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Please, have a look at:"

This documentary was released this summer by HBO; whole New York City was covered by shocking images of severely disabled ex soldiers, in their post war everyday life. On web site I posted a link for, you can have a look on their stories and to find a links for their blogs, as well as contacts.
One of the thinks that I have notice is most of the veterans talked very openly about support they got from wife's and families.
I worked allot on war veterans issue in my country - estimations are that we have close to half millions of them. I was my self war reporter as well.
Our society is very patriarchal; not on the way that being solo player as a woman is "strange" ore not accepted, but our men do not cry. They are not allowed to show pain and share it, especially not in public (even for a friend eyes only).
Serbia lost four wars for about 15 years. Serbian war veterans need to care this burden too.
In America, society understand role of wife in different way then we do. One of the reasons that insured me more in that is open talking about emotional breakdowns of ex USA combatants, as well equal involvement of their wife's in process of reconciliation. (of cores, we talking about possibilities that might be used ore not - I am not claiming there are not opposite examples in USA society, yet about social and cultural frame).
I would love to hear about your thought on this subject.

Many good wishes, Jelena

P.S.I never sow a story on female veteran PTSD.

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Dear Jelena,

Spiral Dynamics is a bio-psycho-social framework which recognizes different componnents of culture as Vmeme and marks them in colored codes. These culture components exist everywhere (USA, South Africa, Netherlands Serbia, Palestine, israel) with different structure within people, groups and society – This is how our culture world view is formed.

Your description of Serbia society that is very patriarchal and men are not allowed to show pain and share it, especially not in public. We usually relate these behaviors to the social/cultural tendency as "Red vMEME Code that awakens individual senses of the impulsive self while generating powerful images of aggressiveness, conquest, predator/prey relationships, and pontifications from on high perches — high horses, kings of the hill, and queens of the valley, or vice versa.". Unfortunately this is probably some of the drives to aggression in Serbia, Israel and Palestine.

Here is Spiral Dynamics Integral analysis on the Palestinian case (with short introduction)
Palestine Speaks in Colors: Unraveling the Deep Cultural Codes and ...

Stambolović, V. (2002). The case of Serbia/Yugoslavia: An analysis through spiral dynamics, Medicine, Conflict & Survival, vol. 18, str. 59-70

Yugoslavia and later Serbia have puzzled the world since the early 1990s. This article presents a study based on the principles of spiral dynamics that were used to analyze the transformation of South Africa. According to spiral dynamics, Yugoslavia under the joint influence of nationalists and retro-socialists regressed to the egocentric and exploitative level of psychosocial existence and, in spite of recent political changes, has maintained the same centre of gravity. Although its political structure has changed, nationalist and retro-socialist values remain dominant in the cultural domain and in the domain of self. Yugoslavia/Serbia desperately needs the new dynamic process of development. Priorities are the establishment of a hierarchy of authority, self-confrontation and development of widely based enthusiasm. These could lead Serbia to become responsible and mature.

You may find this interesting:



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