I wondered if some Peacemakers living in Israel or Palestinian Territories can answer to this simple question:

1. Do you speak Hebrew ?
2. Do you speak Arabic
3. Which other languages do you speak ?

Thank you

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yeah :D And Shahdan, if you have a mic and or a webcam you can also try to learn some french words with this amazing tool. One example here: I Love Provence
your students dissapointed that i don't speak french ,,, i will try to learn some ,,,
hi Hanan and thank you for your reply, can you tell me more about the way you learn hebrew and arabic ? Is arabic or hebrew your mother language ?
I speak Hebrew, English and some Afrikaans. I do have a rather limited Arabic vocabulary which I would like to improve upon.
I speak both languages in addition to French and English.
I honestly think that to be able to relax and enjoy the country and its people, you need to learn both languages to understand what is going on at all time.
It is not easy. It takes times. But it pays in the end.
i agree with you. Do you know if many people like you speak both languages in Israel and Palestinian Occupied Territories ?
I speak:
Arabic, English, Hebrew, Swedish, German, French, Spanish,
Dutch & Afrikaans and Catalan
I dont live i Palestine but Palestine live in me... hmm languages .... I speak Palestinian, and arbaic, english, danish,,,, hebrrow I can say ... Todaraba = thanx .... thanx i gess..... shalom ... wold love to learn hebrrow
I speak English, Spanish, and Arabic, but might want to learn Hebrew in the future because I plan on going back to Palestine at some point to do solidarity work. (P.S. Vincent, it's "Palestine" instead of "Palestinian Territories" ;) )
Hi Vincent!
I am not Israeli nor Palestinian, but I have visited Israel, and hopefully someday I will visit the Palestinian territories :)

So here it goes.
I speak English fluently, Spanish intermediate, a beginner in Hebrew and a beginner in Chinese.
I really hope to become fluent in Spanish, Hebrew and Chinese.
I also hope to learn Arabic someday, and hopefully be fluent in it, since I feel that it is essential for peacemaking and understanding the other group of people that you are in conflict with.
1. ken
2. aiwa
3. english, french, some vietnamese some japanese
yes I speake Hebrew and Arabic
allso english and alittle greek language .
Language help people to understand each ather when they want .



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