Dear All,

At one week we had the following events:

1- Knesset member Ariah Eldad had invited the extreme Europenian right wing members to Israel in order to join hands with the war on Arabs and Islam

2- Knesset member Avigdor Lebrman called to kill as many Arabs as possible in order to resolve the Israeli Arab conflict. He said by killing as many Arabs as possible Arabs will come on four to ask for peace

3- Right wingers, Barouch Marzil and Eitmar ben Gvir had the court approval to come to Umm Al Fahem and protest against the presence of citizens of Umm Al Fahem at Israel.

Do not say you did not know, the Israeli right wing is becoming more extreme and more violent. Ariah Eldad is join efforts with Nazis.

We need to support the left wing in Israel and we need to start now. Tomorrow is too late.

Best Regards,

Adeeb Qassem

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You are talking utopia ... you are so funny so unreal.
thank you for sharing,

your attitude is not for peace blaming the Arabs for getting Israeli violence for not accepting some jewish utopia is not a way for cooperation.

Please review MEPEACE.ORG INTERIM POLICY (2008-Sep-08)
Well Shimon,
I agree with you, in a sense, about this:

"The official Israeli left wing has lost its way and also its identity."

Except that to me, this is more a recognition that they never had a viable "way"
to begin with.

Neither the "Left" nor the "Right" has the answers.
They are around the edges, peeking through the cracks.
Dear Sarah,

Thank you for posting this and for your comments too.
Israel is racist country. Life is harder for people life me and adeeb. This is the truth. I don't care about the people in power they are fucks. I do not vote.

I can understand your anger but please do not use such language.

have you ever thought that we still have this ugly situation because in the current "democratic system" those has the power will be able to manipulate more people and "corrupt" the society!!?!?

Politician are seller and politics is one of the main causes of social dysfunction.

Today's common understanding democracy is out of date, but those has benefits of it will never work for reforming and replacing old principle with new one fits what we know today.

The most part of what you know about Palestinian, is not through direct and close experience with them. The same to that what we know about Jews. It has been always smote one in between us as people. May be that was necessary to govern nation 100 years ago, but today we can get the knowledge our self. We can change the rules.
Also inner political dysfunction.. people will get separated hate each other care about their own benefits .. for all of these things politics provide the best environment.

@moderation team; it would be great if we know people have good back-ground about democracy to explore this thematic field and learn out of it.
Yes Jafra.

I have been trying to do that since March.

For example:
I would intensify the strategic approach of the moderation team to define with the community a filter for common themes that are wrong, manipulated or unconsciously in main stream language. Therefore we need to find the specific expert within the community.
This way we increase the self-education and learning ability of the community.

some people are not familiar with the internal Israeli politics although they insist commenting on it. so its not only the language it is the context too.

BTW, we are encourage Arabic/Hebrew here so people can express themselves fluently
Hi Adeeb,

I would like to ask you to look at this situation differently just for a moment.

If I take a step back and look at how we (Jews and Israeli Jews) view the world, we see the entire world as against us because we are Jews. The news reports something anti-Jewish and the entire Jewish people say “you see, they hate the Jews”. One person’s statement (whether actually meant as anti-Jewish or not, is applied to everyone of that group). You as an Israeli citizen can see this in the headlines in Yidiot on how Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map, etc. etc. I do not know if the president of Iran is really saying what I understand him to be saying or not. But if I take a step back, it seems to me that we Jews are taking something maybe small and making it large because of our past experiences have made us very afraid of the world. To others it is a small silly statement that is meaningless. To us as Jews, it is a threat that means everything.

I think this is what you are doing. Because of your past experiences as a Palestinian in Israel you are taking these statements and seeing them as a very real threat to your existence. Most Israeli Jews view Lieberman, etc. as not representing us so we don’t see it as threatening the way you see it as threatening. The same way you probably don’t view Iran as a threat the same way I do.

The truth is that both peoples should be much more understanding of how the other group hears and interprets these statements and stand together against any form of incitement. If we don’t belong to the group being threatened, we dismiss the statements as unimportant and forget about them. If we are part of the group being threatened, we see the fact that majority on the other side does not speak out as further proof that “they are against us”.

All this to say that we must stand together and understand how these statements are understood by the other and all of us have to speak out against incitement to violence.
Hi Adeeb,
Let me suggest again that neither the now-wholly discredited Left, not the increasingly aggressive Right, have the answers.
We must get the ball rolling, this new generation, through ideas like the one I mentioned to you, and carefully-chosen partnerships with individuals and organizations on both sides that won't fit so well into those stereotypes.

If I know the whole story, those two guys should be ashamed of the way they are trying to make their point.



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