We are committed to growing and our community of peacemakers. This week in Beit Jalla, I met with our Palestinian partners to plan for the future of and we want your help, input and ideas.

Please answer the questions below:

1. What is possible for mepeace 5 years from now, 1 year from now, 90 days from now?
2. How would you describe mepeace in one sentence?
3. Where might you be able to help us: resources, promotion, strategy, information, interaction?

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1. 5 YEARS? it depends primarily on the actions taken by the international community and due to unexpected global events - more than on the good will of the collective group called Israel. If an effective international BDS action is imposed to force Israel out of the results of its covettance and humiliation practices, then things can change in 2-3 years, in the sense of letting go of the 1967 loot and of the monopoly on the dehumanization of the Palestinian people for its self amusement.

MEPEACE participants are only a tiny fraction of the already "convinced" - does it have any impact on the general public or on the power holders in Israel, who had proven so far that they are comitted to stealing more assets from the Palestinians and nurturing hate and fear among the Israeli public? I doubt it.

For a fundamental change to happen here the Israeli center of gravity of the collective Psyche has to transform, the end result should by relating to the Palestinians not as subhumans (as most Israelis do nowadays to different degrees) but as equal partners for sharing life resources. The beginning should be the realization of the grave immoral actions Israel had comitted markedly since 1948 to this date, sincerely aspiring for forgiveness and earnestly trying to make up for the great sufferings imposed via brute force on the Palestinians. So the question is wheather MEPEACE is geared up for contributing to that end?

1 year - see 5 years
90 days - see 1 year

2. MEPEACE is a blessed enterprise aiming to accumulate peace-drive intent by connecting similar minds, with the potential that this shall irradiate and disperse the dark clouds of racism, animosity and nationalistic egocentricity that Jewish Israel had succumbed to.

3. I will help MEPEACE by continuing to demonstrate in Ni'lin and Bil'in, by picking olives with Palestinians where - if left to themselves - they are too scared from attacks by settlers and by the soldiers supporting them, and by other direct-action practices that hopefully drag the sublime intents down to the manifested Earthly level. Also by encouraging actions aimed for convincing the international (activist and political) community of the effectivity of BDS.
Not being a prophet, I am very sceptical as to the relevence of Mepeace in 5 years time. I am not so optimistic about peace although I wish that I could be. If Mepeace will still be around in 5 years, I would imagine that its membership will increase and so will the flood of new ideas depending on the situation.

I do believe that we must be receptive to new ideas even if we do not agree to them but they deserve a platform on condition that these ideas are not racist, or propaganda that supports the destruction or transfer of one people or another from this part of the world.

In a year from now and even 90 days from now, there will not be any major change apart from additional members signiung up. Hopefully there will be more meetings between the Palestinian and Israeli peoples on an informal basis to discuss mutual problems and to get to know and understand each other better. This would strengthen Mepeace's function.

I could help in interaction and promotion of the cause of peace and understanding and try to promote the ending of the Israeli occupation whiuch is a stumbling block to peace and coexistance with our Arab neighbours.
1) Depends on what happens. The initial good vibes and camaraderie were destroyed by capricious and ineffective moderation and by capricious decisions that demonstrated gross disrespect for other's work and attempted domination by would be messiahs with my way or highway attitudes!

Rebuilding that lost good-will will not be easy. First there must be demonstrable evidence of renewed community building. Without that, MEpeace, in my view, will just whither and die. With that, mePEACE, in my view, could be made realy vibrant again by demonstrating REAL RESPECT for all points of view.

2) Irrelevant without 1).

3) Irrelevant without 1).

Temos muitas diferenças, como povos como pessoas unicas que somos, mas em comum queremos ser respeitados e ouvidos, porque somos tão diferentes é que formamos o povo da Terra, nos completamos a partir de uma visão huniversaL.. Somos um organismo, que temos capacidades que ainda não conhecemos, porque estamos muito ocupados com problemas de ordem menor. Vejo varias causas mais a que é mais grave a forma de governo, separatista, racista, governos com sistemas que já não cabem. A possibilidade de Paz é de 100%, O prazo é que é relativo, depende do andamento dos grupos de PAZ. Que vai ser instalada é fato. É um querer de alma da Humanidade, mas uma vez entra a organização, temos de nos organizar de mode que comova o planeta, temos que usar todos os modos de divulgação, temos que chegar aos que estão no poder com soluções nas mãos, soluções estas que são por unanimidade, .......vamos nos unir de forma consciente, cada um em sua area com sua especialidade. Vamos conseguir patrocineos, vamos instituir um marketing.
Temos que dIscutir eses assuntos de forma que trabalhemos em organização planetaria, estamos despersando energia trabalhndo sem um planejamento. Proponho um encontro com os representantes de todos os grupos, entidades ligadas a instalar a PAZ e o bem estar do planeta, uma mesa redonda, onde todos vão falar dos seu projetos. Não sei como seria organizado esse encontro, mas sem duvida, temos pessoas capacitadas para esse tipo de serviço.
Espero ter respondido as questões, e gostaria que me retornase me dando sua opinião a respeito de minhas idéias.
(google translate)
We have many differences, as people as people that we are unique, but together we want to be respected and heard, because we are so different is that form the Earth's people, in complete part of a vision huniversaL .. We are an agency, we have capabilities that we still do not know, because we are too busy with problems of a minor. I see several reasons that more is the most serious form of government, separatist, racist, governments with systems that no longer fit. The possibility of peace is 100%, which is the term is relative, dependent on the progress of groups of peace. What is actually going to be installed. It is a want of soul of humanity, but once enter the organization, we must organize in that mode comova the planet, we have to use all modes of disclosure, we must reach out to those in power in the hands with solutions, these solutions which are unanimously ....... we will unite in a conscious, each in his area with his specialty. We can sponsor, we will establish a marketing.
We have to discuss matters of eses way to work in global organization, we despersando energy trabalhndo without a plan. Propose a meeting with representatives of all groups, entities related to install PEACE and well being of the planet, a round table, where everyone will talk about their projects. I do not know how this meeting would be organized, but without doubt, we have people trained for this type of service.
I hope I have answered the questions and I wish I retornase giving me their opinion about my ideas.
Thank you.
Thank you Perola for sharing your views and thanks you Neri for your translation.
Thank you for all your answers so far. We will employ your good advice to benefit of our community. Please continue to offer constructive suggestions to help us develop and grow.
With active participation I see more programming within the site and communications within groups. Chat room must be maintained for program and topics that help address need. E.g.; Soulhail problem to getting success. I am not getting a lot of response from him and his program may have been dropped. Small programs can create larger success stories.
The use of moderators to maintain the goal and vision of the mission of the program for

