Dear friends

What can we (who want to advocate for peace) do and not just say to actually confront the violence with peaceful means? Let us take the intensifying racist settler attacks on Palestinians and Internationals. The news of this is even reaching International media (finally). For example see:

Closer to us here in Beit Sahour, there have been extremists organized by "Women in Green" to assert authority over a piece of land that they want. They plan to come again October 16! How do you think we should respond? What would you be willing to do? Please advise.
Details on this issue are in this video

and at these links

and here are links from the settlers who are obviously well organized and financed

Will you let us know what to do and if you will participate in confronting those foreigners who claim to speak on behalf of the "Jewish people"?

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No I am not here to debate. I am here to DIALOG with those who want peace, not those who keep changing the subject when they are shown to be wrong and who keep trying to "shoot the messenger". Also it would be good if actually you and John do read the posts instead of keep asking the same accusatory questions especially when the information is readily available to you (not in my book but in these posts). Also, John is the one who referred to my book claiming it calls for destroying Israel and I merely suggested that before hurling such slurs and libels (typical for him) that he read the book. Now you can go ahead and change the subject again :-)
I found out that it is easy to delete the posts by their authors (ie. I can delete my posts and John can delete his). That is rather INTERESTING. I will start to save screen shots of slanderous posts from now on (they could come in handy in legal proceedings).

Dear Mazin,

That is a good idea considering the ethics of some of those playing here. I have resorted to saving certain posts. And I am keeping a copy of this. Many of John W.s discussions have changed here and many of his contributions have disappeared.

I really wonder who really is a very expert exponent of the 'Let's You And Him Fight' game, especially (ab)using private correspondence. I do understand that some will perceive this to be a direct and public personal attack. on John W. It is not. I am simply commenting on that which I know John W has done privately, several times . Hiba and Eyal, and now you Mazin all now know that John W has initiated a 'Let's You And Him Fight' game, once again, here by (ab)using private correspondence. Real peacemakers do not do such things.

For that I think that John W. owes all here a very public apology.

Be well...
What real significance does a private message from anyone to you John W. have? ZERO!

The rest is just manifestly delusional nonsense and an example of again playing the 'Let's You And Him Fight' game.

I certainly have no reason to think that Mazin is anything other than honest and non-violent advocate for his people. As such, I respect him. I do not agree with some of what he wrote. So what? He does not agree with some of what I think. So what?

I will not comment again on such nonsense.

Be well...
Thanks John for this useful information and for clarifying the origin of the message accusing me of being a terrorist. We have a lot on our hands in a struggle to expose the myths and lies that are used in defense of the undefensible. I will think about this but I actually have far too many projects on my hand to try and "get even". I have found that telling the truth is always important but that pursuing those who waste their lives sowing seeds of conflict and hate is not necessarily the best use of time. It has to be a case by case basis and if I have time, I will look into these issues you raise and what other lies and distortions are said by certain individuals about others. BTW, Israel has some laws that are even better than the US on issues of libel. And I do have many Israeli lawyers and American Jewish lawyers who are willing to take cases for us pro-bono. So let us think about it carefully. But generally, I try to avoid that since I am not interested in winning over opponents but winninig by getting others to join the struggle against racism (including many ex-racist, ex-Zionist, and post-Zionists who now joined the struggle for equality and justice). I am actually very encouraged and empowered by this experience on mepeace :-)
Dear all:

I am considering closing this discussion for several reasons
1) Since we started over 250 posts were sent, most of them have little to do with the original subject of the discussion (ie the impending attempt by settlers on Beit Sahour)
2) There were some posts that related to this issue. These ranged from the very helpful suggestions to the not so helpful and to the outright ridiculous. But it seems those who wanted to contribute to the original discussion already did and some posts are getting a bit redundant.
3) There were a number of other subjects and issues raised that are definetely worth pursuing as separate discussion, I cite some interesting examples:
a) Issues of identity, nationalism etc
b) issues of terrorism
c) issues of Zionism
d) Palestinian refugees

let me know what you think
I would prefer you to NOT delete this, Mazin. Basically because some of the issues raised are worth discussing. And some of the related actions are worth preserving,

Shit happens. We can all learn something form that. Pretending that it did not happen just makes things worse.

You started the discusion. it is your call. In this case I would be tempted to close it and start a focused discussion on something you thing may be worthwhile.

I have NO issue with you at all other than not agreeing with some your views. I am sure that you do not mind that. :-)

Be well...
I think we will close the discussion here for a period of one week to let people cool down a bit :-). I will not delete the discussion and we may reopen it after the one week on the issue of settlers and hope then that the discussion focuses on this issue. I will start another discussion thread on nationalism and issues of identity in a day or two when I get a chance to write down the relevant questions and also find appropriate links pro and con (like we did with settlements). And Carol, if you are taking wagers, I will wager that in three days after we start the discussion of nationalism and identity issues, we will get messages that debase entire religions and communities. But hopefully this experience was useful for all to think before they type and click "add reply".



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