What is your wildest utopian dream about Israel/Palestine? What is the very best outcome you can imagine, your most hopeful and beautiful vision, for all the peoples of that land - say, in 100 years from now, or however long (or soon) you like. Please don't be limited by what you think is, or is not, actually possible to accomplish. Be as unrealistic as you dare!

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Mosque or synagogue, I am happy to see you write here.

good week to you.
I would love to be able to pray on the actual site of the second temple, not be forced to stay on the periphery and stick notes in the outside wall. I would love a land where the ambulance technicians do not have to be impeded by bullet proof ambulances, bullet vests, and helmets. I would love a land that allows all its citizens to visit their holy places without fear of attack. I would love for Israel to be a place where people do not have to include a bomb shelter when building their new homes. I would love a land where anyone can purchase land and live on that land without the fear of being killed or forcefully removed. None of this will likely ever happen in my lifetime unfortunately though.
The peak of idiocy is to carry on doing the same thing and expecting a different result!
Yes. And so I am pleased to note that you agree with Seth, Yahya.
a place where every one can feel free and respected equally. a place where we can compensate for all the lost years we suffered the conflict. a country where every one from everywhere can learn how it became like the paradise on teh earth. a country where we feel this is the best place in the world .
after all a place which allow every one to live in freedom, security, respect and maybe for the change we wal up from reality to a dream which reflect the embudiment of all the good things we all deserve.
this was in short

you spoke for me,
My dream is that all tribes and people will live in Peace and Harmony in all the world but especiallly in and around the Holy Land, as soon as possible.

As Hillel said: "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole Law; the rest is the explanation; go and learn!"

Fellow above means: "any other person, regardless of who they are."
Shalom-salaam all,

Here is the current state of my Vision Statement (a work in progress) for the sort of spiritually grounded Israel-Palestine peace movement I want to help create. I want to acknowledge my debt for it to the work being done in and by the Network of Spiritual Progressives, but I am solely responsible for this statement. I welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions. Would you, personally, want to help build a movement on this basis, or even just to sign on to such a statement?

Our Vision of Israel-Palestine

We want Israelis and Palestinians, and all peoples of the region, to live as peaceful and caring neighbors - both individual neighbors whether in mixed or homogeneous communities, and as neighboring national, religious, and other cultural communities. We want each cultural group to be free to develop its own common life, and each person free to pursue their chosen communal affiliations. We want this for Israelis and Palestinians, Arabs and Jews and Muslims and Christians and Druze and Bedouin, women and men and children, gay and straight, young and old, post-modern and traditional, long-time residents, new immigrants, and refugees (whether returning or resettling). As a movement, we intend to be all of those.

Until now, the institutional arrangements and practices that shape the lives of the peoples of the region, as in the rest of the world, have been deemed successful according to how much they help some particular group hold onto and increase its resources and power. We want those same arrangements and practices to be evaluated by a New Bottom Line that also considers how well they foster empathy and compassion, mutual caring and generosity, joy and humility, the ability to feel remorse, ethical and ecological sensitivity, awe and wonder at the moment-to-moment miracle of Being, gratitude for the gift of this beloved and bountiful land, and honor for each and every human being as a unique and interconnected manifestation of the Holy One - or, in less religious terms, of the Unity of All Being.

We trust that enactment of these principles will, as quickly as anything could, undermine any pernicious social, political, and economic structures that maintain injustice and inequality. We trust that the peoples of the region are capable of all this, and that by and large it is what they dream of, each in their own way, when they dare to dream freely. Whatever political borders may or may not be established, we want the peoples of Israel/Palestine freed of the fears that drive many of them to demand exclusive possession of, or political sovereignty over, their claimed turf, and that prevent them from fully living out their (shared) love of the whole of this Holy Land.

We believe that the peace and reconciliation we seek requires action from all of us, beginning with a fundamental transformation in how we perceive each other across our entrenched divisions, in how we treat each other, and in what kinds of behavior we are willing to let pass as silent bystanders. And we believe that these changes - essentially, a spiritual transformation of consciousness - are up to each one of us. The change we seek in relationships among peoples is the same as the change we seek in our direct personal relationships, is the same as the change we need within our own contentious hearts. We are committed to personal practices that support our becoming the change we want to see in the world; to implementing the above principles among ourselves here, as a diverse community modeling the possibility of peace; and to creating forms of public peacemaking that embody our vision and that point toward the kind of transformative institutional practices and policies that can flow from it.
* * *
I have no "wildest utopian dreams" but I know for certain that in that future there will be no tribal concepts like a "Jewish state". I know we will be living in post Zionist state for all its people where people whose ancestors were Jews, Muslims, Chrsitians etc will be intermarried and living in a state with no racist apartheid walls or racist apartheid laws. I know this may happen in 5-10 years but for sure in 50 years. This is the vision of so many in our shared homeland. For example, Israeli artists declared in 2002: "If the state of Israel aspires to perceive itself as a democracy, it should abandon once and for all, any legal and ideological foundation of religious, ethnic and demographic discrimination. The state of Israel should strive to become the state of all its citizens. We call for the annulment of all laws that make Israel an apartheid state, including the Jewish law of return in its present form."
Mazin, do you mean a future where there are no nation-states any more, anywhere? Or do you mean that a Jewish state is, in principle, "tribal" in a way that, say, a Kosovar or Kurdish or Vietnamese or Venezuelan or Eritrean or Palestinian state is not?
Carol, where do you see Mazin wanting the disappearance of Israel's people? I don't see that at all. He does suggest that Jews, Christians, and Muslims may lose their distinctive group identities through intermarriage (which I don't find an appealing prospect), but that's a far cry from disappearance - and it applies equally to Palestinians as to Israelis, at least as I understand him.
Yes. Jews are a people (nation, tribe, ...) with a documented and ongoing culture for at least 2,500 years. One but only one facet of that culture is the Jewish religion.



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