A new vision of peace ,the holistic vision is a non-fragented will come about as a result of an approach which takes into account ,all the diffirent points of view. thus a holistic vision of peace implies a non -fragmentary theory of space -energy in wich energy manifests itself in the forum of matter,life and information .
its an approach that takes into account human beings,society and nutural world combining inner or personal ecology,social ecology and planetary ecology.
These three aspects are intimately linked and constantly interacting.
from this perspective peace is concurrently an inner state of consciousness arrasing from personal tranquillity a stat of social accorddependent opon an ability to solv conflicts peacfully and astat of harmony with nature

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In other words:

Peace is a comprehensive process. A workable vision of peace has to take into account personal, ecological, social, and political factors. If you leave any of them out, there will be something wrong with the vision.
I can't understand how peace activists could act in a way that could hurt others, or the environment, and still think of themselves as peace-activists.
We can't create real peace without first creating a new character, a new mindset, of people raised
and educated according to a new, peaceful, ethic. One primarily concerned with the individual, based on the heart of each individual.
Corporate concerns should come after individual concerns and inner state of consciousness
are addressed, because everyone is important and every aspect of life is connected to every other.
Also, real peace comes from having peace of mind, and being able to sleep soundly at night knowing you have done the right thing. If you have done right by God, you will also have done right by His people and His world.
I posted this 3 or 4 weeks ago to Shaii's discussion on "What do we want? / What is peace?" and it seems suitable here, too, Abed, so I'm reposting it, only slightly edited:

I think inner peace (peace of mind), peace between people, and peace between countries are all basically the same.

Often when people speak of "peace," it sounds to me like they really mean seclusion. In personal terms, "Leave me alone! Can't I get any peace and quiet?" In political terms, "unilateral separation".

My idea of peace? It's more clear in Hebrew. Shalom, as you know, is related to shalem, wholeness. Its opposite is machloket (conflict), which is related to chelek, division. Peace vs. conflict = wholeness vs. division

In gemara Nedarim (Yerushalmi), Ben Azzai puts this in terms that explicitly link the wholeness within person with the wholeness of our relationships with others. He comments on the verse (Vayikra 19) "Do not take revenge or bear a grudge against the children of your people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself; I am HaShem", saying:

"How can a person take revenge or bear a grudge against another person? It is like someone who is cutting meat that he is holding in his hand: If the knife accidentally slips and he cuts his hand, would he revenge that hand by cutting the other one?"

[Abed, gemara Nedarim is part of the Talmud, holy writings of the ancient rabbis; Ben Azzai is one of those rabbis; and Vayikra is Leviticus, the third book of the Torah and Hebrew Bible. HaShem means Allah.]

In other words, when you see the person facing you as an image of G!d, you see a reflection of your own deepest self in them - "Love your neighbor [who is] as yourself." How, then, could you want to harm them?

To me, peace between Israel and Palestine (or, for that matter, peace within Israel or Palestine) is when we see each other in that light, and act toward each other accordingly.

Everything short of that - all the signed agreements, suppression of violence, etc. (may it come today!) - is mere tolerance of that bothersome Other who we (Jews or Arabs) wish would just leave us alone.

great what u wrote here i think we have commen background,what is inner peace if not a state of harmony and fulfilment where feeling of joy and love can finf free expression what cane we pass on to our trainees in peace?how to creat peace at feeling level?this is very important question and various answars have been given as i recieved from those who attended my workshops in peace education .each answar recommendeds a mothod for attaining peace.some are very simple and cane be practised by any one others reguier the guidance of a master.depending on the cultuer on which one lives
Abed, you wrote:

"what can we pass on to our trainees in peace? how to creatd peace at feeling level? this is very important question"

I completely agree. One major way to pass on the experience of peace at a feeling level to people who come to mepeace as "trainees" in peacemaking is by modeling the harmony, joy, and love you speak of in the way we build relationships with them and others here. That is easy to say; not so easy to practice - even for experienced peacemakers. We must constantly encourage and uplift each other.

What other methods do you think are most valuable?



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