FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


• What is
A platform for peacemakers advancing Middle East peace.

• What is the idea behind

Using the internet to make peace in the Middle East. We are not waiting for the politicians to make peace. We make peace by knowing the other side and sharing ourselves with one another.

• How do I register to join
Go to: Click on "Join now". Open an account, answer some questions and you have joined.

• Is the site free to use?
Yes, the site is completely free to use.

• What can I do on the website?
Meet peaceful people! Share yourself... Develop your profile and your page. Add your pictures and your video. Participate in groups. Contribute to discussions. Start a blog, comment on someone else’s blog. Comment on someone else's page. Make new friends. Make peace!

• What are the guidelines for using the website?
Honor the people and goals of this community.
Be respectful and positive. Share yourselves openly. Respect the privacy of others. Ensure that peoples' pictures and information stay on the site. Add your photo and edit your profile so people know who you are! Communicate in English so everyone on the site can enjoy and understand one another.

We are making peace here. No harassment will be tolerated. Do not use this site to advertise anything not related to peace. This is not a place to push an ideological or political agenda. This is a platform for peacemakers advancing Middle East peace.

• How do I add or change my profile picture?
Click on "Change my photo" on your page underneath your profile photo - or - click on "My Settings" on the top right of any page. Browse and select a new photo. Click “Save” on the bottom of the page.

• How do I edit my profile?
Click on "My Settings" in the upper right hand corner of each page. Click "About me" on the top left. Edit profile answers and click "Save".

• How do I invite new friends on
Click on the "Add as friend" link underneath profile photos. Wait for your invitation to be accepted.

• Where do I check my friend requests?
Click on the friend icon on top of the screen. A panel will pop down with 4 sections: "My Friends," "Received," "Sent," and "Blocked." Click on "Received" to approve or deny friend requests that have been sent to you.

• How do I send someone a private message?
You can send a private message to your 'friends' on the network. Click on 'Send a message' underneath your friend's profile photo to send a private message. In order to send another member a message, you'll need to ask them to be your friend first.

• Where do I read and reply to my private messages?
Click on 'Inbox' under your name on the right. A window will open which will allow you to compose messages and read messages you've received.

• Who can send me a private message on
To protect your privacy, only your friends can send you private messages on the platform. The Network Creator and Administrators can send you messages and you can message them back. Further, if you belong to any groups, the Group Creator and Adminstrator can get in touch with you.

• How do I write and read my messages?
Click on the envelope icon on top of the screen. A panel will then drop down where you can compose messages and read messages you've received.

• How can I send private messages to more than one friend at once?
Click on the "My Friends" link in the right hand column of the network. Next, click the link to "Send message to friends." You'll be able to select friends from your address book and write them messages from this page.

• How do I manage my email notifications?
Click on "My Profile Settings" on the right of the screen. Click on "Email" on left. Select the most suitable settings.


• What are there so many pictures of members on the left side of the page? features its members because they represent our growing community of peacemakers.


• What is a Comment Wall?
A wall on your page where people can leave you a message

• How do I write a message on someone’s comment wall?

Click on someone’s picture or name to go to their page. Leave a comment in inside their white comment box. Alternatively, click on “Comment Back” at the bottom of a comment someone left for you.


• How do I find a particular member on mepeace?
Click on the ‘Members’ tab at the top of the screen. Type any part of their name or Ning ID into the ‘Search Members’ text box.

• Why do you call members "peacemakers"?
This site empowers people to be peacemakers. After all, we are not waiting for politicians to make peace. We are making peace! Therefore, we see and relate to our members as peacemakers.


• How can I start a forum discussion?
To start a discussion, click on the "Forum" tab and then on the "Start a New Discussion Link"

• How can I contribute to a discussion?
Click on a discussion that interests you. Clicking on "Reply to this" and add your reply in the white box. Then click on "Add your reply".

• How can I stay informed of new postings on discussions or blogs?
Click on "Follow - Email me when people reply" on the bottom of the post and you will receive an email with a link to the new posting. You can return to the page and click on "Stop Following - Don't email when people reply" at anytime.

