Palestine Brain: Our mess and the meaning to BE Palestinian

it is almost 3 years now where I am trying to find a committed group which can create new strategies to enhance our collective leverage as Palestinian. I fail in all meanings and I do not understand why. Because it is very clear how much enhancement potential we have.
I was doing proposals like this
or the presentation here:

Why Palestinians around the world are not able to organize themselves?
I guess it is mentality issue than political one. Not to translate self-critic inside own rows and inside one-self into new philosophy.
To create "neutral" unified technical solution for activism no deep political discussions are required for example.
To live aboard help one to change mentality a bit. When I discuss objectively with Germans or American, move forward. I notice Palestinian in the states are much organized than Palestinians some where else. So the mentality is a main issue I think.

But, if we have so many Palestinian with "enhanced" mentality than oriental-emotional classical one, why those at least does not come together and discuss about bigger projects and challenges?

Another philosophical question might be related to the one above I have is:
What does it mean to BE Palestinian?

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friends, I want to call our attention to look at the bigger picture. We are right now walking in a maze, not finding our way out. Like in a maze, only when we look from above we begin to understand what is Really the problem, what blocks us and what is the direction of the "way out".
From an eagle point of view (point of you) I see Peace. I see a florishing land that thrives with all inhabitants happy. This is the "final solution", all other solutions are temporery and are bound to change by unhappy people.
When I know where we're going, I can begin better to plan what I do now.
Israelies and Palestinians. Are we really 2 separate people? The same land is making our heart sing "home". Jews have traveled the world for 2000 years and no other land ever resonated "home" for them for any leghnth of time.
Palestinians never left home (until jews came to this land) so didnt and know any other "home". This is bigger than ideas, it is ingrained in our cells.
Therefore, we can only understand our identity together, like 2 eyes or 2 hands. We are not the same but we complete each other. Together we are whole- Shalem- Shalom- Salaam.
When we both know that, it is easy to help and support each other.
And let's face it: not jews, nor palestinian ever had such an ally.
Think about it with your heart.
with love, Dvora
Dear Dvora and everybody,
I just would like to express my absolute agreement with Dvora- the only "final" -happy end solution for this "Holy Land" and for the People who want have their home here is to find our complementary positive roles in this complex society, which is not only Jews and Arabs but Druze, Cherkese,Ethiopians ,Russians, Amerikans, etc... of all the religions + atheists....
We have to join hands for the big work of cleaning the garbage with which we filled this "Holy Land" and it's holy 'Heaven" on our quest for owning it. If we won't do it, neither of us shall survive whoever's "victory". There is no time for petty family quarells! Those in power call it "politics" and themselves politicians! In fact they are immature boys who like to play with guns and remember from the Bible only "Eye for Eye"! I want to see intelligent responsible boys here with their hearts in the right place!
My heart is weeping for our children....
Dear Jafra, the last thing i would want to do is to make you feel powerless. i do want to analyze problems sometimes to their very depths in order to come up with solutions. In the Jewish world, i have wanted to help people understand just how much the damage of the holocaust blinds them to their own capacity to injure others, or to overreact to everything. In the case of the Palestinians, just as with the Tibetans, recognizing that the land is what bound you together and without it you need something else. for hamas it is religion, but that has its own problems. I just wanted to put this out there to reflect on. i hope that over time the younger generation can find a greater way to unite everyone. maybe when it is barghouti's turn for leadership he will find a way. i feel strongly that hamas and PA need to reconcile, even if it means the israelis will not officially talk to them. it is better to reconcile and work towards a common set of goals of survival than to turn on each other. but i have no right to really suggest this.
For me the difference lies in successive Palestinian leadership's vision of destruction and the Zionist vision to build. For me building is more powerful and will always win out in the end. If you ever do achieve the dream of destruction you are left with no dream at all ... building can go on forever.

There may be different narratives, but they must be based in fact. Sharon didn't give Gaza, victory or power to Hamas. Israel left Gaza unilaterally. The Palestinians held elections in which Hamas was elected as the government. Hamas threw Fatah out of Gaza. It had nothing to do with Israel, it was the Palestinians who gave Hamas power by electing them. Hamas today preys on the Palestinians making their lives a misery, and the best the Palestinians could do at the first opportunity is elect a builder, not somebody committed to destruction.
Its not that Palestinians are the one who has to do the accepting alone, but the term of accepting for Palestinians should start from the inside of their societies for some core issues, and this shall come along with their hard work for being accepted and bringing their rights back with the outside.

Palestinians should contribute with strong efforts for the issues that really relates to them and have a major importance for them, and all that starts from the Palestinians themselves so the rest of the world will be with them, cooperate with them, and believe in their cause and what relates to them as much as they do.

Its not about leaving our rights away and not bringing them back, but it is in the way we work in to bring these rights back.
You know how when you look through binoculars one way, everything seems huge and close up and if you turn them around, everything seems far away? That is what conflict does to people. Threats seem close up and larger than life while the positive seems small, far away, and insignificant. If you ask Israelis and Palestinians if the other has accepted them, most will laugh at you saying the actions of the other shows they don’t. If you ask either if you accept the other, most will say (perhaps reluctantly) ‘of course’.

