Dear friends

What can we (who want to advocate for peace) do and not just say to actually confront the violence with peaceful means? Let us take the intensifying racist settler attacks on Palestinians and Internationals. The news of this is even reaching International media (finally). For example see:

Closer to us here in Beit Sahour, there have been extremists organized by "Women in Green" to assert authority over a piece of land that they want. They plan to come again October 16! How do you think we should respond? What would you be willing to do? Please advise.
Details on this issue are in this video

and at these links

and here are links from the settlers who are obviously well organized and financed

Will you let us know what to do and if you will participate in confronting those foreigners who claim to speak on behalf of the "Jewish people"?

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It is not clear by the way that a response to the settlers is absolutely needed at this time and if one is needed absolutely then what is the form of the response? Last time it was activities on the site and inviting them to join us in games etc. THat only seemed to infuriorate them! They got pushy and rather violent. Other ideas done in other places include the benign (silently holding signs) to the bizarre (putting items on the ground that deter religious settlers on account of cleanliness etc). Anyway I would be interested in new ideas and ACTIONS.
To everyone on this forum-
I think that we need to distinguish between what has happened in the past and what is currently happening NOW.
It saddens me that my people, the Jews have done bad things to the Palestinians. It breaks my heart.
I don't want to believe that the "early Zionists" sent Jews back to Nazi Germany (but what was now Israel-- British Mandate of Palestine was literally the Only
But I have come to realize the Palestinians leaders have done bad things as well, such as how the Mufti met with Hitler, claiming that he had no problem sending the Jews back to Nazi Germany where they would end up in the concentration camps.
My point being that every group of people has done something good and bad towards society, at different points in history.
You are right Mazin-- we should not play cat and mouse. The finger pointing is getting us nowhere-- you are asking for help, but everyone seems to just be challenging your ideas. (If I were in Israel/Palestine I would help you).
We need to look into the here and now, and see how can we work with the settlers? How can we get them to see the Palestinians as brothers? How can we ask them to stop the violence and mistrust? Violence (in my opinion for the most part) has never progressed towards peace, so we must work nonviolently.

Totally random, but I was reading this really interesting article about the Peace Process in Israel and in Palestine, which focused primiarly on the religious settlers in the West Bank and the Palestinians. One thing that i noticed was that they seem to have mistrust for one another-- we need to change this (I will send you the link when I find it-- please let me know what you think! :) ).
Thanks again for bringing this up
I really hope you get the help you need
All the best
What we need to do is think, "What can I do to better the situation?"
Ok I found the BBC article.
Here is the link to it:

Please let me know what you think
All the best

It seems that once again posts have deleted from this discussion.

1) Am I imagining things?
2) If not, whose posts have been deleted, by whom, and WHY?

Be well...
who told you?
Dear Mazin,

The issues you raise are very real. I will attempt to respond rationally to the essence when I've had a chance to think about all the related issues.

Here we are again. Those who do not want to deal with the issue (in this case an impending settler attack on a predominantly Christian Palestinian town) want to keep changing the subject. The latest card is to shoot the messenger (me) when you cannot deal with the message. And John stood in the line of fire so he was also attacked for speaking out. How pathetic, how predictable, how sad.
Dear Mazin,

John W. Is rather good at igniting and inviting flames. :-) And I think that, on balance, he does not really help the Palestinians' cause. I accept that his intention to help Palestinians is genuine. I must also note that it is commonly said that "the way to hell is paved with good intentions."

I repeat: The issues you raise are very real. I will attempt to respond rationally to the essence when I've had a chance to think about all the related issues.

Dear John,

You wrote: Since my motivations seem to be at issue here, I will offer: I have no issue at all, John, with your motivations, intentions, and your perceptions of yourself.

I do think however that there is disconnect between your perceptions of yourself.and what I see you doing here.

Be well...
Dear Ana,
I did not know that you are Chrisitian and are from Spain.
My question to you is have you ever been to Israel or Palestine before?
I know that it was really hard for me to understand the situation until I went, since you have the mainstream media + then other sources telling you, so it's hard to know what is propaganda and what is not.
When I went to Israel for the first time when I was 16, in 2003, it angered me that NO ONE talked about the suffering of the Palestinians, as if it were a taboo.
There needs to be a change in the mainstream media!



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