What is your wildest utopian dream about Israel/Palestine? What is the very best outcome you can imagine, your most hopeful and beautiful vision, for all the peoples of that land - say, in 100 years from now, or however long (or soon) you like. Please don't be limited by what you think is, or is not, actually possible to accomplish. Be as unrealistic as you dare!

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I will post my own vision as soon as I can, after the Sabbath.

Love and blessings,
Sigal, I want to thank you, especially, for replying, since this topic began from our exchange in the "Help Save MEPEACE.ORG!" discussion.

I am completely in solidarity with your desire for democracy, self-direction, prosperity, a safe peace not reliant on military force, and freedom of travel and of conscience (religious or non-religious) for the Jewish nation in Israel-Palestine. I well understand the sense you share with most Jews of our time that independent statehood is that nation's only guarantor for these needs. I'm not sure I share that perspective, but I have no principled objection to it - as long as the Jewish state (or the idea of a Jewish state) is understood in temporal terms of the Jewish nation's legitimate needs in a world of nation-states, and not raised to the idolatrous level of an Eternal Truth. As the prophet Yeshaya said, "My House shall be a House for all peoples..."

I wonder, though, if you might be selling yourself short here in another aspect, not reaching for your full menschliche capacity to extend the love with which you and I began our exchange, to our Palestinian sisters and brothers, some of whom are your mepeace friends. Their suffering and dreams of a free, peaceful and prosperous life are much like our own. Is there truly no place for them in the land we and they both call home, even in your most far-reaching vision, as what you've written here would suggest?

As for the haters and agitators (of whatever political stripe) leaving us alone, please see what I wrote here.


I'm very disappointed not to have an opportunity to hear back from Sigal and continue this discussion with her.

But I can't say I'm surprised.
Here in Russian

Hi Neri,

If nececessary, we can all try to focus on the bright side of life. In a community like this one is supposed to be, it is a pity that we have to try to do that. Unfortunately, we see once again that "the more things change, the more they stay the same."
A land where all three of the Abrahamic faiths live together in peaceful harmony as an example to the rest of the world. Where a Muslim preaches in a Settler Mosque and a Rabbi preaches in Masjid al Aqsa and a Christian Priest preaches in both. A land where I cannot find a single politician! No Army like Switzerland which never needed one.
What is a "Settler Mosque"? In your perfect situation, the people living in land that they purchased and raised their families would still be considered settlers and not legitimate land owners?
ooops I meant to write settler synagogue.
She knew that.
Paragraph 19 of the revised constitution of 1874 extended the definition of the federal army to every able-bodied citizen, swelling the size of the army at least in theory from below 150,000 to more than 700,000, with population growth during the 20th century rising further to some 1.5 million, the second largest armed force per capita after the Israeli Defence Forces.

On May 18, 2003, Swiss voters approved the military reform project "Army XXI" to drastically reduce the size of the Swiss Army. Starting in January 2004, the 524,000-strong militia was pared down to 220,000 conscripts, including 80,000 reservists. The defence budget of SFr 4.3 billion ($3.1 billion) was trimmed by SFr 300 million and some 2,000 jobs are expected to be shed between 2004 and 2011.

The armed forces consist of a small nucleus of about 3,600 professional staff, half of whom are either instructors or staff officers, with the rest being conscripts or volunteers.

In 1989, the status of the army as a national icon was shaken by a popular initiative aiming at its complete dissolution (see: Group for a Switzerland without an Army) receiving 35.6% support

At least it is headed in the right direction - to oblivion where all armies should be!
But they are working on getting rid of it! Have a nice day too.
Thanks for your kind words



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