Discussion will be continued on Is Israel poisoning Palestinian lands and people?

Thanks for all tried to help especially Noa, Hiba, Max, Paul, ..

got from

Efrat Noy

you may take action as well!

I found the following related Info

The one on Palestinian side know much about those crimes is Dr Mahmoud Sa'adeh from Yatta in Hebron!

Dear All,

Yesterday (Monday) we went with Iyad to search for and photograph evidence to document the military waste and dangerous materials that the IOF leaves in the area of the Jahalin Bedouin in the south Hebron hills. Iyad took us to visit a family whose child’s leg was badly burnt a month ago when he was playing in the desert with ammunition remains left behind by the Israeli military. Nothing could have prepared us for our meeting with the boy, whose name is Jabar, even though he had received medical attention at Yata [a nearby city]. The condition of his leg is shocking, and it will be a miracle if he does not lose his leg.

This resulted from his playing with some sort of acid that resembles salt (who knows what the implications are). Jabar, who is 13 years old, is urgently in need of medical treatment.

According to Iyad and the family, the care that he received at Yata was typical of the attitude there towards the Bedouins who come there for medical care.

We contacted the Physicians for Human Rights and B’tselem, and as a result the child will go today to a hospital in Hebron, accompanied by Issa from B’tselem, and hopefully from there to a hospital in Israel.

Following our visit, we went to the dessert and found evidence of the controlled explosions that the Israeli military performs, and the salt-like waste that charred the youngster.

The military does not bother to in any way indicate the presence of the dangerous chemicals it leaves behind.

I attach pictures of the boy and of the evidence we found.

The photos were also sent to B’tselem.

Hopefully, the child will get to the hospital today, and not lose his leg.


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To: Ehud Krinis
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 10:50 AM
Subject: מה ראינו באום דרג'

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From: Efrat Noy
Date: 24/06/2008 16:17
Subject: Fwd: מה ראינו באום דרג'

שלום לכולם

אתמול (יום שני) יצאנו עם עיד כדי לחפש ולצלם עדויות לדווחים על

פסולת נפלים ותחמושת וחומרים מסוכנים שמשאיר צה"ל

בשטחי המרעה של שבט ג'האלין המתגוררים באזור אום דרג' (מזרחה

לאום אל חיר/התנחלות כרמל). עיד לקח אותנו לבקר משפחה

ששמע כי אחד מילדיה נכווה ברגלו לפני כחודש תוך משחק במדבר עם שאריות תחמושת של הצבא.

שום דבר לא הכין את כולנו למפגש עם הילד-(ששמו ג'אבר אבן מוסא

למרות שלכאורה קיבל טיפול ביאטה, מצב הרגל שלו פשוט מזעזע

וזה יהיה נס אם לא יאבד אותה

כל זאת כתוצאה ממשחק עם איזושהי חומצה דמוית מלח (מי יודע מה ההשלכות)

הילד, בן 13, זקוק לטיפול ד-ח-ו-ף!!! לטענת עיד והמשפחה

הטיפול שקיבל ביאטה אופייני ליחס לו זוכים הבדואים בבואם לקבל טיפול רפואי מפלסטינים

לאחר שיצרנו קשר עם רופאים לזכויות אדם ועם בצלם הילד ילקח היום לביה"ח בחברון

בליווי עיסא מבצלם שידאג שלא יפלו אותו בטיפול, בתקווה שיקבל הפנייה לבי"ח בישראל.

לאחר הביקור יצאנו למדבר ומצאנו עדויות לפיצוצים המבוקרים של צה"ל ולאותו חומר דמוי מלח.

הצבא לא דאג לסמן בשום דרך את המצאותם של חומרים מסוכנים באזור

אני מצרפת תמונות של הילד ושל השטח.

התמונות נשלחו גם לבצלם.

אינשאללה הילד יגיע היום לבי"ח ולא יאבד את רגלו

להתראות לכולם


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I had a brief conversation by phone with Dr. Mahmoud Sa'ada, he told me that there are many MANY cases in south Hebron that no one hears about, because not Israel neither the Palestinian authorities are concerned to reveal such dangerous issues, besides some traditional believes for the Palestinian families, especially who lives in Bedouin and rural areas for not to let the local community around them to know about the cases that they have as a matter of family reputation and proud.

we for sure need to follow-up with Jabar's case, but what about the so many cases who were deeply affected by serious diseases and are to be in the future?
this is why I think wider legal actions should be taken- not only about this specific case. I will let you know as soon as I have more info.
Hi Hiba,

Theres are at least two issues in what you raise above:

1) Dr. Mahmoud Sa'ada's general claims.
2) Jabar's urgent case.

Jabar's case seems simple to address and resolve. Let's focus on that now.

Please ask Dr. Mahmoud Sa'ada's to join here and put his general case publicly or tell us what evidence he has. I do not see why the IDF should pick south Hebron for the irresponsible disposal of dangerous waste. If he is serious, then he must be willing to discuss his claims here publicly. Does he have internet access? Are any of his claims in the public domain?