Emailing the varied 1,800 to let them know of up coming programs to get them more active. Letting them know their need and value. This is a problem and if you can pull their ideals into the picture you’re going to get a better understanding of how to achieve success.

1 year
I see this site in opening doors that other governments failed to complete. The active stance of the ngo and private individuals pushing buttons to the top brass is essential to bringing on better understanding to peace. This must be achieved jointly by including the non-profit groups to actively be apart of this site. Get a sub-committee and get those committee members out in numbers to go to the NGO’s and talk to them. Have a group for governments. And report on their success.

5 years
This site has the capability of surpassing most sites because it is defined in a small regional area. It enlists other sites to link and cross link to become part of the local government and private sector. Utilizing the United Nations with varied sites will make this site a place all news writers, lawyers, key government figures come for answers to questions they just don’t have time to achieve.

There is a design need for the following areas
1) help resource boards
2) area for posted programs going into the regional areas
a) Soulhail’s clothing from Germany to Palestine
b) America for democracy
d) Yisal Kahana teaching democracy to tomorrows leaders
i. The NWB verde Plan
e) Thomas Stewart - Tucson Peace Center, Peace Group Leader of my church, and a member of Democracy for America - Tucson and on its Steering Committee.
f) Amber alert systems within Israel and Palestine with neighborhood set up for added security. Touted to the White house both Israeli ambassador to USA and USA ambassador to Israeli with letters to several senators.
3) news article posts by topic and date
4) government news to regional areas
5) More direct involvement from other NGO’s

I am working to get support from USA to Israel to form better alliances with NGO problems to humanitarian aid. I have sent out about 30 letters to date and Thursday I will start calling offices. (Ambassador James B. Cunningham – I need his home phone number in Israel.) If anyone finds his home address and phone number please pass it on.

The membership needs to be defined into areas of concern that way it can maximize the utilities of working with varied government and NGO agencies.
Amera Windsfeather
1. What is possible for mepeace 5 years from now, 1 year from now, 90 days from now?

in 90 days not too much will be change, some more members and discuusion by almost the same writers
after one year or five years from now: it all depends on how the members can be active to shape the topic we will deal with. to keep leading this forum (comunity) by smale group will be affective and enough productive.
during the next five years we have to decide about long term project in each country

2. How would you describe mepeace in one sentence?
social netwotkand a place for share ideas and thoughts

3. Where might you be able to help us: resources, promotion, strategy, information, interaction?
information+ interaction
1. Within 90 days we could figure out ways to liven up some of the discussion, and to improve the quality of the dialogue. If someone writes a decent blog, there should be a spirited discussion, and debate, so as to sharpen the level of discourse. Many blogs remain without comment.

Within 1 year we could have the plans and committments for an actual project on the ground which points to the possibility of peace is some symbolic way. I am pushing for a factory in the West Bank, run by Israelis and Palestinians, which hires and trains Palestinian workers, to product a green energy product. Saudi financing would be very nice.

Within 5 years we would see our project fully functioning, along with the many other such projects which we inspired, and we would see the beginnings of a vibrant Palestinian economy, which would go a long way to consolidate the peace process.

2. Mepeace is a webiste that allows for an interchange of ideas among those who are committed to peace to varying extents, and in various ways.

3. I can continue to post my blogs. I would be happy to suggest a mechanism for generating a more energized discussion. If you decide to start an actual project, I would be happy to help design it, to solicit support, to be involved in running and growing it, and to use PR to get the word out. One project, if successful, could become the impetus for change. Talk is good, but will get us only so far. It may be time soon, to put something substantive on the ground, so that we will finally have something real to talk about.

1. 5 years from now the possibilities are limitless.
1 year from now a major breakthrough in bringing not only the peoples of the Middle East together but people of all nations together in understanding of each other and love and unity.
90 days from now definitely achieving the goals you set out to achieve and spreading your love, peace and unity throughout the Universe.

2. Spreading of synergy throughout our Universe.

3. I can only give of myself in spreading the news regarding the good works of mepeace and of the beautiful souls gathered together with one goal.

Peace, Harmony & Unity Surround You Always
1. It is possible that it could develop into an engine to defend human rights, work for justice and peace effectively in such a way that it would be recognized internationally and would have helped bring a lasting peace in a few years down the road

2. It is a forum where advocates of peace struggle to express themselves and get their message out despite the obstacles thrown their way by those who accept the status quo and defend colonialism

3. I can help in strategy first because before promotion, I think there needs to be a strategy to exclude those who are not believers in equality. I suggest all participants must accept the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a binding document (it includes rights of refugees, rights of equality before the law regardless of religion etc.). I then can can help with outreach and recruitment.



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