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At 10:46am on August 11, 2009, alqm alqm said…
انا سجلت جديد بهادا الاشي وما بعرف كيف بدي شارك معكم على كل حال نان من رام الله واي خدمه انا جاهز لمساعدتكم
At 10:07am on August 10, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
Life is a healthy expression of the full meaning of life and all the things life had to deal Nkto all shapes and all colors mocked joy and sadness we Vnkhtarp mocked us Vnkhtarp Everything is mocked us, but we have the error lies in the selection
At 10:06am on August 10, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
الحياة هى تعبير سليم لمعناها الحياة مملوئه من كل الاشياء ونخطأ بالتعامل معاها الحياة فيها كل الاشكال وكل الالوان الفرح سخر لنا فنختارة والحزن سخر لنا فنختارة فكل شىء سخر لنا ولاكن الخطأ عندنا يكمن فى الاختيار
At 4:18pm on August 3, 2009, Mugaruka Maimona said…
please can you help me to create my own network
At 12:02pm on August 2, 2009, hane hish said…
ونؤمن بكافه الشرائع نحن جميعا مثلث وهرم ديانى واحد يهودى مسيحى ومسلم ونتفق على هذا الشىء فلماذا اذا الاختلاف ان من صنع الخلاف
At 12:22am on August 2, 2009, djenne said…

So beautiful this music, Adama. It touch my heart. Who are the singers. Send you greetings of light.
At 11:16pm on August 1, 2009, ahmad odeh said…
Mr. Eyal rural

Thank you for your friendship and I am proud to have a friend like you
I have read about self-Certk by You are here
Bchksitk and impressed by your
I hope to be friends
The day we meet and celebrate the peace between our peoples

