How Do We Do It? (Israelis who want to look like we support peace and justice, but don't really...)

In Israel there are umpteen peace groups, initiatives, blogs, and movements that support peace related issues. My loaded question is: How much of this activity is sincere, and how many people are involved in these activities so they feel good about themselves? When push comes to shove, like in the Second Israeli War on Lebanon many Israelis from the Peace Camp were on the side of war. Too, when Qassams landed in Sedrot, those same people, and additional "peaceful people" would argue that the people of Gaza don't want peace, otherwise they would oppose the firing of bombs into our territory. My hope for all of those fence jumpers is; either jump over the fence and state what you really believe, or put your feet firmly into Peaceful Soil, and dare to get dirty while supporting a bigger picture of peace and justice for all in the world.

I get confused otherwise.

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Everyone has their own design on life. Each persons picture paints a different vision of the same ideal. Don't worry about the smallest of masses who have the wrong ideals. Truely with the world population they are the minority. Know your vision and keep to your ideals. All others who fail to fit into your formula are not worth your pretty! Don't waste the pretty! Follow the light of God and he shall see you through the burning embers of the ill fated. There are men in life who throw pebbles and then there are men who take those pebbles and place them on a pile. A man who builds a mountain can move mountains. In Sha'Allah peace be with you Amera Windsfeather

ps. My grandfather once told me; a name is just a name, it is what you make of it that counts.
The Well Water Wisher

A begging man went begging with a worn torn suit and a little cup. He begged day and he begged night.

The hungry man had seven pennies. He went to a water well each morning. This morning he lifted the basket and knelt over the well and seven pennies went falling. The beggar said, “Oh me! Oh my! Oh mercy on me.” Seven pennies went down the well slowly falling and the man drank his water.

The beggar went begging. He begged with a cup and he begged with his hands. He would say, “Save me from my life and save me from my soul, have mercy on me. Please, just a penny for your thoughts.”

He begged for seven pennies for twenty years averaging $27.39 for each day worked. On the 27th year they found the man next to the wishing well. Inside his cup lay seven pennies. On his worn torn suit lay a note for the mercy of life, for the mercy of the soul for the life it holds, seven pennies for your thoughts and mercy on those who hold open their hands and accept this as a gift for a life once held.

The donation was made to several homeless shelters. With over $2,699,284.50 collected, invested and saved a near three million from a beggar who begged for a thought with a cup and his hands.

A mother and two children walked into a shelter not even a penny in their pockets. Worn torn clothes and tattered shoes. She said, “Save me from my life, save me from my soul and have mercy on me.”

Mercy from a man unknown from a well water wishes; seven pennies lost and seven pennies gained. A dream of a thought in a life with a soul. The gift of a life of a well water wisher.

Supporting a bigger picture of peace Karie
Let me be honest. I don’t think what you are saying is fair. I know we all do it but it is not a fair thing to do. You are creating a definition of what peace is, then drawing a line and anyone who doesn’t stand on your side therefore does not believe in peace. All or nothing. The same dynamics happen on the Palestinian side as well.

I believe everyone in the region wants peace. Hamas, the settlers, Islamic Jihad, Shasnikim, everyone. What that peace looks like and how we get to that peace is going to be different depending on their needs. Is my version of peace a truer form of peace than someone else’s? Emotionally I would love to believe that all those who don’t agree with my vision are therefore against me because that is an easier place to be; me against the world. But I have to remind myself that we all take what we think we know in this conflict, combine it with all the emotions from whatever side we are on and are drawn to a conclusion (that may or may not be correct). It really has nothing to do with whether we want peace. It has much more to do with defence mechanisms that happen in conflict where we have a very hard time trusting the intentions and actions of the other side (or our own side). It is just easier to see those who don’t agree with us as two dimensional and forget how our own side have contributed to the conflict.

So I would say that everyone is sincere. Just as I don’t believe in angels, I don’t believe in devils either. Everyone is trying to understand the situations we find ourselves in and to do the best for the people they care about. If we constantly draw a line of who is a peacemaker and who isn’t, we then create a sub-conflict of who is for us and who is against us. I think we have enough conflicts in this region. I don’t see a point in creating more.
good points Corey
do you too accept

real peace means compromise
things don't always go like you planed and wanted
and you have to give up things you want

Or you think the other do not know what real peace is and you do.
Dear Gad,

I agree with you about this:

Israel is a nation-state on land taken by force
Israel want palestinians to be quiet so they say we will give you a country

I also think
The Israelis who live today in Israel and many Arabs too wish to have Israeli entity, for them Israel is were they born and Hebrew his their language to speak.

The Israelis in general want Peace, at the civilian level the majority accepts idea of Peace where Peaceful Palestine exist side of Israel and there are warm economic social relationship. Most of them understand that how to resolve the humanitarian issue of the Palestinians include recognizing the Naqba require complex arrangements that need huge investments that require the "political/Governance" level to lead agreements and condition for mutual businesses to be created.

