So many definitions, based on the researches can be given to peace making. as for me and based on the real and direct dealing with the conflict peacemaking also means to do the maximum possible to contribute to peace or to solving conflict.
I have noticed that an evaluation of our activities in the website which called peacemakers community is much needed.

It is so clear that some of us, including myself feel that we work in one cycle which is to convince the convinced people. Also we discuses all the time with ourselves.
A meaningful question is needed and necessary to be asked:

Would we like to be an real and active peacemakers community or either would we like to be a social network?

Until now it is difficult for me to say that we –me peace- are a peacemakers because when I ask :to what extent we contribute to building peace or solving the conflict , unfortunately the answer is not encouraging.

I have no doubt that there are many good people in mepeace who really want to advance peace but good intentions is not enough.

The big contribute we can offer is to come in direct contact with the people suffering daily under the occupation and try to help them solving some problems.

In dealing with conflicts and peace building we can not ignore the asymmetry between both sides. So the Israelis and others must and can do more to help the weak side, the Palestinian people.

Actually there is much efforts and activities we can do to help the Palestinians by trying to solve some daily problems which they face as result of the conflict in many fields like :welfare, health, education, checkpoints, economic and etc. imagine for example that in the name of peace making a 100 of jewish and Arabs and others go to one Palestinian hospital and contribute a 100 meals of blood. Also we can ask the Palestinian social worker about their needs which I am sure some of them can be provided by us.
I can raise here tens of possible and concrete help that we can offer to the Palestinians so by this we really can empower the peace and keep the hope alive.

I noticed also, in mepeace website that there are many people who raise ideas to organize conferences which is really important but I think that more important is to try to go out to the complicated reality of the conflict and to learn about the results and outcomes of the conflict and then to make maximum efforts to help the Palestinians. After doing this we can organize conference so to proudly inform and update everyone about we have accomplished in the peace making field.
I am very shy to say that I know many people who claim to be peacemaker and have never seen the direct suffers of the Palestinian .so I ask again if we are a social network or an active community which can be then named peacemakers.

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