imagine how the world could be, it’s a dream for me and maybe its goona come true but when, coz if we don’t make a move know, its goona be to late Once I looked in my dream and I saw a millions of White doves fly and floating in the sky, and I asked my self is that our souls fly in the sky, our maybe we goona see a day when all the universal goona share the human peace the world peace As we know that we are the only ones in the universal so why we don’t know how to live in peace, why we live to kill, why we can't live to love By : Abdullah Ali Al Habahbah

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