• Why does it say I have 15 minutes to edit posts?
To maintain the integrity of discussions and replies, we allow fifteen minutes for members to edit posts. We do, however, let members delete their own posts at any time.


• What are EVENTS?
Events enable MEPEACE and peacemakers to post and share events for peace, in Israel, Palestinian and everywhere else.

• How does one post an EVENT?
Click on EVENTS and add the necessary information. Once the event is created it will be visible on the site and it is possible to directly invite friends on the network. Events can be setup as private (only invited people can view the activity or public viewable by all). You can also choose to setup an RVSP function enabling people to respond directly via the site. It is also possible to close an event once it is full, change the settings at anytime by clicking on edit.


• What are groups?
Groups are communities or networks within, each with a specific purpose that is consistent with the aims of MEPEACE.

• How does does one create a group?
Click on GROUPS, click "Create a group" and add the required information. We encourage you to start and lead a group of your own. Note only groups that fit with the goals of the site will be allowed and groups needs to be approved be the site administrator. If a group is created and does not have significant activity then it may be deleted to prevent inactive groups from occupying space on the network.


• Where can I find blogs on
Click on 'Blogs' to see our peacemakers' blogs. We also feature blog posts on the home page. Find links to other blogs on peace on our 'Links' page. And of course, you can find our peacemakers blogs on their personal page. You are welcomed also to start a blog of your own.

• How do I start a blog?
Click on "My Page" tab. On your page, click on "Add Blog Post" (on the bottom of 'My Blog' on top of your 'comment wall').

• How do I delete one of my blog posts?
Click on ‘Manage Blog’ on your profile page. Check the box next to the post you want to delete. Click the "Delete" button.

• Can I upload documents to a blog post?
Yes. Click on the blue disk icon in the WYSIWYG editor. Select the files you wish to attach.

• Can I have my blog show up on other websites?
Yes. Click on the bottom of your blog on RSS and add it to other websites. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication a simple way of providing news feeds from websites.


• What is the purpose of the links page?
Information is key and we want to offer you the links to organizations and websites and blogs dedicated to peace.

• Can I suggest an organization that does not appear on your links page
Absolutely. Email your suggestion and 'url' link to


• What is the purpose of the calendar
We wish to show in one place events related to peace in the Middle East which you can participate in and contribute to.

• How does your calendar work?
We embed a Google calendar which we feed with event information which we receive from organizations and people. This calendar information is streamed into our calendar on

• How do I see details about an event?
Click on the title of the event in the calendar. A pop-up screen will appear with event details.

• How do I put an event on the calendar
Email to the event name, description, location, date and time. Make sure to include contact details - phone and email.

• Why are events colored in blue, green and red
To make events easier to find and participate in, we use colors to distinguish between Israeli (blue), Palestinian (green) and International (red) events.


• What is 'Chat'?
Chat enables you to connect directly with other peacemakers. Chat works best when you invite someone you know to chat in real time.

• How does 'Chat' work?
Just click inside the chat box and type a comment. Feel free to add a 'smiley'. Chat works best when you invite someone you know to chat in real time.


• How do I add photos?
Click on the ‘Photos’ tab at the top. Upload photos from your computer, mobile phone or email account.

• How do I delete a photo?
Click on the photo you want to delete to go to that photo's detail page. Click on ‘Delete’ link below the photo.

• How do I create my photo album?
Click on ‘My Albums’ and then click on ‘Create an Album’. Add your photos and click "save" to see your photo album.

• How do I change the order photos show up in a slideshow?
Create a photo album (see above). Inside your photo album choose the specific order of the photos. Click “save” to see your photo album. Click "view this slideshow" to see it full screen. You can also click the "Embed" button to receive code to put your slideshow on your blog or MySpace page.


• How do I upload a video?
Click on the ‘Video’ tab above and then click ‘Add a video’. Add videos from your computer, cell phone, email account, or any service that provides video embed code like YouTube or Google Video.

• What video formats can I upload?

We support .mov, .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and .wmv video formats.
• I just uploaded my video. Why does it say it is "converting"?

Your video is converted to Flash so that your visitors can watch it without needing to install any additional software. This process usually takes up to 20 minutes, depending on the length of your video.

