I wondered if some Peacemakers living in Israel or Palestinian Territories can answer to this simple question:

1. Do you speak Hebrew ?
2. Do you speak Arabic
3. Which other languages do you speak ?

Thank you

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yes personally i speake Arabic ,hebrrow and english i took 2 course in hebrrow during my study at university
Hi Abed, and thank you for your reply... Don't you think that many israelis don't speak arabic while many palestinian speaks hebrew ?
.Hi Vincent
definitely correct many Palestinian speaks Hebrew while less Israeli speak Arabic,
i suppose that referred to work inside Israel from vast number of Palestinian also learning that at jail ,daily contacts on check points and some view economic connection
I don't know if I can answer this one because I don't live in Israel now but I speak English, Hebrew, and some Spanish.
I can swear in Arabic.
yes but you lived before so it's ok :) swearing, you mean say bad words ? Have you ever tried to learn arabic, just to understand Arabs in their language ? Do you know if there is arabic learning in hebrew schools inside Israel ?
yes, I mean bad words. I picked it up from my father in law who is tempered. I took an Arabic course and learnt a few more words but not enough to have a conversation. I hope to really study when we move back.
Yes, Arabic is taught in Israeli schools but it is optional.
don't you think it would be good if learning arabic in Israel would be more than an option ?
I think it is essential.
We talked about it a bit in the 2nd peace cafe, you can see the video here (number 14)
Thanks Noa, i have watched the video, it's great to speak about it and to have an education team in mepeace: i'm sure that our efforts have to support educational actions because it's not my generation (you read like me incredible agressive comments here) nor your generation (you are like pionneers) but the NEXT generation who can be peaceful :). I try to prepare your group inside School Beyond the Walls to learn hebrew with you... We already have a group about learning arabic, managed by my friend Nidal. He is a Palestinian living in France and he speaks arabic, hebrew, french and english...
Apprenez l'arabe avec Nidal - Learning arabic with Nidal,تعلم العربية مع نضال,למוד ערבית עם נדאל
I looked at the website, it looks amazing! How exciting!
LOL Corey can swear in Arabic. I guess the first thing people learn in languages is swears and once a person learns 3 or 4 swears in a certain language they claim that they learned the languange..
What was surprising to me when I met Arabs in Canada is swearing is considered so inappropriate and low class. I spent 10 years in Israel with Mizrahim (what you guys call the Arab Jews) and swearing in Arabic was just part of learning to be Israeli because it peppers so much of the language. But I am told I learned 'ars' Hebrew- for further details on what it is to be an ars



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