We need the help of all peacemakers to make this proposed Peace Conference a great success. Can you help?

Dear Friends,

It is not enough to dialogue among us the Peacemakers community, but furthermore, to reach the unconvinced about the possibility of peace with our neighbors and to convince them that it is possible if we all work together to bring it about. The following proposed Conference aims at doing just that, and we hope you will help to make it a great success.

May it be a year of Peace for all of us.

Ada Aharoni and Dalia Steiner


Place: Meridian Hotel, Haifa (Not Final).
Time: Monday 16 , Tuesday 17, Wednesday 18 March 2009.


The central theme of the Conference is "Building Cultural Bridges of Conflict Resolution through Communication and Dialogue". Local and International Peace Organizations and NGO’s as well as peace lover individuals, Researchers of Conflict Resolution, Leaders of Women Movements, Internet and Media Experts, Social Leaders, TV and Film Directors, Writers, Poets and Artists, will jointly explore the possibilities of promoting Israeli – Palestinian Peace. We will also exmine the role of culture, literature, poetry, and other means of artistic expression and communication in guiding our societies towards a peaceful and harmonious Middle East.

This innovative PEACE CULTURE CONFERENCE will have Panels of Lectures, Dialogues and Discussions, Roundtables and Workshops, with practical Peace Resolutions at the end of the Conferece, that will be sent to Governments, Institutions, and to the Israeli, Palestinian and the International Media. The main goals are: to give voice to the Silent Majority that crave for Peace, and to promote a harmonious and democratic “Human Rights Society” in our region.

Day 1: : Monday 16 March
Arrival and Registration at the Hotel .

9.00 - Informal Get Together, Introductions and Making Friends.
- Exhibition of Peace NGO’s and Organizations, Peace Books and Posters.

Conference CHAIR: Prof. Ada Aharoni

Suggested Opening Greeting: Guest of Honor - Mr. Shimon Peres, President of Israel.

Prof. Ada Aharoni - IFLAC Founder and International President
Dr. Dalia Steiner - WICO Founder and International President
Prof. Ernesto Kahan – IFLAC Vice President
Dr. Hana Siniora – Ceo IPCRI
Dr. Gershon Baskin - Founder Ceo IPCRI
Mr. Yona Yahav – Host of Honor: Mayor of Haifa.

10:15 – 11:00
Goals of the Conference, and Israeli – Palestinian Conflict Resolution Through The Creation of Bridges of Culture (Lecture and Power Point Presentation),
Prof. Ada Aharoni

11:00 – 11:45
An Israeli - Palestinian Cultural Peace Road That Can Work.
Panel: Opening and Moderator: Dr. Gershon Baskin.
Panel: Dr. Hana Siniora, Dr.Yossi Beilin, Roni Savir, Prof. Eliezer Glaubach, Ami Nahshon.

11:45 – 12:30
Peace Through the Process of Education
Roundtable: Opening and Moderator – Dr. Sara Zamir
Dr. Ghassan Abdullah, Yigal Kahana, Nimer Nimer, Prof. Ernesto Kahan.

12:30 – 14:00

Peace Culture Workshops
Two workshops will be in Hebrew, one of them moderated by poet Adelina Klein, and three in English.
One of the English workshops will be on: The Founding of a “Human - Rights Super-Committee” – Moderated by Yigal Kahana.
Please prepare Initiatives discussed and Resolutions taken in the Workshops, to be presented at the General Meeting.

20:00 – 23:00
Peace Feast : Suggested Singers – Achinoam Nini (Noah), And Amal Murkus.
Peace Stories, Poetry, Music, Dancing and Folkloric Presentations.
Peace Poetry Marathon: Palestinian and Israeli poets will recite their poems, and reveal the Peace Story behind the Poem. Among them: Dr. Chelly Abraham, Nimer Nimer, Adelina Klein, Mahmoud Zeidan, Dorit Zilberman, Erez Biton, Shelly El Kayam.

Participants are invited to kindly bring their musical instruments, and be prepared to present music, songs and dances from their own culture.

Day 2: Tuesday 17 March
09:30 – 10:30
Peace Through the Internet.

Presenter and Panel Moderator: Dalia Rahav
Donna Qawasmi, Rony Segoly, Neri Livne, Atalya Rosenberg
Chosen Panel.

10:30 – 11:30
Women as Peacemakers
Moderator and Opening: Dr. Dalia Steiner, WICO Founder and International President.
Greetings by the various International Peace Delegations.
Suggested Guest of Honor: Queen Raina of Jordan.
Panel:, Donna Qawasmi, Irit Halprin, Donia Massalha, Dorit Bat - Shalom

11:30 – 12:30
How Can TV and Film Directors, and Writers, Contribute to the Promotion of a Peace Culture?