• How do I delete a video?
Click on the video to go to its detail page. Click on ‘Delete’ underneath the video.


• How do I invite someone to join
Click on the ‘Invite’ tab up above.

• Can I use my address book or contacts to invite people to mepeace?
Yes. Sign in to Click on “Add from Address Book” on the ‘Invite’ page, then click on people you wish to invite. Click on “import more addresses” to invite people from your address book at GMail, Yahoo! Mail, MSN Hotmail, and AOL Mail.

• I sent invitations to my friends but they say they haven't received them. What should I do?
It is possible that your invitations were flagged as spam. Please ask your friends to check their spam filters. If the invitation is not there, send it once more.


• How do I add music to 'My Page'?
There are a few ways to add music to your page.
First, you can add songs from your computer. Just click on the "Add Music" link at the bottom of your player, which will take you to a page where you can upload songs in the mp3 format. Music files for upload should not exceed 20 MB in size.
Second, if you hear a song you like, either on the main page or another member's personal page, just click the "Add to My Page" link, which shows at the top of the music player. That song will be automatically added to your page.
Finally, if you find a podcast or playlist you like somewhere on the Internet, you can copy the URL / location, click the 'Edit' button at the top of your player, and paste the URL into the 'Podcast' section.

• How do I change the order of my songs?
Click the 'Edit Playlist' button at the bottom of your player, which will take you to a page where you can rearrange your songs. Click 'Save' and you'll be returned to your page where your songs will now appear in the new order.

• Can I show my player on my profile page or personal blog on another site?
Usually, yes! If the other site allows embedding, you can click on the 'View embed code' link at the bottom of player, copy the code that is shown, and paste it on the external site.


• How can I search for information on the site?
Enter a keyword you are looking for in the Search Box on the PEACEMAKERS page.

• Will I receive emails if I join the site?
As a member of the site you're in control of your account settings. Click on My Settings and then on E-mail. You can then choose receive no e-mails or establish customized settings (such as receiving e-mail notices when someone sends you a message. Note at he bottom of each forum or discussion posting you will see a place to click on Follow (Email me when people reply). Click here and you will receive an email letting you know when there is a new posting. At anytime you can return to the page and click on Stop Following (Don't email when people reply).

• How do I edit a profile?
Click on My Settings and then About ME in the upper right hand corner of each page. A few of the profile questions are required to provide basic information about members. The more information you provide about your work/studies related to the field, the easier it will be to connect with other members, thus you're encouraged to complete the optional questions.

• What are Tags?
Tags are a simple and easy way to make searching easier by keyword. They are one or two word descriptions that you are encouraged to add to any postings you make on the site (pictures, videos, songs, blogs, discussions, etc.). You can also click on any tagged items and view other postings with similar keywords. If you would like to make a tag longer than one word, please put it in quotes. For example the tag "Middle East" should be in quotes.

• What can I do with the text boxes?
Add text, text links, photos, slideshows, and videos.

• How can I help the site grow?
There are several things members can do to help the site grow which include:
- Invite your friends to join.
- Provide feedback and suggestions for how to Improve the site.
- Add a Badge to other Sites: Click here to get more information.
- Create a Link on Other Websites - You are encouraged to add a link to on other sites.
- Share your success stories. For example, if you made a new contact or were otherwise inspired, share a brief summary of the experience by clicking on feedback.

• How does one remove a profile from
We want you to be part of our community. If there is anything we can do for you here, please write to Eyal Raviv personally at To remove yourself from our network, sign in, click the 'My Settings' link on the right side of the page. Click the link that says "Leave". Your profile and all of the content you have added will be removed.


• I have a question that was not answered here? Where can I find more information?

Find more information see the Ning FAQ page.

• I am having trouble signing in and using What should I do?
There are a few things you can try:
- Start by signing in with your email address instead of your NingID.
- If you forgot your password, click on the "Forgot Your Password?" link when you sign in.
- Try using a different browser. Use Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 1.5 and 2.0 or Safari 2.0.
- If you use some type of computer security software, try temporarily disabling it and try to sign up.
- Make sure cookies and JavaScript are enabled on your browser.


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