What are we doing over here? Is this something that promotes good future to us all?

Dear brothers and sisters,

Yes it is good to know all these good people we have more then 250 people here.

We have opportunity to create here a discussion layer of people who care for the future; I wonder way no discussion is building up - are we all think the same? are we afraid to talk and find out we got real issues to deal with?

We should seek friendship and courage - without it we may find out we are just love our ego and the beautiful fiction of Peace we want but not get involved to create it. If we do not communicate we do not create the sphere of our mutual future.

How many from us state that discussion and communication is the core of Peace … and how many are involved is discussion here?

Do you know why it is?
Why we do not utilize this platform to create new understanding of ourselves?

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Neri, you are so right about it. I would also appreciate more interaction.
It remind me a bit on situations we had on our first meetings of Association for Truth and Reconciliation - people were talking only if they agreed on something that was said. It took us time to get into discussion, but if you ask me, we are not talking our minds yet.
I can imagine how this web ground can be perceived as mine field, especially for you that are directly involved.

Don't give up.

Many greetings, Jelena
Thank you Jelena,

It is clear to me that it is not a one person project, can one person get into dialog?
and I am sure that the wisdom within us to seek progress and future for our children will bring here the people who wish to evolve with realety.

There are so many of us who are in "doing" that they act as they know the answer where it is imposiable to change without engaging to the real deep needs of the population in the middle east.

If you want to see the change in the world, you need to be the change in the world. If you want a world powered by dialoge compassion and wisdom you need to engae in Dialog.

So far many of the post are "decleration" of good people, that are doing good. this is done for a long time, but it needs to be integrated otherwise our "declerations" are lost in the web.

Keep on asking your questions and being the wonderful person you are. People will come to discuss with you when they feel they have something to say. Perhaps for now they choose to observe. The important thing is to be open, loving, friendly, caring, positive and most of all courageous. Your courage will give others the strength to join your discussions and they will speak from their hearts - because you come from yours.
Abundant blessings be with you always
Jane :)
Thank you Jane for your words, and I agree with you that people will open up when they are ready.

There are different levels and depth of discussion, and now when the Negotiation process is fuelled towards the Annapolis it is will be nice to talk above the "negotiation" spectrum where "Interests" are split between us and the process in blind from the Mutual Interest of the people of the region.

I hope to see more people bringing in their voice, as it is "One Voice, One Future, One Planet" of all of us.



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