The Citizens' Accord Forum

Invites you to

A Sukka (tabernacle) of peace and reconciliation, accord and dialogue
For all ages,
all religious denominations,
all political views,
For all the residents of Akko - Arabs and Jews
And for everyone who understands that we must switch tracks
That we must not go down the road of violent conflict

The Sukka will be open its door today, on the eve of the holyday, at the Rabin Square in the Old City of Akko, and will remain open throughout Sukkot.

In the Sukka:

Dialogue encounters between Jewish and Arab youth, organized by the Kibbutz Movement and Hashomer Hatzair youth movement.

Study encounters for Jewish, Moslem and Christian religious leaders, organized by the Citizens' Accord Movement and led by Sheikh Abdallah Nimer Darwish and Rabbi Michael Melchior.

Art, culture and music events initiated and organized by the Coexistence Network - an initiative of the Abraham Fund and the Citizens' Accord Forum.

For a short video clip on the construction of the Sukka please click on the following link:,7340,L-3608306,00.html

A timetable of the activities in the Sukka:

Monday-Tuesday, 13-14 October

Throughout the day Visits by Jewish and Arab schools and youth groups for joint activities

Wednesday, 15 October

"Seeds of Peace" - joint activities for Jewish and Arab youth.

"Inter Religious Encounters" - study sessions for religious leaders


Drum Circle

A theatre workshop for youth

A theatrical event

The public is invited to visit the Sukka and participate in the activities

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Very positive sign...
We hear about bad news so fast, it brings hope to see that there are some activities to face the hate and anger and to stop the tension.
Thanks for posting this Hiba. I am glad someone is doing something positive with what is going on in Akko.
Thanks for posting :-)
This is a welcome move and very appropriate. Let us hope and pray that it will succeed.I think that it is vital that the atmosphere between the two peoples improve and this could be the beginning. Inshallah!
I agree with Hiba; Let's promote hope and peace :-)


Welcome to The Sulha Peace Project

Peace Sukkah in Akko/Sulha Tent
Thursday, October 16, 12:00
Tentative meeting place: Outside Akko Theater
(please contact Orly for a final location 054-210-3139)

Join us in promoting reconciliation among Akko residents
If you want to see the crisis as an opportunity for a meeting, getting closer and reform, join us in a conversation, in creating a space which allows sharing of pain and hopes for reconciliation between Palestinians and Jews.
Listening circles, coffee, prayer and songs.

Activity time:
Thursday, October 16, 13:00 – 21:00
Friday, October 17, 08:00 – 15:00
For more info please contact Orly 054-210-3139 or on Facebook
Hope to see you there,
The Sulha & Sulhita Family and Al Tarik Organization
Hi all,
I suggest anybody who can, Jews and Muslems, Israelies and Arabs, please come to Acco, to sit in the peace tent (peace cafe') to help and practice peace instead of talk about it.
I realy feel that we have a live oppertunity to practice peace making. Let's use it!!!!
Hope to see you in Acco,
with love, Dvora
Unfortenately I cant be there, But I am there with my spirit.
Thank you, dear Hiba. I hope all of us will be there, in body or in spirit. Then we are realy forming a peace force.
For Hebrew speakers, we need some translation here please.

Tuesday October 21 - Visit to Acco by the Negev Coexistence Forum

ביום שלישי 21 לאוקטובר בשעה 08:00
תצא משלחת לסיור בעכו.
המשלחת תפגש עם הועד העממי של עכו ותסייר בעיר עכו.

כל המעונינים להצטרף, מתבקשים לשריין לעצמם מקום במייל חוזר או להודיע לאחמד 0507701119
רכב יצא מבאר-שבע בשעה 08:00 משער רגר באוניברסיטת בן-גוריון בנגב.

הנסיעה היא ברכבים פרטיים וכדי לשריין מקום, יש להודיע עד יום שני בערב אם הנכם מעוניינים להצטרף.
לאלו המגיעים בכוחות עצמם לעכו, המפגש בעיר יתקיים בשעה 11:00.
ניתן לפנות אלינו בטלפונים: יעקב-050-5733276. חיה- 052-4269011


מזכירות פורום דו-קיום בנגב לשוויון אזרחי
The Negev Forum for Co-Existence and Equality is organizing a trip to Akko tomorrow, October 21. They will leave Be'er Sheva at 8 AM from Reiger (sp?) Gate at Ben Gurion University. The trip is with private cars, so if you want to join this group call Ahmed at 0507701119, Ya'akov at 050-5733276, or Chaya at 052-4269011 to coordinate.



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