A voice from Gaza: All I need is my freedom

Freedom is a broad expression that includes a mosaic of freedoms for humans in all life aspects……………… It's being guaranteed by all laws since ever, adopted by civilized countries and widely acknowledged by the few Democratic nations headed by USA and Israel. I really like and highly respect the Israeli Democracy from the inside. This Democracy accepts the other and allows multiplicity. It gives much freedom that we really miss here in Gaza and the Arab world.

I respect and love that democracy, but unfortunately when it comes to Palestine specifically Gaza, it becomes the most pejorative expression. Around 1.5 million are not allowed to move feely into and out of Gaza. They are being collectively punished for reasons they never committed. If a useless and playing fire homemade rocket is being fired into Israel; it retaliates excessively against not those who fired it but the innocent civilians. Yet, the only looser from this policy is Israel. It grows more hatred and spirit of revenge from those civilians. Not far from Gaza, Israeli settlers in the West Bank have successfully manufactured their homemade rockets. They have shelled many Palestinian villages in the West Bank. I hope this would debunk the pretext of Israel that we fire rockets, now we have Israel and its settlers shelling at Gaza and the West Bank.

Back to the freedom I seek, I really want it and so badly. I want to move freely travel wherever and whenever I want. I want to visit the West Bank travel to London, Washington and Egypt…I want...I want and I really want. Yet, I know I'm dreaming now. I will never be allowed to get what I have just demonstrated. Thus, I will decrease that request to the lowest levels and I will move to the primaries since no luxury in Gaza or the West Bank. Now, all I need is a secure an access of freedom for some (angels) little children and elderly men and women. An access not for fun or tourism abroad but rather to hospitals and medical centers. I will not fabricate lies against Israel since I know it allows patients to travel for treatment. However, this number is so low, illogic and not enough. It has to allow all patients to freely access to hospitals and clinics. I was so shocked when I watched a TV report that tells a story of sick child. The child was appealing to the world to leave for treatment. But, what a pity, he died after a week and this is authenticated.

I was as many as other Gazans so joyous and happy of the ceasefire held in Gaza last June . For a minute I soliloquized and reckoned we are done with the siege. I thought it is the Messiah coming to Gaza to save us. This perspective was highly emphasized when I saw the full commitment of Palestinian factions towards Israel. They didn't breach that ceasefire and they stopped all actions against Israel. I was extremely shocked and disappointed about my much loved Democracy "Israel" It didn't abide by its duties like opening borders, easing life of Palestinians by allowing goods and commodities in.

Couple of days ago, Defense Minister of Israeli Democracy, Ehud Barak said, "anyone who misses the military operations in Gaza mustn't worry, they will come." So, I wonder, why you will launch these operations? Will you liberate me and Gazans? Will you grant me my freedom? Will you end the occupation? Will you end the siege? Will you let all patients out for treatment? Will you allow students travel for study? In view of that, if you coming for so, I will be holding flowers to welcome you!

I beg your pardon?…Don't be planning for other choices! We are fed up! Let us be good neighbors…Give us peace of God.

My friends, I hope you enjoyed reading this piece. There are many young Gazans who are enthusiastic to publish their writings. All we need is to secure a website for an Elec. Newspaper. It's a little bit expansive. So we aspire your help in any way even spiritually. If you are willing contact me via the following info.

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Hi there Sameh. What do you and your fellow Gazans need exactly for you Elec. Newspaper?
Thank you indeed,
I guess all we need is a webpage and some other attachments for the daily reporting. We would do it for free. I have a nother idea which is to luanch a big peace Center in Gaza??what do u think, which is better?
Ok look,
I'm working on two ideas:
1-Peace Centere in Gaza which will be the first
2-Electronic Newspaper.

On both cases we need websites and not blogs.

I think, it would be nice if we make both. We first make the Pecae Center and a ramification would be the newspaper!

What do u think?
I hope we can do practical things Quickly. I'm ready to go on with many ideas!

I will answer Julia soon as we are having Ramdah Iftar shortly. I loved ur supportive letters and the readdiness to work with me.

contact and ask this question. their website and another one for palestine exist. send your papers and letters to magazines world wide. ask for them to write on it. Send pictures with your letters to the magazines.
send me some of your letters and I will forward them onto the white house. USA. Let me know what you know about the 4 fulbright students denied visa's and all that you have heard on the subject.

There is a lot that must be done in the area of restructure to create open borders. We are working as hard as we can on all sides and you can not see what has been happening. The fact that Iran is a current threat to all security interests and if you have a website I want you to research the pictures of Hiroshima to understand the impact of these Nukes. We learned with Kiev that the winds move the comtaminant further than we anticipated and the miles are countless.

Restructure is vital. Having people on the inside willing to participate in the expansion of a changed government is also vital. Geneva convention will not allow me to say certain things regarding these settlements and my personal views of what to do with them. fill in the blanks. REBUILD what has been destroyed. Start with infrastructure, water, elec. make it happen by bringing information out so we can structure. Send letters to the King of Jordan and don't forget to ask for help from KSA the minister of foreign affairs and the king himself brought about a great change in bringing the clerics together.

There is no excuse for blood baths. It is time to sow seeds and grow victory gardens and make life happen from within.

