On June 1st we will have our Peace Café in Tel Aviv. This will be a fun evening where every table will have a discussion and our peacemakers will move from discussion to discussion.

What should we discuss? Please respond. This will enable you to participate in our first event Our conversation topics will be based on your feedback. We will continue our discussions on, so you will be able to participate.

How can we create a community of peacemakers that offers hope?
How can we overcome physical barriers to create more Peace Cafés?
How can we use the internet to make peace?

What discussion topics would you suggest?

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Love this!
I am interested in combining the efforts of all the different organizations that exist. There are so many, why don’t we work together more?

I am also interested in the how to get more of the mainstream on both sides to be a part of the dialogue. Many here are the already convinced. There are also the extremes who will never be convinced. The majority mainstream in both sides seems open to the ideas here but are too angry, suspicious, frustrated, fearful, etc. to join or take steps towards that initial dialogue with the other side. How do we reach out to them?
I think by getting to your last question: this is allready the fisrt step that you care for this question!
Caring means listening to other people stories. NAd listening in a open way of not having black and white patterns is a next step!
Anne CHristine
Excellent point. It's important for me, as an Israeli, to bring the message of peace and hope to our tired mainstream. Instead of joining the fringe, I want to change the mainstream.
I suggest discussing the one democratic state solution which I beleive would be the safe guard for both nations. I also suggets discussing the ugly unhuman face of occupation were people suffer in all aspects of life for amusement only and how this action creat reaction. I also suggest establishing a party to support the human rights of all people in the area.
I cannot attend this meeting because I cannot get a permission. One of many things I cannot get just for being an Arab. Does this reminds you of something took place during the 40's of last century.
Dear Saliba,

I think it is important to recognize this difficulties you brought and I think that from this Web place through this process of face to face meeting and in future socio-economic project we will shift this and make the condition for untie our future of Arabs and Jews here.

If you have network of friend you can set such a meeting as well, we structure it for minimum cost and it enable any group to form a Peace Cafe base on World Cafe structure.

I Invite you to visit I think they bring other questions to the table of how palestinians can prepare for the change we want to create.
Sorry, a bit off-topic, but I had to respond.

I'm really and truly sorry that you have limited travel rights. It is not because you are an Arab, and therefore any comparison to the policies of Nazi Germany (which I assume is what you were referring to - that was back in the 30's already), is really out of place. Arabs can and do travel all over Israel. Palestinians who live in the occupied territories cannot. It's not about ethnicity, it's about us currently being at war and about Israel trying to defend its citizens, Jews, Muslims, Christians or anyone else who may just wonder into a local branch of Sbaro, from terrorists.

I am not trying to be antagonistic here. I feel your pain, and I wish we can reach the day when things will be different and your sovereign state and mine will have open borders between them. I just wanted to clarify that this isn't some racist policy and has nothing to do with Nazi policies.

If you were to hold such a meeting in Syria or Iran, I promise not to complain that I'm not allowed just because I'm Jewish or even an Israeli!
Hi Saliba,

You cannot go to the meeting in Israel. OK.

You can organise one on the West Bank. Others on the West Bank who (mentioned that they) are interested can go to that I trust. For the first meeting, it is enough if the people here meet in several different places. What happened can be reported here in writing or with video or photographs.

The next meeting(s) can also be held in different places. Those different meetings can readily be connected to each other with just one notebook computer at each place that is connected to the internet. Yahoo Messenger seems to me to be the least unreliable and least resource intensive tool for that.

I think that you can make it happen, if you really want to. If there is a will, there often is a way.

Meeting (some of the) others face-to-face is a sufficent goal for the first meeting. That alone is a sufficient achivement.

Be well...
Paul R
I feel sad and mad that I cannot meet you at the peace cafe because you cannot travel. I am glad that I can hear your voice through this web site. Could you share some of your thoughts about what one democratic state means to you and how it would safegaurd both nations? What do you think needs to be safe guarded for each people (or all people)?
Hi Sue,

I (and many others here) cannot travel to Israel. Neither can Saliba. That is a fact.

I am also sad that I cannot meet you all face to face. Other than Mike, to the best of knowledge, there no other active Australians here. And to the best of my knowledge, there are no (supporters of) Palestianian Australians here though I have invited some and have tried to promote this site to some.

We can all do what we can (rather than ideally want to) do.

I see a parallel face-to-face meeting on the West Bank and another in Gaza as theoretically very feasable. But I may be wrong about that.



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