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U.S. immigrant builds bridges with the 'Facebook of peace'
By Oded Yaron, Haaretz Correspondent

At some point, every member of the networking website Facebook is invited to join noble campaigns such as "Save Darfur!," promote causes such as gay rights, support Barack Obama's presidential bid, or join a "save water, drink beer" group. Virtual activism is on the rise thanks to Facebook and other social networks, but in many cases it is not more than another bland item on the profile page.

The founder of, a web site that connects Israelis, Palestinians and people from other parts of the planet, believes that independent social networks are still relevant. A former yeshiva student, Eyal Raviv says he has gone through a long process of secularization and devoting himself to promote peace.

Raviv, who immigrated from the Untied States three years ago, initially conceived his Web site as a forum for Israeli peace activists only. But when he took part in a meeting between Israelis and Palestinians, he says, "a Palestinian told me I was the first Israeli he had met, and that made me realize the site could build bridges between Israelis and Palestinians."

Despite the green background and the abundance of images of olive trees, Facebook users could feel at home while visiting Featuring updates on the activities of other users and a notice board of peace events, it is a social network in its own right.

But the striking resemblance to the most popular social network is not coincidental. "I call it 'the Facebook of peace'," Raviv says.

Why not just create another Facebook group?

"I already have a Facebook group, and we use it to promote mepeace; to this end we fully integrate Facebook's photo album, video and music applications. But I do deliberate over this question every day. I could have created much more popular Facebook groups, but here we have peace makers, not momentary visitors - people who are dedicated to reaching out."

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I'm T J Eadeh, Originally from Ramallah living in the States for the Past 32 years. I believe in the peace process where eventually we will have a solution where people from all religions will live in peace and harmony. Looking forward to interact with people from all religions. Thanks
I am Earl J Prignitz, a 93 year old retired Quaker minister living in Richmond, IN, USA. I've been a confirmed Pacifist for well over 70 years. War has never solved any problems and never will.
Peace, Earl
Hello all
I am Sivan from Melbourne, half Israeli and half world!
I met some really special people thru this site and am thankful to Eyal for starting a great positive idea.
Hi all
I am Mazin Qumsiyeh, professor at Bethlehem and Birzeit Universities. Not half Palestinian half American etc. I am simply a human being no more and no less. I think as a human being I am called to challenge bad acts committed by fellow human beings and to help wherever I can bring peace based on restorative justice. As the Buddhists say, I aim to have joyful participation in the sorrows of this world. More about me at
This is an incredible platform for social exchange and inspiration. I think developing a site exclusive to peace builders is a great idea. I look forward to participating in the discussion.
-Jesse Sandoval, Center for Emerging Futures, USA
I love that you started mepeace Eyal. It is how a rabbi from canada ended up attending our Yom HaAtzmaut - Al Naqba event this week. He saw it mentioned here on mepeace.

I am interested in meeting and collaborating with people who are consciously creating peaceful living together by practicing it - not just talking about it.

SO, your creation is a very practical means of doing so.

Mine is creating healing music (wordless - to bypass the intellect - and overcome language barrier). Voices of Eden music comprises Jewish and Palestinian musicians. It was medically researched in a hospital 50/50% jewish - arab population.
I am reviving the healing music technology of the ancient prophetesses (pre-biblical) and bringing the music to these ancient sites in Galilee.

This is a clip of the music video recorde live in ancient caves:

All the best,
Eliana Gilad, Founder, Voices of Eden
Shalom and Salam alecum :-)

i am Hagay, pacifist man who try help make peace in israel.

Even if i live in Israel, when the israeli solders kill arab people i feel like i am PALESTINE person.
When palestine solders kill israeli people i feel compasion!

I am jew but i love my arabs sisters and brothers.
You have got it right friend. Love is the answer not hate and war! That may sound simplistic but it is the only way.
Thank you, Earl. I love you!
I love you all.

Just a minor correction to Hagay: there are no "Palestinain soldiers" since it is not a state (at least yet) called Palestine. You can use many other terms: fighters, guerrilla forces, resistance, etc (Israel also used terrorists to describe all Palestinian fighters regardless of methods they use). I say this because the implied equality when we have no two states fighting here. We do have a powerful state (Israel) and a people under occupation.



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