Dear All,

At one week we had the following events:

1- Knesset member Ariah Eldad had invited the extreme Europenian right wing members to Israel in order to join hands with the war on Arabs and Islam

2- Knesset member Avigdor Lebrman called to kill as many Arabs as possible in order to resolve the Israeli Arab conflict. He said by killing as many Arabs as possible Arabs will come on four to ask for peace

3- Right wingers, Barouch Marzil and Eitmar ben Gvir had the court approval to come to Umm Al Fahem and protest against the presence of citizens of Umm Al Fahem at Israel.

Do not say you did not know, the Israeli right wing is becoming more extreme and more violent. Ariah Eldad is join efforts with Nazis.

We need to support the left wing in Israel and we need to start now. Tomorrow is too late.

Best Regards,

Adeeb Qassem

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Ami Chai USA

Our Mission is to support Ami Chai in Israel.

Ami Chai USA is an active grassroots network, involving adults and youth from all parts of the country. Members include the religious and secular, young and old, bound together by a unique faith and the belief in the Land of Israel to take charge of it’s destiny.

We are Americans who believe that the time has come to invest in Israeli youth, before it becomes more disaffected, materialistic, apathetic and eventually joins the growing brain drain by moving out of the country it no longer feels attached to.

Your help is needed at all levels, and we invite you to join us, to do what you can, when you can, for the future of Israel. Membership in Ami Chai USA is open to Americans of any faith who support the Land of Israel.

with quick google fishing you will find the truth. Another thing, I did not make any claim against my country Israel.

I just want to save my country and my people from such violent people and violent ideas.

You know very well that when Leiberman comes into power it will be the end of Israel, and non of us wants that. (remember what happened in ermany?)

I know eldad views and I knew his father's view's too.

What are your views and ideas ?

Thank GOD that we still have people with brains here in Israel ( Lieberman is not one of them) we need to support the left wing with all means so people like Lieberman will not be at the Kenesset.

When the left wing does anything, then the democracy will defend itself and hunt the ideas and the people behind the ideas.

Our democracy never defended itself from the right wing ideas and violent actions.

We both know that the right wing is more than 40% of the total population.

It is not tiny and it is becoming worst every year.

We need to do something.

yes no problem, only if you change your picture. PLZ
I answered Fish

All what I have to say that I hate guns and I am all for peace,

I do not hate jews. Some of my closest freinds are jews and I want Israel to live in Peace forever.

What do you stand for?
did you meet Mary?

I think she can explain to you about the crimes you protect with your Right wing Nationalist is non negotiable.

really I do not see your point of commenting on people who cannot accept your non negotiable position.
Dear Mary,

Left is always in relation to the right. The right is so extreme so anything that is left to it is called left.



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