Dear friends

What can we (who want to advocate for peace) do and not just say to actually confront the violence with peaceful means? Let us take the intensifying racist settler attacks on Palestinians and Internationals. The news of this is even reaching International media (finally). For example see:

Closer to us here in Beit Sahour, there have been extremists organized by "Women in Green" to assert authority over a piece of land that they want. They plan to come again October 16! How do you think we should respond? What would you be willing to do? Please advise.
Details on this issue are in this video

and at these links

and here are links from the settlers who are obviously well organized and financed

Will you let us know what to do and if you will participate in confronting those foreigners who claim to speak on behalf of the "Jewish people"?

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Does that allow making the lives of the Palestinians hard and so difficult to develop Carol?
The issue is more complicated than that John, the settlements in the west bank are very well protected and it is not easy for Palestinians to enter the settlements or even to be near of them or of the roads that leads to them, though we live in the same area but mostly settlers have their own ways and they have all the good means of protections by IDF, checkpoints, gates...etc. so to say that there is violence against settlers in a way shows that they can do nothing about it is not that fair.

Settlers living in those settlements are mainly religious people who understands only one thing, the whole Judea and Samaria is Jewish and no place for Arabs there so any mean is legal in accomplishing this unrealistic goal.
All of that cant be given excuses as they are making it hard for Palestinians to live there and to move freely.

Those settlements don't belong to there and that is the main issue.
do you know how to confront racist Palestinians? can you tell us? it would probably work the same for racist settelers, we will all start to take responsability for OUR own people (instead of blaming each other) and maybe we'll get closer to a workable solution.
I'm waiting to hear your response, for the sake of all of us.
Couldnt agree more Dvora
To John + Carol-
When the IDF leaves the West Bank it will not be "Jew Free" as you put it.
Since Palestine will (hopefully) be an independent state and country, Jews can live there, but they will have to follow Palestinian law like any other Palestinian.

It's so great that you want to try to make a bridge and talk to the settlers! :)
Even if they may not treat you well or will be disrespectful to you, I think that the initiative that you took will count in the end.
Maybe it's good to try to understand their view point, along with helping them try to understand what you have gone through as a Palestinian, and only hope for peace.
My knowledge on what to on this area is limited, but I would try to talk with Eyal Raviv, and other peace activists.
I am sure that they could help facilitate you in the right direction! :)
All the best
Stephanie :)
What about PDF protection then :-)
We dont have PDF John I was kidding.
I was skeptical when I first joined this group (when I heard that many have left it) but I thought it worth a try to see who is really interested in genuine peace. Yet, I see now that there are so many on this list who are just there to denigrade, defend colonial occupation, put down others, and try to score "points" (and others remained silent).

John apparently did not look at the links but tries to justify actions of racists. BTW, yes they were mostly Americans and French who do not even speak Hebrew and who got automatic citizenship and the "right" to carry weapons and occupy other people's lands. Last time they showed up here they were invited for foods and drinks and for chats but they chose to paint racist grafiti and hurl insults at the natives and our International supporters (yes in English without accent). Carol claims that those Palestinians defending their land from colonial Israeli settlers attack settlers "because they are Israeli" but the reality is that there are also Israeli peace activists (and many internationals including Jews) with the Palestinians. These Israelis are considered friends so trying to paint Palestinians as the racists makes no logic (other than projecting tribalism on others, a known psychological phenomenon). Dvora similarly calls Palestinian racist. Who are the racists? The Palestinians and Internationals who painted a cross, a crescent, and a star of david with a dove or the "Women in Green" who defaced all of that and instead added that this land is "Jewish land" and that "Arabs" should go to Arab countries? BTW, The How many Israeli homes were demolished by Palestinians? How many acres were stolen from Jews by Palestinians (land confiscation)? I find it rather sad that the reaction to a simple question about how to peacefully confront racist settlers is faced with this barrage of attacks (are you all also colonial settlers in the West Bank?). Our area (including my town that is well known for non-violent resistance) is now surrounded on three sides by colonies established in the area of Palestine that many think is still going to be a Palestinian state. The area these settlers want is on the fourth (eastern) side. That 22% of historic Palestine is apparently too much for let us keep so 500,000 settlers moved in here (now controling 60% of that 22%). Six million Palestinian refugees and displaced people are apparently too little. The attacks (and more importantly the silence of others) show that sharingand real peace is not in the vocabulary here at mepeace (or is it "me piece by piece" till it is all Eretz Yisrael?). I will hang around a little longer in case some here who are really for peace will step up and really show that these racist settlers do not speak for all Israelis on this forum.

But I am also now 100% convinced that there will not be a Palestinian state; there will be one state for all its people. Thank you settlers and the 96% of Israeli behind the Green line who continue to fund them and stay silent on their racist pogroms of native Palestinians. Thank you for making it entirely clear. Here is for a secular democratic post-Zionist state.
I do not by "our two people" ideologies. I am a human being and there is only one people I belong to: humanity. Further, even if one believes in concepts of "peoples" there is no two peoples here. There are thousands and thousands of political and religious ideologies. Just as an example, I have more in comon with the people in Zochrot and the Israel committee against home demolitions than I do with Hamas or Fatah or PFLP or DFLP (I belone to none of these and do not endorse any of their agendas). Just like the struggle in south Africa was never between "whites" and "blacks" (I was involved in that struggle myself).
Dear Mazin, I salute you for your efforts to call attention to the sad attacks on your people. Do not interpret the excess talk of some and silence of others on mpeace as complicity. It is more that some of us are working too hard on peace to waste our time with endless mind games of those who are here only for propaganda. It is worthwhile to promote these discussions, and this awareness, but ignore the nonsense. Whatever your solutions, a secular state shared by all or two states, we are all agreed that nonviolence is the best way to get from the horrible situation of the present to a better place of coexistence, equality, prosperity, even reconciliation. more thought and more experiments need to be made on how to do nonviolent resistance together, as Jews and Arabs. both in Israel/palestine, and beyond. Please don't give up hope on the rest of us for the sins of some.
Dear Marc:

Thank you so much for this kind note. It means a lot to me. It affirms our common humanity. We all have to bear responsibility for the action of people whether they do it in the name of JUdaism, Zionism, Islam, Palestinian nationalism or whatever. If the actions are wrong they should be identified as such and more importantly we collectively take responsibility for them because the people doing them are human beings belonging to our species. Similarly I think we should all take credit when good people do good things (thus I celebrate Einstein and I celebrate Edward Said as people of conscience who stood up for what is right and did it nonviolently).
If Israel decides to remove them and to negotiate about them with the settlers or people who are involved then it is its own issue, the main issue remain to be demanding dealing with is why building and protecting those settlements are on the account of many many Palestinians?

Why stealing more land to build those settlements? and with each expansion, more checkpoints and barriers are created for the movement of Palestinians?



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