Swollen Legs in Racehorses - How to Treat the Condition to Enhance Performance?

Leg swelling is a common issue in racehorses, and sometimes if it is not addressed in time, this could result in serious health complications. It is imperative for you to check the condition of your race horse's leg frequently.

Exercise and treatment of swollen legs

One of the biggest causes of leg swelling in horses is inactivity. Horses are accustomed to moving around, and at times even if the horse is kept in the stall in the night and taken out the next day for a race, there may be occurrences of leg swelling. Most of the time the rear legs of the horse are very puffy, and they occur swollen. Older racehorses might face this phenomenon. The legs become stiff but do not make the horse lame. There could be a reduced flow of lymph, and the case is not severe. Here, the horse needs exercise and moving around.

Warmth in the legs of the horse

Most of the time an elevated body temperature or warmth in the leg might cause the horse to get swollen legs. When this phenomenon does take place, it is crucial for you to call in a veterinarian. He or she will conduct a physical or a medical examination of the horse and place it under a healing regime.

Horses that participate in professional tournaments like TVG Horse Races and the like might also suffer a scratch that results in leg swelling. At times, this scratch might appear so insignificant however it is enough to make the leg swell up. Sometimes, the swollen leg might seem to be warm because the leg has suffered from inflammation. This swelling does not go down till the wound that the horse suffers from is treated. There can be traces of an infection, and so it is essential for the caregiver to check the horse for even minor scratches and wounds frequently.

Check the horse for any illness that it might suffer from

At times, the racehorse might experience swelling in all four legs, and this can be the sign of systematic diseases that the horse faces. It can also be an indication of heart issues, kidney or liver disease. There could be a bacterial or a viral infection in the horse. Again, the vet should be called in, and he or she should carefully examine the health condition of the racehorse with medical and physical reports. The treatment plan should be strictly by these health reports, experts say.

Therefore, when it comes to the issue of swollen legs in your racehorse, ensure that you do not neglect it. It is crucial for you as a caretaker to ensure that your horse is checked well and fed well when it comes to healing. The racehorse is very sensitive, and it depends on you to perform well in every professional race. You must ensure it gets the proper and correct care and food before and after the race so that it is healthy to run the next day again!

Author Bio: Silvia Watson  is a freelance content writer. She has written many good and informative articles on different categories. She is a featured author at various authoritative blogs in the health and fitness  industry and currently associated as a blogger with  various authoritative websites.

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