Call to Collaboration for Education to Peace around the documentary film "Promises"

Hi everyone,

I manage a ning social network called "School Beyond the Walls" gathering teachers and students of many european countries (mainly France, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia...).

On next february, my students (Grade 8) will watch with me an important documentary film, "Promises". But, this movie was filmed before the Second Intifadah, and i need to inform my students of the current situation (not the same, as you know...). I wondered if some of them would be interested to join us by distant collaboration to answer to the questions i hope my students ask to any person living in Israel or Palestine. I have added new materials about this movie, specially two videos (part 1 and part 2) showing how the seven children involved in the movie's project had grown up. You'll find other materials like an exhibition of palestinian children paintings, also a presentation I realized a few years ago about A Wall and Olive Trees, and soon many pages about the history of israelo-palestinian conflict since 1948 to commemorate the 60 years of this tragic war (i need help if you like history anf if you want to compare how this history is taught differently in different countries).

Three ways to participate:
- chat with Skype
- visio if you can (i'll tell you the dates later)
- reply to questions asked by my students, not only about the movie and the history, but also about daily life in Israel and Palestine

Ideally, if you are teacher, it would be a great pleasure to invite you with your students in our network 'cause Europe and Middle East have a common History... AND A COMMON FUTURE ;-)

from School Beyond the Walls

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Hi George, Maybe you can accept to answer to questions of my students about daily life in Palestine. I'll create in a few days, a special discussion about it on my ning School Beyod the Walls... You can also help us by contacting palestinian teachers and suggesting them to join us in my network where we can find young students from many countries...
Have a nice day !
Hi Donna, Thanf you very much, it's very kind of you to help me... Can you give me more infos about this "Encounter Point", more recent than Promises (but i have uploaded on Beyond the School) as you can see an updating of Promises (2004). Do you think i can easily find Encounter Point ?
Thanks donna, i'll check out soon...
Hi Vincent,

It's great to read what you are doing. Although I am not living in Israel or Palestine, I am encouraged by your actions. Kids are definately the future and will shape what happens next. Fortunately, we live in an age where information can cross borders without any danger (i.e. internet, skype, movies,etc)....Perhaps the kids on both sides will get to know each other better and build together their future. Your documentary will surely help in that process.

Hi Stepjh,

Thank you very much. Like you i think that a good use on internet is the best way to build the bridges of the future.... And i'm sure that everyone can help to build these bridges....
Have a nice day !



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