Latest Criticism on MePeace and Eyal - Some Thoughts

I've been getting lots of email notifications lately with people complaining about moderating policies here on mepeace.

I've been staying out of the arguments, not least because, not being part of the discussions around here, I really have no idea about the specifics. I just wanted to say this -

IMO, if people don't like a community website, for whatever reason, just move on and leave. No need for drama, no need for speeches about freedom of speech, and references to Orwell. This website was started by an individual, Eyal, who now has the very ungrateful role of managing an extremely challenging community. I know how hard it is, and how emotionally taxing it can be. I have been there in the past on another website.

In the end of the day, the administrator/leader of such a site has got to make tough decisions. Not everyone will like the decisions. There is NO way to please everyone. I would suggest respecting the person who is behind the website and his decisions. You don't have to like them - you can move on and find yourself another online community. Websites are not free-for-all Hyde Parks. They do have censorship, as well they should have. Different sites apply different criteria and there is simply no way of everyone being happy. The decent thing to do, if you're unhappy is simply to thank the site and move on. Either stay and play along the rules, or leave, but stop making such a huge fuss about it all.

I am sorry if I sound harsh. I am sick and tired of these emails, and I know just how awful they must make Eyal feel. Note that I am not passing any judgment about whether these decisions were "right" or "wrong" in the first place.

And one more thing. Again, not familiar with the issues or the persons involved, may I hazard a guess and say that most of them are probably neither Israelis nor Arabs or Palestinians? I just hear the names, John, Paul, Elaine, whatever, flying on emails... and it strikes me as odd that there aren't any names in Arabic or Hebrew. Food for thought. We've had the exact same thing happen to us on the forum I used to manage. Middle Easterns, we got along just fine. The Americans, Europeans and Canadians barged in and ruined it for everyone.

I hope Mepeace won't suffer a similar fate.

My apologies in advance to all concerned if this post seems too harsh. I have no intention of hurting anyone's feelings. I am sure that you are all wonderful people.

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Thank you.
We are a community of peacemakers, let's respect each other and uphold our vision, values, guidelines and rules developed by our community. We are all stakeholders together here.

I created this platform to enable peacemaking. I am more committed than ever to making this experience safe and comfortable. If you have a problem, write me directly.
Thank you, Donna, I am committed to this work, as you personally know.
You are so correct about this Donna: "respect each other is the most important thing to go on in the right way ..."

i agree with the spirit of the blog despite that an improvment can be done with respectfull treatment. i have been a cooerdintor of coexitence newtwork in israek for 5 years and i know how hrad it is to manage such frames. but yes the spirit of the blog right for me and if we are really committed we need to be patient and to play according to the rules adopted by all members.

I agree IsraeliMom. :-)
Thank you for your comments and support. This discussion will be closed for further comment. Let us continue our work for Middle East peace. Let's work together and peacefully.



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