i puplished this article on my blog and because there is article about this , i would like to publish it here .

I was checking Internet website in which I found a funny video clip about Osama Ben Laden who is considered a terrorist .

I think it is not important to discuss this issue by laughing or by saying bad things about Ben Laden ....every body should know that many of people follow Ben Laden and get convinced of his ideas ... West says that Bin Laden is a terrorist and East say that Bush is the terrorist ...i think it is complicated problem .... the problem that is defining the terrorism and who is the terrorist ? what is the difference between military resistance and terrorism ? and also we have to ask ourselves especially governmental and politics why they become terrorist s ?I think we have to say it frankly that they become like this because there are injustice in this world , there is a country who controls world ? there is no real democracy and equally in this world ?I will give u an example of Palestinian case , all militants wings of Palestinian parties are considered terrorist wings ? simply because they fight Israel who has occupied their land , on the other hand Israeli who commits massacres in Palestine and Lebanon is considered as a peaceful state because America wants that ...........This is not justice world who keeps silent on American massacres in Iraq ,Afghanistan , Vietnam , ........So it is simple to finish terrorism from this world and make it safe if we give people their rights ....Besides , i think West and USA must change their policy because in this time Extremist people will win finally and control every thing in Arab and Islamic world because they have strong ways to convince others , simply they will say to us ,look to American Army who has killed l people in Iraq and USA allows for Israeli to kill Palestinian and Lebanese , we must fight them ..... what u want us to say for them ...........
So Who is the terrorist ?????????

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I disagree Daniel.
Simply denouncing violence as a justifiable political means is nice, but it won't convince the masses to ACTUALLY stop permitting their governments or other representatives to do just that.

The truth is that governments (and the US and Israel are prime examples of that, though not at all extraordinary) use violence and military force as a way to achieve political goals all the time, and rarely meet with much opposition from their constituents to such use of force (so long as violence is used against "the other").

Use of power to achieve goals for some people, while undermining the safety and liberty of others, tends to backfire.
The more violent the war on "terror" gets, the more violent the counter reaction, and the easier it is for the extremists - on all sides - to convince people adversely affected by it of the necessity of using more violent counter-measures.

So I agree that debating whether or not the US and Israel are the "real terrorists" is not really helpful.
However, I believe that recognising that a lot of bad things have been done by our governments, in our name, is very important. Recognising that the evil of terror is simply a mirror image of state sanctioned violence is important - in the very least it shows clearly where the solution is NOT.
Furthermore, I believe that taking responsibility and acknowledging such past acts of injustice is an important step on the path to reconciliation.
I sincerely hope this is a joke. I tried reading your entire 'article' but your lack of grammar skills really makes it incredibly difficult. I honestly think if you spend an extra minute or two with your posts you can make them somewhat readable. To say Bin Laden is not a terrorist must mean you and I have very different meanings of terrorist. Luckily the dictionaries of the 'evil' west agree with me.
Dear Seth,

as we can realize that the conflict is touching all of us, I think we all should be careful with each other. we are in different life condition, different education and we value different things, but we are responsible to our relationship.

As my English will never be perfect we should avoid competition about English, and as it is hard to write even when it is your mother tung

About Bin Laden as other people who got "evil" image you can count Ariel Sharon, who has this image:

Can you see that the internal image of Ariel Sharon in Israel is more toward this:

You cannot draw the line between Terrorist and Freedom fighter. While you and me will not justify 9/11 we may find ourselves justifying use of force to violently make the other side change his behavior.

East and West we are all people, we have different world view and different reading of realty, but it is the same realty and the same world our children going to share and we better find way to see all side perspective and avoid one side "West" or "East" flatland definition that prove themselves as creating the tension that bring aggression and "terror/Violent" acts from the west and the east; acts that cause innocent children to get hurt, live in constraints life condition and grew to be solders/terrorist of each side.
First, about the English, I don't mind broken English as long as it can be understood. I had very little trouble understanding what you wrote.
Back to the content though, I cannot believe you are equating Ariel Sharon to the mastermind of mass casualty terror attacks. Are you telling me that Bin Laden is simply fighting for his people's freedom?
Not necessarily.
Recognising that our leaders are using excessive violence against civilians doesn't have to mean we condone terrorist actions against civilians, whatever the cause may be.

But to achieve understanding, we must be able to respect, and even empathise, with the other side's point of view. It is easy to see, if you only let down your defences, that to someone living in Lebanon or in the occupied territories, Sharon is at least as evil as Bin Laden. He was a prominent army general, a policy maker, and eventually prime minister of Israel, who in the long run is responsible for more civilian deaths and much more destruction of property and infrastructure then Bin Laden.

The intent rational - they're aiming for civilians, we're aiming for terrorists and hitting civilians by mistake - is nice for us to wash our hands in, but for the Palestinian who's relative or friend is in that long long list of collateral damage civilian casualty, it is nothing but semantics.

