Dear friends

What can we (who want to advocate for peace) do and not just say to actually confront the violence with peaceful means? Let us take the intensifying racist settler attacks on Palestinians and Internationals. The news of this is even reaching International media (finally). For example see:

Closer to us here in Beit Sahour, there have been extremists organized by "Women in Green" to assert authority over a piece of land that they want. They plan to come again October 16! How do you think we should respond? What would you be willing to do? Please advise.
Details on this issue are in this video

and at these links

and here are links from the settlers who are obviously well organized and financed

Will you let us know what to do and if you will participate in confronting those foreigners who claim to speak on behalf of the "Jewish people"?

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If you live in Spain what city is it and can we meet during my visit to Spain?

BTW, your English language looks professionally American. Your composition reminds me of individuals I know from New York and New Jersey who live in the colonies around Hebron!

You have brought up a very important subject with regards to the settlers. A recent UN report stated that attacks by settlers on Palestinians so far this year have been equal to the number of attacks that occurred for all of last year. The settler violence has become so bad that they are even attacking Israeli soldiers!! Indeed, it seems Israel's failure to control these hooligans has come home to roost. In my opinion the settlers are attacking Palestinians in order to provoke a violent response. So clearly the only way to confront these sadistic fanatics is through nonviolence. Unfortunately, your calls for the destruction of Israel only serve to strengthen the settlers and those who support them.
I was talking about Mazin and his calls for a one state "solution."

The more we progress toward peace, the more stress we will have from these settlers communities who will "resist" this direction by increasing the tension by attacking Arabs and palestinians.

This dynamic cannot be stop by the Palestinians as any reaction toward the settlers or Israel is a reason for the next attack on palestinians, and while the Settlers are protected by soldiers (as they should be as Israeli citizen law) we have the Palestinians get the worst position.

The settlers are smart people who are using all their political and organizational power for a good and honorable cause (in their world view). Israel is the entity who provide them the means to do what they are doing, and Israel is the only entity that can reduce their power and freedom to damage our future.

This is why I think that for confronting this people we should do it in their field - within the Israeli consciousness and identity that seek peace. the public understand that we are not going to hold the whole territory. the center of gravity in Israel mind, if there is no fear from the Arabs, is pro-peace and pro one future with the Palestinians and the Arabs. bringing different voice from the "palestinian" side that is calling for recognition of the peace and prosperity we can achieve if we can overcome the "settlers" activity of Israel.
Dear John,

You have heard ,,, is hearsay.

We can all also play the hearsay game. I heard:

  • From three different sources who have witnessed (been present) when ISM activists and an ex-member here paid Palestinian victim (actors) for telling invented victim stories to foreign journalists.
  • Several Lebanese friends here in OZ very angrily criticize Israel FOR NOT WIPING OUT HEZBULLAH during the recent war.
  • Several foreign journalists who had Palestinian minders talk privately about news manufactured for their benefit by their Palestinian minders/translators.
  • Several foreign journalists who had Palestinian minders talk privately about the efforts to pressure them to write stories that benefited their (exclusive) Palestinian sources.
  • And so on ,,,
I have heard...

But none of this helps Mazin Qumsiyeh here and now. I thought that that was the purpose of this thread.

Be well...

In Israel the Army and the Police are responsible and no one can use force.

The Israeli activists can be found in Bi'lin, MACHSOM watch etc. they are usually too confrontational and only give the settlers more reason to attack arabs and "left" activists.

I think that we need to focus on the government and decision makers and not on the "front line" where the extremists from all sides are flaming aggression on each other.
I agree with you Neri, that it is the Israeli's who have the most power with regards to defeating the settler movement (Jews outside Israel also have a role to play in this regards). However, if someone was trying to take my land and destroy my property, I would want to take some sort of action to stop it. That was why I was suggesting that Palestinians try non-violent resistance
I recognize the emotional drive ... but you can see that the tactic can be different, instead of confronting and make excuse for them to harm more we need cleverly initiate the Israel internal forces to attack them politically and legally .
I haven't read the comments, but what makes someone a racist settler? Are all settlers racist? Does commiting a crime make them racist? What about when a Palestinian commits a crime, is that in turn racist? Or is that just 'resistence' and therefore okay? Is settler violence wrong? Yes, but where is your condemnation of the flipside, which more than certainly exists and occors very often?
In my initial message starting this discussion, I stated we need to respond to racist settlers who are trying to take over the land. I provided the links to these folk's websites. Any rational human being would easily look at their websites to see if they are racist or not or visit the other links and data I provided about their actions to see taht they are racist (e.g. I satted that they erased the Star of David, Cross, and Crescent and replaced it with anti-Arab grafiti at Ush Ghrab, the hill they want to take over). Three people instead defended these settlers. I do not know why would someone defend a racist unless they are in sympathy with them? Now I never generalized about all Israelis, all Jews, or even all settlers (some settlers moved in places for economic reasons). Yet again the defenders of racism move in to make such accusations as us being "anti-Jewish" or "anti-Israeli" (there is one such post which may also soon dissapeear to keep track of it).

Anyway, here are just selected links from that site of the settler I provided that proves they are racist:

On Sukkot there are many activities taking place all over Israel. At this crucial time in history, when internal and external enemies of Israel are talking about giving away to the Arab enemy our Heartland and half of Jerusalem...

Women in Green are at the forefront of the battle for a Jewish Shdema....

We come almost on a daily basis to Shdema to show a Jewish presence and to make sure the Arabs and the anarchists do not take over....

we have to continually return to prevent the Arabs, with the help of Israeli leftists and international anarchists, from once again taking over....

(again all you have to do is change Jewish to Arab and vice versa to see how racist that would be)
When I was 18, all things were black or white. Now my hair is grey, I know that wasn't right.

Ana is not even in Spain or Spanish. Otherwise she would be willing to meet with me there :-)



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