1943 in Palestine: 30% of the population, own 6% of the land pay 56% of the taxes

Mazin recently pointed us with a mandatory document that revile this numbers:

American independence start for the right of Representation for being taxed.
it is clear that owners of 6% of the land payed 56% of the Taxes. These Taxes are used for the good of all of Palestine.

The difference between the Jews and the non Jews in Palestine justified separation. The Palestinian of today and the Israeli Jews of today are not the same as 1943 but for being one state as Mazin wish we need to have both societies equal in their responsibility to pay taxes.

mazin link:
and there you find the link:

all sources are palestineremembered reference a pro-Palestinians site.

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you are quiet about it, the Tax payment is not a parameter you use, you think people should not pay taxes do you?
good for you, this is fairness you think?

Why is that so in NZ?
(and please show me the data)
Neri: We wre talking about land ownership on the eve of 1948 ethnic cleansing. Those numbesr are not in dispute. What the Jews paid in taxes is a totally different subject and I don't personally consider it an important subject to discuss. I am sure Christians also paid a disproportionate amount of taxes relevant to our numbers before 1948 and even today. I am sure in the West Bank for example, where we are 2% of the population, that we Palestinians probably pay 20% of total taxes (hey we are better off ;-). I am in favor of progressive taxation: the richer you are, teh higher percentage you shoudl pay for taxes. But again this is a discussion of economics which I am sure leftists and rightists would love to have but I myself prefer to focus on peace vs apartheid discussions not socialist/capitalist/ etc models

You are not talking about 1948 ethnic cleansing. The Jewish advantage in using the land and creating businesses was the same advantage that enable Israel to defeat the Arab armies declared to through the Jews to the sea.

The Jewish reaction for this threat was the reason that the Jews did all they can do to make the Arabs go away. It is your Arab nations who pushed Israel to do that ... but who am I to blame?

The facts and numbers in history can teach us things, when you use them to teach others, you miss your lesson.

I am also sure Christians also paid a disproportionate amount of taxes, their historic power in Lebanon show this ability, they are Europeans of historic Europe before the "nation" idea formed as part of the socio-economic development of the industrial revolution. The Jews as a group are a product of more complex Europe the the Arab cristians.

All of that does not mean that the Muslims are inferior, it means that they had to bare "outsiders" like the corsadres and the Jews.

This time I hope we can reshape the relationship to have one Palestinians-Israeli society resilient and wise who know to share the resources by all and strong enough to support other communities in the world who needs support.

I am also for progressive taxation: the richer you are, teh higher percentage you shoudl pay for taxes. BUT I AM against Structural POVERTY. and the society need to be balanced so all will have the opratunity to pay taxes and be rich enough to raise their children without financial constrains and in freedom.

You prefer that Palestinian will be poor so you can continue claim victimhod as you believe this is what will bring your idealistic ideas of get read of the Political Zionism you create with your offensive mail list.
Neri: What you fail to see is that we Palestinians adapted and id adapt toa viscious onslaught and structural discrimination and ethnic cleansing. We responded to a structured program (called Zionism) that was not merely interested in building something called a Jewish state but doing this at the expense of the native people (destruction first, building later). Hence de-development was a key process of the project. For Palestinians resistance was mainly to hang on (sumud) and to continue to build on our land despite all odds. Neri: you can't see this because you want to blame the victims and you can't really see what they are building or trying to build at all odds. I just finished my semester teaching at two universities. You have no idea what incredible odds it is fora student to attend classes when they have to come through checkpoints. You have no idea what it is like to live with limited water supply (stolen by settlements) and yet to build and do actions. I am here at a break in a workshop on environment and recycling. You have no clue what you are talking about since in the racist environment you were raised with, all Palestinians do is sit around plotting to kill Jews (and in your words in the process just impoverish ourselves). You have no idea how offensive and condescending and paternalistic your words are.
It was not done on the expense of the Palestinians till the Arab states attacked the Jewish new born state you can continue hide it, but this is who the Arab nations created the "self protect Zionism" .