Greetings to all those who work for peace

My respect for you
At 12:23pm on July 29, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
Dear Beloved friends my friends my colleagues that the gift of love and we live through it, and you do not Tvkaddop Adlkm to the best ways to get love through Valentine's endorsement does not approve, or only people of other races, but they love you'll see a friend of people like yourself and the stones and trees, and consequently Sibjk human beings and trees, and stone is love I love the people of God
At 12:22pm on July 29, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
اعزائى اصدقائى زملائى اصحابى احبائى ان الحب نعمه ننعم ونعيش به ومن خلاله لا تفقدوة بينكم وادلكم لافضل الطرق للحصول الحب من خلال ان تصادق الحب لا تصادق فقط الناس او الاجناس الاخرى وانما كن صديق للحب سترى نفسك تحب البشر والشجر والحجر وبالتالى سيبجك البشر والشجر والحجر ومن احبه الناس احبه الله
At 5:43pm on July 28, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
Delete Comment اللى شعوب العالم الى كل حر الى الرجال والنساء والاطفال اننا نموت كل يوم نشرد كل يوم نذبح كل يوم ونعتقل كل يوم تسلب منا الارض ونفقد الدماء الى متى هذا الظلم نحن شعب احب السلام وهو على ارض السلام ارض الرسالات والتى سنبعث منها جميعا نحن نطلب السلام نطلب الحريه نطلب الحياة لا نطلب الموت والارهاب لا تعتقدوا اننا ضعفاء بل الضعيف من رآنا نموت ونذبح وتسلب الارض والدماء وتركنا لوحدنا نحن مؤمنين وأمنا بأن القدس لكل الديانات واننا من نسل حنيف اسمه ابراهيم عليه السلام نحن مؤمنيين ونؤمن بكافه الشرائع نحن جميعا مثلث وهرم ديانى واحد يهودى مسيحى ومسلم ونتفق على هذا الشىء فلماذا اذا الاختلاف ان من صنع الخلاف والاختلاف لن يدوم لن ينعم ظميرة كما ينعم المظلوم بالرحمه من رب واحد كلنا اعتقدناه بأنه موجود وسنعود اليه ليحاسبنا على اعمالنا فمن فينا الظالم ومن فينا المظلوم فى النهايه السلام السلام لكل شعوب الارض ولفلسطين ملتقى الديانات اخوكم اسامه محمد محمود ابو اسحق للمراجعه موبايل رقم 0599195334 او البريد الالكترونى
At 5:43pm on July 28, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
Delete Comment Delete Comment Elly to all peoples of the world to free men, women and children die every day we stray slaughter every day every day and every day, capturing the land and rob us to lose blood when the people of this injustice, we love peace, and peace on the ground surface and the messages we're sending them all we ask ask for the peace of life we call liberty are not asking for the death and terror do not think we are weak, but weak and die Rana slaughter and rob the earth, blood and left us alone, we are believers, and that Jerusalem is safer for all religions, and we are the descendants of Ibrahim Hanif name, peace be upon him Mwmnyen and we all believe we are all divine triangle and a pyramid Diane Jewish and Christian and Muslim agree on this thing, why the difference if it is making the difference and the difference will not last will not enjoy Zemirp as a mercy from the Lord of the oppressed, and one that is all we thought and we will return to Ihespena us on our work, it is the oppressor is oppressed us in the end of peace for all peoples of the world peace and for Palestine Religions Forum Your Brother Osama Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Ishaq audit Mobile No. 0599195334 or e-mail
At 5:42pm on July 28, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
بعنوان احياء فى رحم ميت ..هكذا اعتقدنا ان فلسطين امرأة مقتوله تحمل فى احشائها شعب يقارب الموت وعمليه الانجاب عصيده تحتاج الى قوة هائله وعظيمه ومنظمه التحرير هى الراعيه الوحيده لعمليه الولاده بل القادرة على خروج الشعب من رحم فلسطين المقتوله ليخرجوا الى الحياة ليتورثوا بلادهم الذى ذبحت على ايدى الغدر القريبه والبعيده هذة فلسفتى وهذا نهجى ولن اجد طبيب لينقذ شعبى سوى اطباء منظمه التحرير الفلسطينيه
At 5:41pm on July 28, 2009, اسامه محمد said…
Delete Comment Alive in the womb of a dead .. so we thought that the Palestinian woman shot dead in the insides with the people close to death and reproductive Asida need to be huge and a great force and the PLO is the sole sponsor the birth, but unable to exit from the womb of the Palestinian people murdered to get out of life for their country, who slaughtered Itortoa treachery at the hands of near and far this is my philosophy and approaches will not find a doctor to save people, only doctors, Palestinian Liberation Organization
At 2:50pm on July 18, 2009, Matt Gordner said…

Great to hear. As soon as I make it to Jerusalem ( I have a Celcom phone that doesn't work too well from Ramallah) I'll try contacting you.

Many thanks, and be in touch,

At 11:59pm on July 17, 2009, C A Cantwell said…
Dear Eyal:
What could be more valuable than the ART of PEACE. Thank you for opportunity to be of service. I am so looking forward to learning more with MEPeace. Am questing your friendship now; may request later too.
Thanks, in advance,
C A Cantwell
At 7:04pm on July 14, 2009, علي said…
كيف بدو ايصير السلام مع انسان قتل افراد عائلته جميعا انا مش عارف كيف بدو ايصير ممكن حل بعد هاي الصور الجميله
At 9:41am on July 14, 2009, Adam Ibrahim Adam Ibrahim said…
Respect for all and we have more hard work to make peace peace peace
At 5:03pm on July 8, 2009, Diogo Cortez said…
Thanks. I'm glad we are friends now...
I live in Lisbon, Portugal, and I'm here to work whith you all to stop violence. Only I dont know the best way to do it here. Tell me something about that. You can count on me for whatever could help bringing peace to this land and people...
At 10:43am on July 7, 2009, Hiba said…
Hi Eyal, it's been a long time, I am fine thank you, how are you? hope that we can meet soon
At 12:47pm on July 5, 2009, Dror said…
I sent you my phone# in a private message. I hope you got it.


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