Be well...
Sydney OZ
I started the discussion Dr. Mahmoud Sa'ada says "IDF poisons South Hebron" at for discussion of and evidence about what Dr. Mahmoud Sa'ada is saying about this issue.
Just a few points guys, Jafra says that this 'Ofra' does not exist it is Efrat Noy who along with Dorothy Naor works for the New Profile group which is a feminist organization in Israel:

The Hebrew version of the email says that Physicians for Peace and B'Tselem took Mussa/Jabar to the hospital in Hebron. I wouldn't take this at face value because there is a lot of confusion about this story (we are not certain of the boy's name are we). The websites are: and

I have been looking around for any background info and I have found a few things through the web and thanks to Noa. They are:

This leads me to a question: according to the photographer Karen Manor Mussa/Jabar is part of the Jahalin Bedouin tribe. They are refugees from the Negrev most but not all are registered with UNRWA. It would help if we could find out what Mussa/Jabar’s status is. This Bedouin group came to the world’s attention after they were force off the land they had settled on after 1948 when the Ma’ale Adumim settlement was expanded. The dispute was over whether this was state land and the Israeli Supreme Court ruled that the government must provide the Jahalin with a new place to live on. This was ‘al Jabal’ which is on the outskirts of Al Eizariya and is a dump as far as I can find out. I cannot find where this place is on the map but I guess this is where the incident happened. According to UNRWA the Bedouin communities feel abandoned by all. With the Israelis simply moving them on and the Palestinian Authority showing little understanding or concern for their problems.

Does anyone have any useful links so that we can find out more about the background of this? Establishing whether Mussa/Jabar is from the Jahalin tribe (according to Karen he is) would be helpful but most importantly we must find out if he and his family are registered refugees. There is a lot of politics here but before we get into issues of state land and settlements (topics like this can lead to nasty arguments here on the so let’s avoid it for the moment) let’s make contact with Mussa/Jabar and establish his health, generally wellbeing and his official status.
If anyone wants to help the boy in the story can they contact with me, Jafra, Paul Reti, Hiba or Noa D - we are all working on it at present. Thanks. Max.
I just got off the phone with a peace activist named Ezra, who has been taking Jaber iben Mussah to the hospital for treatment. Here is the update:
The email Jafra posted is by people that were there on Sunday, 22.6. On Monday, 23.6 Ezra went there to help. He is active in the Hebron area, knows the people there, and helps on a personal basis (not always as part of an organization but he is active in Ta'ayush). Bottom and most important line is that Jaber is fine. Yesterday he had his fourth and last treatment in Hebron. He was treated very well there by the doctors (the black color on his leg, by the way, is a Bedouin medicine- this is what Ezra said).
Jaber has 26 brothers and sisters and Ezra said they live in terrible poverty. He brings them food and clothes when he can. The good news is that an overall building plan for their area has been approved (Ezra said there was a lawyer there yesterday- don't know from what organization) that let them know about this.
About the ammunition and military waste. The tragic story is that people living in the area collect duds and sell them (he says it is a beginning of a long chain of selling the iron that starts in Hebron and ends in China...). As I wrote, the poverty there is terrible and this is how they make a living. So while doing this they are in the terrible risk of being burnt by these materials.
Ezra is a big believer in personal, specific activities. He will be happy to help with any activity in the area anyone wants to organize. For example, one big big problem is water. People can help digging water pits. Another idea he had was organizing activities for the kids. Anyway, he is not big on internet at all, to say the least, so if anyone wants to contact him, contact me and I can make the connection.
OK. Some questions from me:

What is the building activity and who is providing it? Is the only source of income for Jaber’s family through collecting these duds? Is Jaber a registered refugee? What exactly does Ezra mean by digging water pits? Is this building a well or is it water storage?

One of the points made in is that this community usually has to buy water and because they have had to borrow money in the past as well as sell their livestock some providers are refusing to deliver until they settle outstanding debts.
Ok. some partial answers from me:
It isn't a building activity, it is a permit to build without having what is built- teared down.
I don't know if it is the only source of income but it sounds like a main one.
I don't know if he is a registered refugee.
He means digging pits for water storage.
hi there Noa, does Ezra have a last name, does he want to be known? I would like to know more about him. Thank you for all your efforts here, my friend.
Status == 2008 July 31

Can anyone report any real progress here?

  • What is the status of Jabar's health, now?
  • What really caused his injuries?
  • What's being done and by whom to help his recovery, now?

Is anyone here still interested in anything real and related? Dorothy Naor perhaps? After all Dorothy circulated the very important and moving story!

I note that there was an initial (almost) hysterical flurry of sanctimonious condemnation of those claimed to responsible for Jabar's injuries, including claims of radiation poisoning.

Yes. The initial story, as presented, may in fact be really true. The fact that noone here or elsewhere really cares anymore, leads one to ceratin conclusions.

Regarless of the cause, the Jabar's injuries are most probably real. And so really and consitently caring and decent people would by now have done something real about that alone. Those facts alone tell an important story!

I urge all those who are new to this site to please read the introduction to this discussion. And than make your own minds...

Be well...
Sydney OZ
Why to you think noone here or elsewhere really cares anymore?

It is not easy to locate the resources and ability to help, even if we fail to give hand here I think we do care. I know I care.



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