So no, this is certainly not a joke.
This is about creating understanding. It is an active process, not a passive one, and that goes to making an effort to understand each other's broken English as well (rather than blaming the other side for lacking communication skills).
Neri -
As usual, I find much in common with your words. I appreciate your willingness to see and bring light to the darkness . I also appreciate your reminder that many, if not most, of the members here are not communicating in their native tongue. That is a huge benefit to those like myself who are limited to English.
For anyone who doesn't know, that comic depicting Sharon won a major award in Britain. Most Jews feel it is a deeply antisemitic depiction, drawing from the tradition of the blood libel.
Adham, I think you will find that there are a lot of Israelis, and a lot of Americans, who think their governments' policies of using excessive military force to achieve political goals is wrong, immoral, and ineffective.
What I would like to hear from you is a clear recognition of the fact that using violence is never a good way to negotiate.

I think it needs to be stated clearly, so that we can all agree on this, and move on to discussing more important issues - like how can we join forces to stop this cycle of violence.
Dear friend,

I can recognize that Israel action can be a "Terror"; as we know Israel is stronger and can do much harm with much less Israelis hurt.

But please see this article:

So who is winning ? who is the stronger? Do Palestinians has problem to understand realty?

I am wish and committed myself to be part of a change our region, but with whom? with people who say they are winning buy the number of dead of their own people?

Can you see that some of the Palestinians play with lives for other Palestinians?
Can you see that when you shoot Qasam from near civilians you put them at risk?

Can you see that some Palestinians terrorize Palestinians ? or you think Palestinians are so dumb they cannot recognize that Israel has better weapon and economic then they have right now.

There is a point when your words are all Blame with no self reflection. Palestinians are playing in this mess risking the life of other Palestinians and you say nothing about this!

. تتكلم وكانك خرجت منتصرا .. اكثر من 200 قتيل و300 جريح وانت تتكلم وكانك ربحت الحرب مع اسرائيل !! ما هي القوة التي مارستها على العدو ؟؟ وما هي خسارة العدو البشرية والمادية ؟؟ انت طبعا تقصد المدني الاسرائيلي التي قتل بصواريخ حماس ؟؟ اذا كان هذا هو انتصارك .. فهنيئا لك وهنيئا لاسرائيل وجود اشخاص من امثالك .. يا لكم من منافقين . يا لكم من اشرار . كل هذا القتل والدمار .. وانت تشكر وتبارك وتفتخر .. يا لك من بائس مهزوم ..

اردني فلسطيني واقعي جدا جدا

46. انتصار سخيف -- كلام سخيف -- الله يرزق كل داعم لالعاب الناريه ان يحصر في غزه لنرى ماذا سيفعل --- اين هنيه -- تحت الارض -- كل قادت حماس تحت الارض—


7. يستطيع الان قادة حماس الجبناء الخروج من جحور الفئران التي كانوا يخبئون بها .. وان يبعدو عنهم الدروع البشرية من النساء والاطفال الذين كانوا يحتمون بهم .. مبروك على الفلسطينيين هكذا قادة ليس لهم اي غيرة او شرف ..

109. يا جماعة حماس قتلت الشعب في غزة بنتمنى من العرب التدخل لوقف عدوانها هي واسرائيل وعلى قولة الاخ المغني يا علي الشعب بدو يعيش والله عمرتنا ما نشوف الخير على عهد حماس "التغير والاصلاح"هههههههه

Hi George, I could't help but think you are talking about GW Bush!
Dear George,

I fully agree with you, if we will not stop this terror dance we are going to be heart by it, Palestinians and Israelites .

While we work for a change in Israel, we mast ignore the Qassams, other wise we fall into the terror trap. same goes with the Israeli crimes.

I think we witness wide support in the Israeli streets for Palestinian neighbor but we do not have the trust that this entity will not danger non-violence future we all want to exist. We are far from holding the "negotiation" as the extremists in Israel think the center is wrong and take our relationship to their hands. It is Israel responsibility to constrain them since they actually work hand with hand with the other side to weaken the Center in Israel and Palestine and create condition to a conflict where each extreme side dream to win.

But we must look beyond interpretation of Israel/Palestine/Gaza as terror entity; The Palestinians have Funds from Eu, Japan and US etc. focusing to support the Palestinians. we need to have a Palestinian infrastructure that will make sure the Money get to the hands that needs it, and not to the hands of people who has power. This work may need to be curry out by palestinians while the wall, illegal settlers, and other problems of human rights exist. since we can assume that if Israel will not reduce its power holding on Gaza befor there is assurance that no palestinians will use these conditions to bring bombs and trained people to continue harm Israelis.

This is why this projects such and Tony Blair activity is so valuable for us set new condition to co-create our future.
I said it before. Maybe you didn't notice.
What % of the Jews removed from Gaza live in the WB?
It was only 8000 people total, and I know for a fact that the entire village of Nizanit
was moved to a spot between Ashdod and Ashkelon - Hof Nizanim.
So NOT all the Jews of Gaza were moved to the WB as you keep repeating.
Which means that is NOT the "Real" issue here, where the subject at hand is defining terrorism.
The Ikhwan was founded, and the PLO began its terrorism,
before the 1967 war, meaning before what you call thd occupation ever began,
and obviously before the Jews were moved out of Gaza to anywhere.



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