Dear Eyal,

Do you approve of the Tentative Peace Conference PROGRAM I sent you, and posted on FOUM? I attach the Program again.

Do you agree to be part of the Ad Hoc Conference Preparation Committee, together with Neri, Hiba, Moad, Donna, John and myself? I am waiting for your response.

Kind regards,

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Hi Ada, Eyal has left to Italy for a couple of days so he might not reply to you now.

Lets wait untill he comes back and then see what will happen.
Shalom-salaam Gad,

Your idea is wonderful. Did you read the file Ada attached, with a description of the proposed conference? It includes a "Feast" with live music, for which she suggests Achinoam Nini (Noa) - Ada, please correct the spelling of her name - and Markus (Schulz, I assume?). Seems to me it would be important to also include a popular Palestinian act, if possible.

There is no contradiction between bringing people together to share a powerful musical experience of joy and grief and hope and energy and celebration, or to meet and learn and take some time to get to know one another and think together. Both are necessary.

Gad, why don't you go to the conference to speak about your proposal, and find others there with whom you can form a planning group for a later, larger public Festival of Peace?

Dear Hayyim, Corey, John and Neri,

Hayyim, your response to Gad is exactly what I would have responded, there is indeed an opportunity in the Peace Conference for presenting Israeli and Palestinian music, dancing etc. I am sorry Gad has not read the Program as thorougly as you have. I warmly thank you, John and Corey for your support and enthusiasm. This is the spirit that is required to create a successful Peace Conference.

Thanks too for mentioning Achinoam Nini, proposed in the Program, who is known as an excellent Peace singer, and she would attract many people. As to "Morkus", she is a wonderful Palestinian singer who lives in Haifa, I'm sorry I forgot her first name. She is known and loved in all the Arab world.

Neri, the dialogue among us should not be on "difficulties" but rather on ways how to execute the final accepted and approved program. It is not as difficult as you seem to think. We have had 5 such international Peace Conferences at IFLAC, that drew many people, including young ones, and the conferences were very successful in spreading our peace message. With good will, hard work and much initiative, we could be successful with the MePeace Conference too.

In peace,
Ah, that would be Amal Morkus (also spelled Murkus), but the file you attached says Markus, hence my confusion.

Ada, I thought your post at the top of this discussion was seeking feedback on the proposed program, so I was in process of writing some suggestions about it. But from what you say here it sounds like it's already settled. So, should I bother?

Although I won't be there, I would like to see a presentation/overview of Israeli and Palestinian beliefs on what is 'peace'. It is difficult to talk about a concept when each side defines and sees it differently and within each group, there is a wide range of needs, values, views, etc.

Great idea. Good luck!
One way to create the team is to invite a group to do a "world cafe" (what we call peace cafe) session and discuss the difficult issues of creating this event.
Dear Hayyim,
CC Eyal, Hiba, Yigael,

Thanks for your two emails.

Please remember that my Peace Conference Proposal is only a Tentative one, which I presented to MEPEACE, after Eyal Raviv, asked me to do so, however he has not approved having a Peace Conference at all yet. I thought there was a MEPEACE Committee that would consider it
seriously, however, it seems that it only depends on Eyal, who has asked me to wait for his phone call until he returns from Italy, and for the time being the answer is "NO". I have to say, that I am a little disappointed, after I worked on this Tentative PROGRAM very hard.

I would be delighted to hear your suggestions and initiatives for making the proposed PEACE CONFERENCE PROGRAM still better. We will probably have to extend it to three days. I will also propose it to IPEACE in the name of IFLAC, and if Eyal changes his mind and approves it, we will have it as a federative project, with three organizations: IFLAC, MEPEACE and IPEACE.

The Conference does not require a great funding effort, as each of us can cover his own expenses, as we did at the previous Peace Conferences I organized.

The originality of this Conference lie in 3 main points:

1. To have it in HAIFA, the City of Peace, where Israelis, Palestinians, Jews, Moslems, Christians, Druze and Bahai, all live in peace and friendship, and prosper harmoniously together. To learn from this example of a live peace - living model.

2. This PEACE CONFERENCE's main goal is to give a voice to the silent majority of Israelis and Palestinians, from all denominations, to clamor for a lasting and true peace.

3. For the creation a peaceful and free Palestinian State, that would live fand prosper harmoniously by the side of Israel.

I am open to your creative initiatives and responses.

In peace,

Professor Ada Aharoni
Conflict Resolution
IFLAC Foundr - President
Hi Ada,

The silence of Eyal is not a surprise for me, remember what i told you about the ghostly committee and about the emptiness of idea from Eyal both for organization and links with Palestinians...

Why don't you try to join REAL associations in Israel and Palestine about your ideas ? An NGO is not a virtual communauty like iPeace and MePeace... I can provide also for you a great and strong tool to prepare your project. I have a strong (and expansive !) platform for distant work by my sponsor on my ning. I'll not help here, but i can do it on Palestine Israel Croosroads managed by Eva. We have chosen to gather there active people who are fed up with vacuous talks...
yes strongly agree with Vincent let turn the total subject to Eva ,personally i promse to do my best to make this confernce succeed,

It is grate that Eva Shaul and Mary created their own network and I wish them all success.

I do not see why you need to attack nor on Eyal attempts to manage this network.

If we relate to peace creation as a competition we will find ourselves in war again and I do not think this is your intention.

Please consider to revise your comment here.

Dear Neri

If you consider my message as a competition (?) or an attack (???), you are totally wrong.
1. Mary and Shaul are not creators, just members
2. I trust Eva to manage in a democratic way this ning. For her, in my opinion, there is no "owner" and no ghost like in mepeace
3. The Goal between the 2 nings is quite different. Here, i just see talks and talks and talks mainly between Israelis... There, it's a try to plan real projects with active people...
Dear Vincent,

I truly support Eva project and wish her success, I do not criticize their work and goals.

Please check how this can be understood:

Why don't you try to join REAL associations in Israel and Palestine about your ideas ? An NGO is not a virtual communauty like iPeace and MePeace... I can provide also for you a great and strong tool to prepare your project.

You claim that we are not REAL?

Add to that Eyal absence with your interpretative "owner".

Putting this call publicly does not respect the people, you can contact Ada and give her any of your advises but publishing this here like that ignores efforts of many. can you see that?

I am sure this kind of respect for month of work will be needed in any network, Eva's, Eyal, David and as any of us have criticism we also should see that this people work from good intentions and we can support them instead of "selecting" them.



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