Panel: Moderator and Opening: Prof. Ada Aharoni
Dr. Dalia Steiner, Shlomo Ganor, Dr. Chelly Avraham, Fawaz Hussein, Parehan Komok.


Peace Culture Workshops:
One of the workshops will finalize the ‘Human Rights Super-Committee”.
Moderator: Yigal Kahana
Prepare Feedback and Resolutions for the General Meeting in all the Workshops..

15.30 - 17.30
Concluding General Meeting:

Moderator and Opening: Prof. Ada Aharoni

Peace Culture Plans for the Present and the Future: Dr. Dalia Steiner.
Feedback and Resolutions from the representatives of the Workshops.
Announcement of the formation of the Human Rights National Project: Yigal Kahana.

Approved Resolutions will be sent to major Institutions, Governments and Media.

20:00 – 23:00
Peace Feast : Suggested Group – Ha Kol Over Habibi, Georges Samaan.
Peace Stories, Poetry, Music, Dancing and Folkloric Presentations.
Performance of Peace Stories by the CARMEL GROUP.

Day 3: Wednesday 18 March
Time: 10.00 am 17.00.


Peace Culture Seminar at the Jewish – Arab Center at the Haifa University,
moderated by Prof. Faisal Azaiza, Head of the Center.

Panels and Roundtables on: Academic Research and Recommendations on Peace Culture Relations between the two Nations.

Learning from the Haifa Model of Harmony and Peace Culture between differernt religions and ethnic entities: Israeli, Palestinian, Jewish, Moslem, Christian, Druze and Bahai.


Peace Culture Happening at the Bedouin Tent of Peace in Ussfiya. Director: Amin Kassem.
Guest Speaker: Minister of Culture, Science and Sport: Mr. Ghaleb Majadla.

“A Palestinian Wedding” Performance.
Peace Through Art Exhibition by Palestinian and Israeli artists.
Performance by Dorit Bat Shalom and Ibtisam Mahameed – “The Tent of Peace.”

NOTES: The language of the Conference is in English, and Hebrew translation will be provided. (Most Palestinians know English and many know Hebrew).

1. The Moderators, and Participants in the various Panels and Roundtables:
Please send a half page mentioning the Title of your Presentation, Session, Name, Email, and a 5 line Bio about yourself and your major peace work. Please send as a WORD File to: Prof. Ada Aharoni: and to: Dr. Dalia Steiner –
2. Call for Expert Moderators of the Peace Workshops. Please send 5 lines bio on yourself and your experience as expert Moderator, to the above..

3. Each Panel and Roundtable is followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion.

4. This Program is not final, and there may be changes.

5. We do not have the possibility to offer any grants. All participants will have to pay their own travel and expenses, in addition to a Registration Fee for the 3 days for (participation only), of 150 $. Those who would like to have accomodations and meals at the Hotel, will have to contact the Htel directly. EWe will let you know their phone number and email as soon as we have finalised our arrangements


Shana Tova, and Eid Mubarek,
Prof. AdaAharoni – Chair of the Conference, and Founder – President of IFLAC
Dr. Dalia Steiner – Wico Founder and International President

The organizing Bodies of this Peace Culture Conference:

IFLAC: The International Forum for the Literature and Culture of Peace ( Founded 1999).
NGO. Number: 58-035-275-5 WWW.IFLAC.COM

WICO: “Women’s International Coalition for Culture of Peace, Non-Violence and Empowerment of Women” NGO . Number 580492445 (Founded 2003).
Website: www.wicointernational,org

DONATIONS: Please donate to enable a powerful and influential Peace Conference. Your donations are a contribution to promote Peace in the Middle East and Peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

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Dear Ada,

My NGO "L'Ecole Hors les Murs / School Beyond the Walls" is ready to be a partner for your peace culture conference. Our field is Education for Peace. We are not quite sure to be in Haifa, because during March we organized our "Spring of the Poets" at around the same time. But i can easily imagine other ways to be with you by using internet. And my international educational network link teachers from all over the world... So, if you have a good management about internet instant diffusion, i can give you a strong tool for VisioConference... Try to contact me with a private message, i'll give you the statutes of our ngo, my phone, postal address and so on...

Dera Ada,
I've found someone who wishes to stay anonymous,
but who will sponsor the fee and hotel stay for one conference attendee.
Keep up the great work.
Shana Tova u'Metuka,
Hi, who/where/what payment methods details - to encourage people to make donations to assist with the conference - is it through each organisation?




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