Are Humanistic Zionism, Humanistic Judaism, Humanistic Islam, or Humanistic Islamism possible?

Whether Humanistic Zionism, Humanistic Judaism, Humanistic Islam or Humanistic Islamism are possible may be worth exploring independently of other topics because some have questioned the related terminology some of us use:

Some examples are :

1) John W. introduced the term Humanistic Zionism.
2) I refer to myself as being genetically and neurotically Jewish

Here is some background information that I trust is not controversial:
I've added some subtopics for threads. Please add your own if you want a special topic for what you want to discuss.

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There is only one kind of humanity as far as I know and once this word is attached to any other word it loses its mere meaning.

(I copied the embed text from YouTube followed your link)
Thanks .. just to add the value of the source where I got it ;)
DO you know this

That source is so one-sided anti-Israel that it counts as pure partisan advocacy.
It will not help meaningfully to build peaceful coexistence, or to imagine a truly different world. To blame Israel for the "Naqba" while glossing over the FACT that the Jews accepted partition and the Arabs rejected it and started the 1947 riots and 1948 war is to be simply in denial.
I've heard plenty of people say that Israel must accept responsibility for its role in creating the "Naqba." To which I say, until the Arab world admits its own overwhelming responsibility for that event, and for the way in which Israel was born
(in a war and not with brotherhood), it is unrealistic to expect much honest soul-searching or reconciliation between the sides.
Yes, yes, I don't know, and why not?
That cryptic enough?
No. Very clear communication!
What Is Humanistic Zionism?

Please describe and discuss...
OK, I'll bite.

To me, Humanistic Zionism is the essence of Zionism.
It is the ideology behind the movement for building a Jewish homeland in the Holy Land,
in which the fundamental rights of all, even Jews, are guaranteed.

Political Zionism, then, would be the realworld manifestation of that ideology.

Maybe that's not what John meant by those terms, but that's how I see them making sense.
What Is Political Zionism?

Please describe and discuss...



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