On June 1st we will have our Peace Café in Tel Aviv. This will be a fun evening where every table will have a discussion and our peacemakers will move from discussion to discussion.

What should we discuss? Please respond. This will enable you to participate in our first event Our conversation topics will be based on your feedback. We will continue our discussions on, so you will be able to participate.

How can we create a community of peacemakers that offers hope?
How can we overcome physical barriers to create more Peace Cafés?
How can we use the internet to make peace?

What discussion topics would you suggest?

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It is not about discussing human rights, human rights is a wide subject with many bifurcations and divisions, but at least discussing them in the part that includes the conflict and how does it -the conflict- affect these rights. By doing this we may make a better understanding for some issues relates to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, and both will be able to know and reveal things they used to know few or nothing about, and in turn have more and better efforts for peace.

I believe that any issue should be discussed and viewd from the facts and the opinions of the two sides so it will be a better way to achieve more acceptance, I wanna talk about my rights, and I wanna listen to the other part talking about his rights too.
For now, you make sense to me, Hiba.

For now, Mary does not

Please stop twisting my words, Mary!

Only black propagandists do that.

Please stop accusing me of thinking maliciously and malavolently like you so obviously do.

Please play this blame game in some other discussion, best open Marry vs. RETI and convince each other that his/she is wrong.

I think it is important to keep this "What should we discuss in our Peace Café?" as a place to put proposals and not a place to attack each other.

Having structure can help us, and respecting it can help you.

When you select the question for the World Peace Cafe we will considered the way we phrase the questions in order to support all views. the focus of Peace cafe is service our community and not a platform for propagating one sided solutions.
Then Neri, maybe you would like to respond to what i suggested here before about discussing what happened with Donna on the borders and the limits to such acts.
Please do not respond to this, I wish this will be my last off-topic here, we can move the discussion to other thread.

I think we are in our beginners stage of dealing with Israeli security procedures, as always the Palestinians are paying the initial cost and the specific question of Human right is theoretical while it is a practical situation.

I hope we will find the path and processes to protect at least our immediate members of the site as our communal activity is done while we have on open complex situation with occupations, human rights, security, historic narrative paradoxes and dying children men & women etc. I know that Eyal Raviv connected the authorities and they request specific procedures to enable so it is something we need to learn I guess some of the members have more experience. We also will have to deal with the extreme views presented here not to be categorized as supporting Terror and still keep open door and open expression of ideas - this is practical issue as we know Israeli security is not act as flexible considerate entity.

About the issue you brought - When bringing questions to the group we need to recognize our "body" span and see that we cannot talk for Israel whole and for Palestine whole as we are a small fraction of this nations. We may agree that Israel should behave differently but To make a change we need time, resources , planning and executing complex projects.

So probably we need to rephrase a bit the question and invite the group that will be able to join us tonight to reflect about rule of Human rights , security (as security is also considered Human right) and Equality so we can investigate path for non-violent change. This is one of the path we can initiate consciousness and action within us to get progress with this general issues.

In general: rights & security issues needs to be in our focus for sure, and as we invite others to initiate a Peace Cafe as the one in we have today in Tel-Aviv. This way people can select their relevant questions and report back to mepeace the group reflection.

one of the hints of how to do that is - Please try to avoid the easy explanation of how the other side create the problem and focus on what the rule of your side for creating this problems. Not because the other side is innocent rather due the fact the both sides contribute to the situation and one effectiveness is manly within his/her group. But we must avoid this faulty blame game of who is shouting loader for his position because it blocks a truly deep investigation in what our side is contributing to the bloody dance of Israel and Palestine.

Hope to see you sooner in Tel-Aviv or Hebron or Jerusalem or Aman for one of the Peace cafe events.
Thank you for your response Neri, you pointed a very important points here and i agree with you that we cant talk about what palestine or israel have to do because it is a kind of a change bigger than what we can do by now.

me too i hope to see you sooner on one of the peace cafe events someplace where we all can share in a very positive way to support our belief in a peceful life.



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