Mary, your question was phrased wrong. You should be asking curiously, ‘do Israelis accept Palestinians as being indigenous to this land?’ The answer would be, ‘of course’.
We in Palestine need to decrease the self-centric and the high degree of individuality in ourselves, we need to try to accept the others from our same society, or from other different nations.

Palestinians need to think about the person that stands infront of them not themselves only. They need to open their minds and decrease the suspection and the lack of trust between eachothers, so they can learn to trust people from outside their society.

We in palestine need to learn that any cause in the world has two sides where we can find the needs of us and the needs of the others, what we wish to achieve and dream to have, and what we really can have on the ground from all these wishes and demands.

We need to look for open horizons first between eachothers, then with other people from other nations.

We need to learn how to build trust, accepting ourselves, our destiny, and our reality, and a very important thing is to look for the future with flexibility.
yes Hiba and much more .. we have to be honest with ourselves ..
being Palestinian is not an excuse..

But the last years I thought it would be possible to organise a platform for us though (New Philosophy, IT, Management) , co-create a statement, build best in class collaborative CRM web-site, manage an internal process to develop new level of unity :


but the opposite is to observe: Home-Pages with small ideas and almost similar content grow as mushrooms.

Even less people wrote about this subject (Efficiency of Palestine-Activism) . I do not know any one (except me ;) ).
No comparison in methodology of zionist- and palestinian web-leverage has been studied etc!!!

Any serious step took, came the PLO guarders with the "Authority and Legitimacy" hammer to stop any "parallel" competitive platform. They do not or can not revive our struggle and do not let any one else do it, in order to keep power--
Hiba I agree with you analysis. We need to raise diversity and inclusion awarness in Palestinian communities and schools. This will help use our differences to expand our potential and widen our world.
Hiba, you say it so much better than I ever could, but it's certainly what I believe. For Palestinians to achieve the power of self-determination they must be prepared to see that right in others and stop trying to take it away. Israel isn't the enemy, those whose only desire is to destroy Israel are. The acceptance that Jews have the right to self-determination in their own right and according to their own plan will bring exactly that to Palestinians. Also the acceptance amongst Palestinians that people have different equally valid visions will ensure a truly democratic future in which Palestinians can build their own society and richness of culture. That, to me, is the only way to peace, both within and without.
This presentation (below) shows Palestinian activists that they are required to explore new activism approaches to break down contextual boundaries (namely cognitive) in the Palestinian society. Our job now is to focus on building new conceptual frameworks (old frameworks including institutional / organizational, educational, economic and social are collapsing around the world). We need to open gateways for open learning in the Palestinian society.

This work is needed to help Palestinian grassroots (Palestinian public) see the reality with new mental eyes. Palestinian intellectuals (university professors, journalists, PA officials, NGO officials..etc) might have limits (status, institutions relationship, experience..etc) that could constrain their contributions to this kind of work. The work proposed here requires instant knowledge collaboration and brain sharing.

In these days of great change and turnarounds, it is time to transform our activisim egagements to maximize the Palestinian potential and speed the human emergence within Palestinian communities worldwide.
Good Question ,

What does it mean to Be Palestinian ?

The classical , politically correct answer, must be " it's a pride" and so on...But lets try to be more rational, while i believe that i'm a proud palestinian, i also admit that since my definition of " palestinian" is quite personal, i can only declare that " I am Proud"! Why is my definition Very personal ? the answer is not very easy but i will try : the Term " Palestinian" never got really defined by any "popular assemblee" , those who are providing a definition lately are very easy to locate : Fateh and the PLO, Hamas, Israel and the USA and the other Arab countries. Each one of these actors provides a different definition. The palestinian people doesnt have a definition that belongs to it, that is made by it! Do we see the Refugees outside as full Palestinians ? Do we see those among us whom we dont agree with as " Palestinians" ? What we really need is a Constitution, a fair constitution that once and for all defines what is a palestinian! I believe that with our little number, we can all engage in a political process to form a real identity, common to all of us! Everyday, i realize that giving a definition to the word " Palestinian" is a hard task and that defining it here on the internet is again another limit , let me ask this question differently : Who are we to define the palestinian Idendity ? 10 palestinians ? 20 ? 300 ? .... Each one of us will have a different definition ( unless we decide to follow political correctness... ) So allow me not to provide any definition for now !

Here are the limits that we must overcome before defining " Palestinian" :

1 - Occupation : Our civil registry is totally controlled by Israel, we cant really decide who is palestinian and who is not ( at least, on the papers).

2 - Internal strife : Two ( or more) radically different definitions of " palestinian" exist , who is right ? Maybe all of them are wrong ?

3 - Territorial division : Gaza and the West bank, The territories and the Refugee camps ( inside and outside) , Those inside israel and those outside of israel ( Israeli Arabs, palestinian territory palestinians...), Those who live in jerusalem and those who live outisde.... and so on...

4 - Educational limit : public and private schools, Do private schools form " Palestinians" do public schools form " rational" citizens?

5 - Religion : I don't know if its me, but i feel that some people believe that in order to be a full palestinian, one has to be a muslim ( Hamas for example) or even our palestinian Basic Law. Why do we need this statement that devides us ? Why cant we live in a neutral society where religion takes a second place instead of a first one ? Being palestinian is something and belonging to a religion is something else...

6- ...



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