Send me messages to only relating to the letters and what your looking for in a elec newspaper. i will forward letters to key newspapers world wide. don't over whelm me and be selective and make sure only one or two people emal this account.

Keep watch on the Israel Supreme Courts progress and report on it. September 9th. we need eyes and ears.

I would also like to know the GDP of the undergrounds. get me some formula of figures. and date and time frames.

Thank you again for a great letter.
Amera Windsfeather
Nice to hear this from you. I guess there has to be a mass movement in Israel to pressure on the Government. You have to make your voice heard. There has to be a strong front formed by public figures, officials, mothers and others.

How to deal with Hamas?
Well this is hard Q....Simply, Israel had used executive power with Hamas and killed many of its leaders. Yet, the result was not as Israel aspired but so bad!

I believe Israel has to deal with hamas with a policy of peace rather than a war. Has approved its interest in the last recent truce! So, why not Israel go on with that truce and lift the siege totally.

As for the rockets and Glad, I'm sorry for you and I'm sorry for 11 thousands Palestinian Gilads in Israeli Jails. I'm sorry for the rockets "Heavy American ones" being fired into Palestinians.

I reckon, we have to change our strategy. Peace makers on both sides have to do something in common. For example let us work on prisoners on bath sides!
This situation is the formula of lives to many. You can not eliminate one warfare group without it being replaced by another. Ethnic Cleansing is not ok though rockets and motor attacks. Both sides have shown blood and the anger and hatred runs very deep. There are many people on both sides who disappear. Diplomacy must be reached. outside countires must be a part of the piece process. Write to your local government and have your friends write letters. Make sure that the news is writing about the information and not tainting the information. We can not allow negative statements to generate that is a very large flag to the slowing pattern of peace. Words like "Lame Duck," Not acheivable, not likely or other countries moving in for a spot of soil to take over. This is much like drawing a line in the sand and it is easily erased. The only real way peace can be achieved is when the structure is brought in and replaces the disfunction. This can not happen over night. If you were to outline a list of problems in this area and then start stragically attacking each area by rebuilding and I must say that if you want to make money on a country you create a war if you want to gain from disfunction you keep represssing society. Inorder to stop this corruption it takes leaders willing to see varied problems and find company corporations willing to go in and take over a single problem, eg; airports bulldozed, water supplies maintained, phone systems up and running, electrical conditions maintained and not limited, The same structures we take out in times of war are exactly what don't need to be taken out if you want to bring peace. If peace can not be achieved through the two sides then a third side will need to make what they call in usa terms a reservation system until the anger and hatred resides and the borders are drawn. I want you to go to the usa jewish library and research their website. it is full of how at varied locations if they were hit by bombs instead of logical approaches to opening borders. Inaffect they have created their own worse nightmare. You have heard the old saying live by the sword die by the sword. Once these programs are brought in and foreign investment is allowed to spur the country then the doors will open. protection of these two areas must be maintained by the two areas and they have to group together to make this happen. or Egypt, Syria Lebbonon will take them over. I just want you to realize I have only talked on structure and I haven't even tied in Religion. Once these systems fall into place so will varied colitions of religion. The king of KSA has done a great thing for this region by bringing in the Clerics. Blood bath Cherics in any area is not correct and to follow such theories will prove deadly to many communities. Ethnic cleansing is not discussed very openly world wide. So Sameh is very correct, we need strong figures within our homes the greatest strengh to our governments and if the Womens movement in Palestine is not working then we need to create new womens movements and make strong note to home values and raising our children building our families and planting gardens. That spills out into our communities and into our public officials. We as women have a very strong role on the future of our children. Without our children we have no future.
There is a lot of world wide pressure for Israel even with the main leaders of the killing fields out of the way others will move in to take their place.
We can not allow our government agencies to not bring peace to the table. We need to lock these guys into a room and not let them out. Take away their water and food supplies and make them sit in the dark and perhaps they would understand the gravity of what has been happening. Ok, again Geneva convention will not allow us to do this but it is happening on a larger scale. Write your government and keep the pressure up.

This is much like a divorce and when you battle no one wins. There are no winners.
Dear Sameh,
thank you for sharing your story
Would you feel ok with me giving this letter to a friend who runs a local radio show in Melbourne Australia called Palestine Remembered?
He often wants personal stories to tell on his weekly show?
Hi Sivan,
No harm you can send it for him and all other friends. Also, you can have my phone number if he wants to host me. 00972599306096
dear Julia and Sameh,

maybe you can also try to join my friend Ziad M., who teaches french foreign language at Gaza University. He is the creator and the manager of the Center for Peace of his university (Al-Aqsa university i suppose, but i'm not sure). When i met him a few years ago, he hosted me in his flat and was teacher in Ramla College, Gaza. I'll give you his mail in a private message if you wish. He is really a good guy, and he writes a lot in a french info site about Palestine. maybe he would be interested by joint activities...
Thanks for sharing this account and testimony with us. The whole situation in Gaza is dreadful and it's painful to see so much manufactured misery and feeling helpless and useless for not doing anything about it.
But it's really great to see that this posting is used to network and bring together peacemakers working on the same issue.
Keep up the good work, and congratulations for this very positive interaction. I suggest that a section or category be opened here on MEpeace for peace-workers to network and discuss the projects they are working on.



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