25 Years of Jihadist Bombers -- By Yisrael NE'EMAN (06 December 2008)

[Highlight: "For the bomber, no loss is involved, only gain ... So what is in it for the Jihadist leadership? They of course do not commit suicide. The ultimate objective is the universal spread of Islam."]

25 Years of Jihadist Bombers

By Yisrael NE'EMAN
06 December 2008

Since autumn 1983, some 25 years ago terrorism took a new direction with the Islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber leading the way. The first suicide bombers detonated themselves against the American and French peace keeping forces in Beirut and their diplomatic personnel and shortly afterwards against Israeli forces. The death of 241 Marines at the hands of a suicide truck bomber was the height of the Hezbollah operation. Since then the world has known a never ending string of Islamic terror (such as the attacks in India recently), in particular the suicide bomber type. There are those who try to blame it on the West and in particular Israel, claiming the suicide bombings are the result of a form of "occupation" and have little to do with Islamist perspectives. There are many minorities world wide who certainly perceive themselves as living under some sort of occupying power or have lived under one in the past, yet they on the whole are not involved in suicide bombings.

The suicide bomber acts out of the two most powerful emotions known to humans, love and hate. In the same act he works this extreme dichotomy as he seeks the ultimate love -- fusion with Allah through death and then unity by having sacrificed himself in a jihad or Holy War. On the opposite side the expression of infinite hatred through slaughter of the enemy for the crime of having been themselves meaning infidels, Jews or Christians who obstruct the march of Islamic dominance world wide. The allure for the Islamist suicide bomber is the total and ultimate power embodied in such violence against what is perceived as a "satanic enemy" whereby the perpetrator if fully rewarded for such self sacrifice in the name of Allah.

Since the issue of "occupation" by a foreign entity (non-Moslem) certainly does not mesh with suicide bombings in Moslem countries involved in internal conflict such as Pakistan where such attacks are a daily (even if unreported) occurrence one must find the thread of commonality among such behavior world wide. Jihad supplies the answer as an Islamist must also cleanse his own society of "evil", which is defined as western and secular influences. The power elite of secular Moslem states are no less the enemies of the Islamist than Jews, Christians, Hindus, etc. As for 9/11 the attacks on the US are not only a legitimate act of warfare but obligatory as only God fearing Moslems have the right to rule anywhere on the globe. Furthermore the US is projecting its influence on Moslems causing them to become pluralistic and more secular. In the Jihadist view this leads to the ultimate defeat of Islam.

When discussing the profile of the individual bomber, young males between the ages of 16-24 are by far the most likely candidates. Sexual repression in traditional Islamic society not only leads to enticement by the promise of 72 virgins upon arrival in heaven but the bombing act itself certainly solves the immediate problems of raging testosterone in a most acceptable manner in the name of Allah and "for the cause". One does not truly die, but rather continues life in a better place. Hence the lines are blurred between this life and the next as one enters the "preparation" or ecstasy before the operation. For the bomber, no loss is involved, only gain.

In such a diocentric setting co-deification and self-hero worship lead to a sanctification of death and the replacement of life as a value. The suicide bomber and those who send him are far from crazy. Let us recall in WWII the Japanese Kamakaze pilots who flew suicide missions against the Americans, and as Shinto adherents believed they were reborn in 30 days thereby death was only temporary. All speak of reward and life renewal when "dying" for the all encompassing ideal of world domination by the self-appointed forces of righteousness sent on a holy mission.

One cannot escape from the frustrations and disappointments of this world without making the ultimate sacrifice through a unity not only with Allah but with Jihad as the facilitator for purification of purpose and being. The 72 virgins do not only represent sexual desire but more significantly the ability to recreate humanity in one's own (and Allah's) image bringing about a return to the Garden of Eden with all its symbolism. This takes on physical attributes as is known from the capture of unsuccessful suicide bombers who have placed place protective gear around their genitals in the expectation of the need for their reproductive organs upon arrival in the next world. Full allegiance to and unity with the Deity is achieved as the Heavenly inspired reproduction of the world will begin anew, from death to immediate rebirth.

So what is in it for the Jihadist leadership? They of course do not commit suicide. The ultimate objective is the universal spread of Islam. They live vicariously through their suicide bombers, but are delayed in reaching Allah and are forced to work for Islamic goals through political/religious gains through the conquest of one nation after the other and finally culminating in full world domination. Such a perfect world brings about an Endtime and the final fusion with Allah. Theologically the Islamist leadership is making a greater sacrifice by doing battle on earth and putting off the unification with the Diety.

Theoretically, the Jihadist suicide bomber is achieving absolute perfection through his actions, both personally and for Islam. The only obstacle is overcoming the "unknown" of death. Once convinced of what awaits him after his successful mission an ecstasy of unity of social and religious purpose steels him for his final earthly mission. From here he becomes the unshakeable symbol of inspiration for all those considering self-sacrifice in the name of Islam.

Only the elimination of Jihadist ideals will liquidate its most faithful warrior, the Islamist suicide bomber.

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