1943 in Palestine: 30% of the population, own 6% of the land pay 56% of the taxes

Mazin recently pointed us with a mandatory document that revile this numbers:

American independence start for the right of Representation for being taxed.
it is clear that owners of 6% of the land payed 56% of the Taxes. These Taxes are used for the good of all of Palestine.

The difference between the Jews and the non Jews in Palestine justified separation. The Palestinian of today and the Israeli Jews of today are not the same as 1943 but for being one state as Mazin wish we need to have both societies equal in their responsibility to pay taxes.

mazin link:
and there you find the link:

all sources are palestineremembered reference a pro-Palestinians site.

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It does not seem possible that an independent Palestinian state will be up to par with an independent Jewish state.  Israel has had to make some painful adjustments to get up to the economic level it is at now.  According, to the Finance Minister Yair Lapid, Israel will have to continue to make those painful adjustments.  Ultra-Orthodox men are paid by the Israeli Government just to study the Torah all day long.  Israel has cut back on that, but the Government still supplies them.  Israel stop funding Birthright, so now private donors are financing it.  When I was first there in 1983, Israel had a 1,000% inflation rate, and the shekelim was worthless pieces of paper outside of the country.  Now Israel has their inflation rate down to 1.7%, and the new shekelim (NIS) is a convertible currency.  An independent Palestinian state would have to go through the same baptismal of fire, if it has not already.

Dear Tim,

The Palestinians has advantage over the other Arab communities in the region and even over Israel as they can use the available wisdom of economy and state development that were not available in 1948. The Palestinian youth are the most educated youth in the region and at signup date of the agreement the world will stand in line to financialy support the young state.

Did you see this:

John Kerry has envisioned a Marshall Plan for the Palestinians, but is this also applicable to Gaza?  Because not only is the West Bank and Gaza worlds away from each other politically, but also economically.  An enterprising new generation cannot carry an economy alone.  Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook did not lift the United States out of recession.  It is the operation of banks, that determine an economy, and their operations is determined by federal policies.  For right now the Palestinians are lacking a federal policy.


 For Building Palestinian state we need agreement with the arab world and with all the palestinians, with no Palestinian unity we cannot expect real progress and we can expect strengthning of the Israeli settlers position.

There are many plans and ways to have Gaza (sea port, Egypt border) and  WestBank (Jordan border, major cities and population) connected and work as one state. 

Any how, taking 4millions of arab palestinians that are not productive and changing their life conditions to be able to create state economy that is productive is one of the best investment any bank can have

Gaza's airport is only semi-operational.  But if it were fully operational, it could be used by both the West Bank and Israel, to fly out produce overnight to markets in Europe.  Gaza could be receiving a great deal in service fees and tax revenues, with this type of operation.  But it would also depend on Hamas recognizing the State of Israel.  What is so ironic, is that recently Gazan farmers were at the Eshkol Agricultural Expo in Israel.  So if these farmers are interacting with Israel, how can this persuade the government of Gaza?  Once again, the Palestinians are long overdue for elections, and a recent Palestinian poll showed Hamas as having only 20% of the support.  So it can be voted out, if they have voting.

I do not know when will be the right time for palestinian elections, it is clear that the population is not represented by the "leaders" and this is one of the issues palestinians has with self governance. I would openly ask if they need a "fully democratic system" while the socio-economic structure is a pre-industrial revolution style and the politics of the "big family interests" many time overide the "national" interest.

for a solution we need to make sure that the arab palestinian people need to have good enough share in the territory that can sustain their needs any political agent, Hamas, Fatah & others must put the National interest as the higher priority and work with the Palestinian fuctions to build Palestine.

Economies were ran in the past by the extraction of natural resources, so large stretches of territory were required.  But presently, that is not the case.  China's economy is not growing, because of extraction of natural resources.  Neither is India's.  Palestine can function as two political entities, the West Bank and Gaza.  But the West Bank must be a contiguous political entity, which is the reason why the Israeli settlements have to be questioned.  Now a cornerstone of the peace process is land swaps.  Which means that Area C, can be involved in the land swap deal.

Preposterous!!!!!!!!!  The Palestinian Authority is turning down a U.S. $4 billion dollar aid package to further develop their economy.  The Palestinian Authority is already 30% dependent on international aid, and is calling on outside help to make up for the shortfall from recession-stricken economies in the West.  They have been forced to raise taxes, and a recent joint project with Israeli high technology companies, to show off and develop Palestinian high technology was just denounced by Mahmoud Abbas.  Playing with the Palestinian economy is like playing with fire, both cannot be tampered with.  If you want a fire to burn quick and hot, you enhance it.  If you want the Palestinian economy to burn quick and hot, you enhance it.  What the Palestinian Authority is doing now is dumping cold water on it.  If the Palestinians upgraded their status at the United Nations, then an economy has to go along with it.  They have non-member observer status, and so does the Vatican.  But the Vatican owns billons of dollars in real estates, and the Palestinians do not.

The condition of the arab Palestinians is bad, and they cannot sign final agreements nor accept that israel will take all the territory

It was a perfect move by John Kerry, but the Palestinian Authority torpedoed it.  I do not know what his next move will be.  One Palestinian told tell me, that they can depend on expatriates.  Not even Israel could depend on the Diaspora.  Nation-states have to have their own economies.

Media responses are now starting to come in.  But I got censored, when I tried to respond, so I had to take it out onto Facebook.  I will study these response a little bit more, then see if I can get past the censorship.



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