The "Political" level is stuck to manifest such idea since the dynamic of the "democratic elections" push toward shrinking of the Center. within Likud,Kadima and Avuda members exist a silenced center of politicians who can change the balance but they are marginalized by actions of "left" and "right" that through elections and coalition process have opportunity to dominant the policies.

as in your post you showed how from your clearly "left wing" view all the parties that dominant the public are too "right wing" for you. I probably will not be able to convince you because you need a "center wing view" to see our real practical rule to push and support "center" thinking that will empower the silenced majority

Actually your comment here is typical anti moderate attack where the people who seek to create change through pragmatists and conciliators world view are argued against suggesting they are traitors or agents of the other side extremists.

it exists all over, and not only Israelis, Arabs too have such dynamics.

I invite you to see that If you want development toward peace, you need to strengthen the moderate center
Dear John,

Thank you for providing, for the first time on this site, a basic framework that others can understand. I claim no related expertise.

I just do not see how name-calling, the introduction of incorrect information, and advocating banishment of views you find unpalatable then actively and positively and constructively and respectfully contribute to the a basic framework you now propose.

Dear John,

As someone who sees himself as a just and fair minded human being and as an active or passive member of various groups and communities, depending on the social context, I see myself as having behaved and am behaving as 1), 2), 3), 4), or 5).

If you specify a particular context, then I may be able to give a more precise assessment of my self-perception.

I hope that this answer is helpful.

Be well...
Dear John,

Regarding my interactions with you on this site, I see myself as 4), engaging in Active Nonviolent Resistance.

Above, you attempt to describe for the first time here the skills and practices and behaviors of a Peacemaker.

5A: Peacemaking -- Becoming practiced in or training in, and engaging in, explicit methods that bring peace about or transform conflict -- methods such as mediation, conferencing, peacemaking circles, etc., plus some 'laboratory' or workshop methods such as Alternatives to Violence Project, and some innovative social witness methods such as Theater of the Oppressed.

I am not convinced that anyone on this site as yet demonstrated those skills.

For the record: I participated in and recruited participants for two excellent Alternatives to Violence workshops given by some Quakers in Sydney. A series of these workshops were run around Australia by an Islamic organisation using a Federal Government Grant. Unfortunately, most of the participants were Christians or Jews.

Be well...
I am here: Knowing that everytime there is a violent act against an Israeli, there will be another more severe act of revenge against someone (either connected in someway to the perpetrator; family members, the community etc., or ramdon acts of violence by bombing or incursions into territory), and speaking out against this reaction. The wheels of violence must be stopped. I feel that my society has the strength to stop them through just and intelligent actions.

I am here as a clown therapist, who has allowed a little boy from Palestinian to take another little boy's tommy-gun (his father was a religious Jew), and "shoot me dead" in the hospital's waiting room.
5A: Peacemaking -- Becoming practiced in or training in, and engaging in, explicit methods that bring peace about or transform conflict -- methods such as mediation, conferencing, peacemaking circles, etc., plus some 'laboratory' or workshop methods such as Alternatives to Violence Project, and some innovative social witness methods such as Theater of the Oppressed.

I am here through MachsomWatch
5B. Peacekeeping -- NOT what the UN does with blue helmets and uniforms. Rather, this is nonviolent accompaniment. Neutral parties accompany those in immediate risk of harm in a conflict setting. Example: the internationals who accompanied the Gaza fishermen recently.

I am here by buying used clothing, and No Sweat items when I can afford them.
5C. Peacebuilding -- Providing for human needs, and developing sustainable economies in areas where they are needed most. Example: Adam Neiman's business, the Kusikuy and Millma clothing companies (all run by Jewish peacebuilders), and the 'Fair Trade' and 'No Sweat' movements worldwide, which counter the exploitative 'free trade' ones.

I disagree with other people about issues, but I listen, too. I try to have an open mind and a closed mouth when people wiser than I have something to say. I remember what people say, allow them to change their mind, and allow them to change mine. After all I have three other family members to take into consideration, each with their own take on things.

I try to keep the peace at home.
Aviva, what do you suggest Israel do when Kassams and Mortars are shot at it? What about when there are terror attacks against it's citizens? I would love to hear a better way of dealing with these issues other than sitting back and bargaining land for peace which has never worked in the past.
You say you have three other family members, would you feel differently if it was your town that received the rockets and not some town somewhere off to the far southwest?
I studied in Sedrot, and have friends in the south. I know there are many people (that aren't interviewed on TV) that are still pro-peace, and live there. I do not pass judgment on anyone in the South, because they are under fire, as I do not judge some one who has lost a loved one. I do pass judgment on our leaders who have the strength to change the pattern, but choose not to. Too often I witness the behaviour of the distant, but extremist "pro-Israeli." They are feeling guilty that they aren't here, so they want to see a fast fix that is almost always violent.

My opinions are a mix of personal and political. That's just the way I am.



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