Dear friends

What can we (who want to advocate for peace) do and not just say to actually confront the violence with peaceful means? Let us take the intensifying racist settler attacks on Palestinians and Internationals. The news of this is even reaching International media (finally). For example see:

Closer to us here in Beit Sahour, there have been extremists organized by "Women in Green" to assert authority over a piece of land that they want. They plan to come again October 16! How do you think we should respond? What would you be willing to do? Please advise.
Details on this issue are in this video

and at these links

and here are links from the settlers who are obviously well organized and financed

Will you let us know what to do and if you will participate in confronting those foreigners who claim to speak on behalf of the "Jewish people"?

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The problem is that a statement like yours would be ignored by the people it aims to address who regularly preach conflict rather than peace. This is because they do not feel themselves as "internationals" as you put it. Political Zionism from its inception recognized that the main target for hasbara are Jews around the world to make them feel a part of "Am Yisrael" the people of Israel and not citizens of the countries they belong to. Hence the Israeli law about nationality (all Jews in the world are nationals of the state per Israeli law even if they do not want it). In the past 100 years only Nazi Germany had such provisions (recognizing citizens/nationals of other countries as your own entitled to protection and subjected to intense propaganda to accept the self-declared tribal notions of nationhood. There were Israeli and other Jewish social scientists and psychologists who studied this phenomenon (the pushing of the idea of the us, chosen, the them goyim, always going to get us) and written books on the subject of these ideologies that are worth reading.
Maybe if you google Father Manuel Mualam of Gaza (a good friend of mine) you will see what he actually says instead of reading these Goebbles inspired rags like the Jerusalem Post :-) But then again, It may not be a bad thing to stay just where you are (you and the Jerusalem Post ;-) God does have a design in mind or at least destiny does. We should all accept it. The trends in the area in the past few years show that the more aggressive and meanly racist Zionists become, the more people stand-up and take note! I am happy to see that many Jews, Christians, and Muslims are finally waking up to this.
Where is "here" that you refer to? Which country do you live in? I travel a lot to give talks so maybe we can get together and discuss face to face and you won't have to put words in my mouth. Maybe we can begin by sharing a meal and then we can expand to sharing our planet which is in danger (and maybe not from Islam, after all we do have Global warming, energy issues, economy, growing gap between rich and poor etc).
Dear Ana:
Thanks. I presume you mother tongue is Spanish. You might want to check my writings translated into Spanish especially the introduction to the Spanish version of my book "Sharing the Land of Canaan". These are posted here
I was invited to speak in Spain in November and I am trying to rearrange my schedule to do it (but it looks difficult).

With love
Israeli artists and Israeli authors first used the term. By the way it merely means "segregation" in Afrikaaner. Israeli government officials refer to the system they are implementing in Hebrew as "Hafrada" which means segregation (hence Geder haHafrada, the wall of segregation). So take it up with the Israeli government please.
Dear friend,

I acknowledge of the condition where the Settlers are acting as you describe, and they are protected as Israeli citizens by the IDF. this is unbearable situation and I hope that the people who recognize that within Israel will recognize the emergency of action to stop the occupation conditions we have.

If you take non-violence approach you are shifting your "battle field" into the space of the consciousness and higher moral. In that higher moral, there is no distinction between Israeli and Palestinians it is us who seek to resolve the conflict who are one, regardless of who's national identity we have.

So we need a different campaign addressed to the heart of the Israeli people. Use wisdom, so don't blame and don't attack, just deliver the Israeli Audience clear message "see what the settlers are doing, please stop it as we see no future of peace when we experience this". Ask the Israeli to push their government into a solution that ensure agreed territorial arrangements and constrains as an Israeli law who forbid any Israeli to settle in the territories who are under the borders of the agreements discussed now with the Palestinian Authority.

Such campaign can surprise the Israeli public especially now when expected election and government instability. The trick is to avoid confutation and understand how the whole system works to create real change.

Shana Tuva, and I hope the current situation where the "Settlers Israelis" continue to damage and delay any possibility for us to create better future. we will see the first steps this year and we will experience the shift toward mutual future for us all.
Dear friend:
I did and will continue to do that. I also believe it is an issue of personal responsibility to every human being to not only say "nice things" about wanting peace or being on a forum that is called "peace" but to take actions even when subjecting ourselves to danger by taking such action (and believe me through experience I found that non-violent action can actually result in more violence to its practitioners than practitioners of violence). I also hope you understand the disparity of power (in all spheres not just militarily but economically and media etc) that exists between the occupier and the occupied. So in telling the occupied what to do, it may also be useful to tell the 5 million Israeli Jewish public who funds the endless occupation what to do. Successive Israeli governments spent billions and still do to bring settlers here (building subsidized housing, infrastructure etc). And we are not even talking about the toll to Israel society itself (the violence that infects soldiers as they return from their missions etc). Just read the Breaking the Silence soldiers testimonies.
I agree with your comment of non-violence. but I think that for healing to scars of this conflict in us (personally and collectively) need to go through mutual non-violence acts.

Israel is not a "uniform" society and there are a lot of groups who seek solution and can recognize Israel responsibility to work out and constrain its "settlers"; I guess you see that the Palestinians are not a monolith of world views.
Would you be willing to help organize in Beit Sahour and reach out to the settlers in some fashion to stop them taking over the land? Would you write to the military authiorities who protect and support the settlets? Would others be willing to do so?
I have done that, it does not give results.

I am working (for about 3 years now) to bring "system approch" to the Israeli decision makers and do that throgh direct connection with business man, Politicians and policy advisers.

Not easy but has more direct influence of what is decided by Israelis.

You insist that there is no occupied. If the Israeli are not "occupiers", then how you explain all the restriction on the Palestinians.

But honestly, as you with us for very long time can you move on to more seriouse arguments. deny the relationship of the Israeli and Palestinians and arguing as if they choose to be accupies as that all militant jihad is against what this forum all about.
I am not interested in a cat and mouse game here with people who want to score points and hurl insults at Palestinians (and I would not be drawn to "defend" Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, or Goyim for that matter since I will not play the game of the Zionist tribalistic notions of us and them). The discussion was opened specifically about the efforts by settlers to take more land in Beit Sahour and create antagonism and confrontations. I will from now on ignore any comments that do not address specifically this issue. I actually regret giving a good faithed response to new issues but this seems endless. Those who want to deal with new issues (role of Palestinian Christians, refugees, what people learn in Israeli and Palestinian schools etc) may want to open new discussion. This one will be limited to the issue stated above,



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