Mazin, I think the current situation need to end, I need the Nakba needs to end, but you attack me and my friend for your idealism calling us Zionists and any Israeli who seek peace is a Zionist who wish to make the Zionist project a success. you want your people to continue be victims of power stronger from them, listening to Palestinais as Gilad Azmon who think you are too weak to create your independed state so he will protect you with his Jewish heritage.

all what Palestinain like you do is sit around crying for how week they are.

You have no idea how offensive and condescending and paternalistic your words are.
and I am sory that the truth is so painful.
you know nothing, ask Iqbal she will explain that to you.
Was there no public land (state owned) in the Palestine the data above is about?

Why do you think that so Luc?
I have not lost you at all Luc. You continue to obfuscate and mislead.

I ask again about the data :

Was there no public land (state owned) in the Palestine the data above is about? How came all unused land is Palestinian Land in the data?

Why do you think that so Luc?

The Arabs are fighting for this region for many years, and the ottoman as other Muslim regimes managed the land.

For the Arabs, Palestine is part of a territory invaded by external entity as Jews and Crusaders but as Arab you consider this territory as Arab.

We can respect that, but the point here is not about land, it is about Human capacities and it show that the Jews brought human capacity that was not exist in the region, the Tax is a sign of productivity.

and the real question for Mazin and Luc is

Do you wish to return to pre 48 Arab capacity of production or you wish that the Palestinian Nation will manifest the same capacity the Jews brought. (This is a European capacity of modern economy and social structure that is more productive and any person Arab, Jew Somali can get and should.)

They will see such question as racist, they will argue for the lost property, but by doing that they will ignore any palestinian responsibility blaming Zionist and occupation for the palestinian loss and projecting their belief that the palestinians are not able to get up and build their own future so they need the World nations to force Israel ... but do they have any plan for day after, is Luc childish idea that we will have peace if we remove occupation ... (he say 1967 borders while Mazin refuse to consider two state stage).
"Do you wish to return to pre 48 Arab capacity of production or you wish that the Palestinian Nation will manifest the same capacity the Jews brought. (This is a European capacity of modern economy and social structure that is more productive and any person Arab, Jew Somali can get and should.)"

Neri: I am an environmentalist and I can tell you this land is not able to sustain a "European" style of life with this many people on it for long (10 million now even without the return of refugees). You maybe surprised at this but I personally would indeed rather dispense with these idiotic inventions like flushing gallons of perfectly potable water after shit (the so called flusing toilets). This is maybe fine in areas with unlimited water supply but not here. Israel already limits water to half the population so that the other half can have jacuzzis and swimming pools nd green yards (Palestinians are living on 1/10the the water supply used by Israelis). The colonial settlements are on hill tops in the West Bank for obvious reasons. Natives never built towns on top of hills in the past 5000 years of building towns (because sides of hills or valleys are environmentally more sound). The European style you brought is not sustainable long term and is already devastating (just look at incidences of cancer in the past 60 years). I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Finally, no it is not cildish to believe that occupation and colonialism breeds war and conflicts.

I thin the environment is a global issue and we all take that into consideration, I think that we must end the conflict and free our energies for economic-environmental-social development humanity needs.

I do not agree with you about the ability of the land to sustain all of us and future generations, I think that together Israelis and Palestinians can really change the way the world works.

it is childish to believe that only occupation and colonialism are the reason of war and conflicts. and that if we remove the "Zionist" element we will have peace.

Arabs problems between the different states, Arabs problem within the Palestinian nation and many global changes (as the birth of the National idea in europe combined with the last 400 years of industralizaion and urbanization) changed our planet, the Palestinians need to adopt, this is reality and reality as truth is painful some times.

you ignore the responsibility and duty of the palestinians to adopt, and when you fail to adopt you experience war. adoption of new reality is not anti-resistance, it means that Palestinian resistance need to adop to reality and be practical to end the conflict, while you voice is an idealistic anti-adoption voice who think that the old ways are the only way to live, like the religious Jewish fanatics in Israel and Muslim religious fanatics of palestine



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