This year Israel celebrates its 60th birthday. Yet for Palestinians and for people of conscience this is not an occasion to celebrate.
The establishment of the State of Israel involved the destruction of over 530 Palestinian towns and villages and the expulsion of about two-thirds of the indigenous Palestinian Arab population from their homes and lands to pave the way for the establishment of a Jewish State, with a Jewish majority.
Contrary to Israeli claims that they declared statehood in response to an Arab war against them, in actual fact, Zionist leaders launched a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the largely defenseless Palestinian population in April of 1948. A month and a half into this campaign, 380,000 Palestinians had faced expulsion, accounting for half of the total Palestinians made refugees in 1948, spawning an era in Palestinian history known as the Nakba (catastrophe).

This major offensive was Plan Dalet (Dalet – Hebrew for letter D). The Zionist leaders waged this campaign to control and ethnically cleanse territories beyond that allocated to the Jewish state by the UN Partition Plan (UNPP). By 1949, the Zionist leadership/Israeli government controlled 78% of Mandatory Palestine, having seized an additional 23% of the land allocated to Palestinian State under the UNPP.

According to Plan Dalet, the brigade commanders were given full "discretion" in what to do with the villages they occupied – that is to destroy them or leave them standing. On numerous occasions, Zionist forces expelled residents from their towns and villages, committed rape and other acts of violence, massacred civilians, and executed prisoners of war. These acts have been widely documented, most forcefully by Israeli historians using military and State archives. Here is one of many testimonies from Zionist soldiers:
"The first [wave] of conquerors killed about 80 to 100 [male] Arabs, women and children. The children they killed by breaking their heads with sticks. There was not a house without dead." He added that a soldier had bragged of raping and shooting a woman, two old women had been blown up in a house, and another woman with her baby were shot"
New Jewish settlers migrated from across the world to inhabit the very same homes from which their rightful Palestinian owners had been expelled. Today these rightful owners are still denied the right to return to their homes.
The campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestine of its population entailed a brutal attempt to eliminate Palestinian identity, culture and heritage.
60 years on, Palestinians continue to be denied their internationally sanctioned rights to return to their homes, to self-determination and to live in full equality in their homeland.

A recent UN report condemned Israel’s on-going policies in the Occupied Territories as forms of foreign occupation, colonialism and apartheid – all in violation of international law.

No other "democracy" has so flagrantly breached international laws and UN resolutions as Israel has.

60 years on, Israel's practices of ethnic cleansing continue.

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Hi Eva,
I think u rights, cuz many myths really could prevent making the real peace we all looking for.
I hope we build real understanding between us (Palestinians and Israelis)
"Are you not simply lamenting the very real and tragic consequences of the failure of the Arab armies in 1948 to create another nakba/shoah/catastrophe then for the Jews"
Well, it was a war, but this not mean to do what have been done. When you erase and transfer people from their villages to live instead of them, is this what u think right??
And who told you we fired Jewish from West Bank and Gaza??
We have Jewish in West Bank we call them in Arabic "El Somryeen", those who survived during history from killing Jewish before Jesus, and they have a representative for them in the Palestinian Parliament.
The Palestinians were never and they won't be ever against any religion or ethnic, we love to have other religions living with us, but we can't accept anyone to kill and transfer us from our land even if they are Arab!!.
Thanks a lot for comment
Dear Eva,

Is the above the whole of the relevant story?

Did the Arab armies then NOT try to create another nakba/shoah/catastrophe then for the Jews?

Were the the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem NOT really systematically and sucessfully ethnically cleansed by Arabs?

Are the above also not important and very relevant parts of the really relevant story?

Is Mohammed simply not just lamenting the very real and tragic consequences of the failure of the Arab armies in 1948 to create another nakba/shoah/catastrophe then for the Jews?

Be well...
Sydney OZ
I recently heard a fool say Iran fought a brutal war against Iraq! If you can think you will understand what I mean. If you cant think then join the rest of the fools in the world!
So what, Yahya? What really is the relevence and intent of your "bon mot"? Or should I say barb?

It seems to me that Mohammed and I are referring to exactly the same event!

OTOH I may just be real dumb!

And yes. Iran did not initiate its war with Soddom's Iraq! So are you then really agreeing with me, Yahya? :-)

But maybe I just cannot and do not think. And maybe I am indeed a fool! .

Be well...
Paul R.
I'll just add one more fact - There were some Arab villages left when the nearby Jewish settlers asked they (the villages) be spared because the settlements needed the labor the villagers provided. I am not at home right now, so I can't look up the name, but I recently watched a film about one such village near Jaffa.
Dear Eva,

It also makes me feel very sad to feel compelled to write what I did.

Is what I wrote untrue in any way? Or is it really irrelevant?

Be well...
Paul Reti
I think all of us here have the right to express our opinions freely, and i'm happy to hear from you as much from Eva, because this is different opinions and I really admire the various of people, but what I think anyone of us won't accept is to insult others (I'm not talking about you).
And any comments from you or anybody else here is more than welcomed.
I think the facts happened don't need to be proved by authors here or there!!!
Replacing country full of people of new settlers is a fact whether you accept it or not. I believe there is no author or historian would know better than than us!!!
For very simple reason, when I live in a refugees camp, and my father and gran grand father have the documents prove our property to the land we've been transferred from, then I think this is clear more than any authors. The Hagana crimes are nondeniable, Dair Yassin
Well if it about reading from your sources, then maybe we shouldn't be in Gaza and West Bank too!!
There is people "old generation" who can't read or write, how they knew what happened? or are they pretending what happened to them??
If you need names of the Massacres happened and you can check them out:
"Dair Yaseen, Al Quds,Haifa,Abbasiyah,Al Sheikh Village,Samiramise Hotel,Beit Lahem, Khan Younis,Galona,........... " very long list
"The Catholic Church has finally acknowledged that the Jewish people were not responsible for Jesus death. Crucificion was a specific Roman punishment, which totally violates Jewish law. Judea was a Roman colony. (Hundreds of Jews each year at that time were crucified by the Romans.) Only Anti-Semites continue repeat this canard"
Well, don't just take Anti-Semites and forget the main crime, and in addition we as Palestinians are not responsible to what happened to Jews during history!!! you can judge thr Roman not us!! (although i'm not with what happened to Jews during history)

You STOP propaganda..!! People sicked of hearing lies and lieas, truth will never die or hide
Dear Mohammed,

What really happened to (some of) the Palestinian people is bad. Very bad.

What really happened to (some of) the Jewish people is bad. Very bad.

It seems to me that you harm your advocacy for your cause by presenting faction (mere propaganda lies) rather than accepted and demonstrable facts.

I also think that the past and present Arab (and Palestinian) leadership share a very significant responsibility for the current mess. That is my other REAL disagreement with what you wrote initially.

Be well...
Sydney OZ
I think you are wrong, because writing real historical fact and it's not fiction for example.
I agree that Arab leaderships were and still against us, but this don't give the Gangs to do what they did.
I want you to read the history of Palestine very well, and you'll know if any occupation lasted on this land or not. Sooner or later the rights must be returned (I hope by peace) better than fighting.
Dear Mohammed,

Could you please give me/us a reference on the web that in your view gives a good summary of the History of Palestine?

Sydney OZ



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