פיתוח של יוזמה ממשלת שלום | Development of the Government of Peace Initiative

ממשלת שלום זה סדרת וידאו עתידית
שבבסיס עלילתה, הקמה ותפקוד של ממשלה אלטרנטיבית
שכול מטרה של אותה ממשלה - להגיע לשלום

Government of Peace (GP) is planned Internet (TV) video serial
The basic idea is an developing process and in a second part working of a GP
Accordingly, the main purpose of this GP is to achieve peace and understanding

כולל פעילות של שרים ומשרדים
בחירות, מסיבות עיתונאים
וכול זה בצורה של סדרה עלילתית-תיעודית

Including election of A-Ministers
press conferences
Establishment of ministries
like The Ministry of Cultural Relations
The Ministry of Economic Development
The Ministry of Social Development

זה רעיון העיקרי
This is a main idea

אין צורך ביותר מידי כספים
ידע מקצועי יש
משהו נותר להתחיל לפתח את הרעיון

For this process does not need too much money
About 2000-4000$ monthly
For demo-series we don't need a money

שאלה, מתי נפגש לצורך דיון וצילום של פרקים הראשונים?
מה יהיה תוכן של אותם פרקים?
אילו נושאים?

ושאלה הכי חשובה, מי רוצה להצטרף לקבוצת פיתוח
כי בלעדיכם זה לא יעבוד
Who want to take a part in the demo (paylot) production?

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Brief translation (if I understood the concept correctly): Constantin wants to make films on the fictitious creation of a peace government coalition –fake documentary style. I am assuming it will give an idea of what could happen if our governments moved forward with implementing peace agreements. He is looking for people to help develop script ideas and making the films.
Donna this is so great, i should see the film when you finish it ;-)

As for Constantin's idea, i would like to hear more about it in engilsh Constantin :-)

a main idea of the serial is
developing of alternative government of peace

Including election of A-Ministers

the establishment of ministries
like The Ministry of Cultural Relations
The Ministry of Economic Development
The Ministry of Social Development

and more other

I invite civil society peacemakers organizations to take part in the project feasible

What do you think about Palestinian side of serial?
Hi, Donna

very glad to know you

You idea about X-Palestinian prisoners is very god
I propose you to do something continiously about it

like video blog with interviews

I expect from you to produce a Jordan serial in concept like this

Thank you very match for translation, Corey

I propose to make a serial

Stile is an art documentary

Main idea of serial is

Developing of Alternative Government of peace
from "0"

Economical block (need an experts that can to divide an bloc correctly)
Сultural block
--- Dance cooperations
--- Contemporary music cooperations
--- Performance & Theatre cooperations
--- Video-art cooperations
other ideas for ministers?
Community block
--- Community meetings
--- Community actions
Self-minister critic
Ministers coordinator (if some minister can't beon the meeting, him need to be changed by other)

--- Prime Coordinator

Its every-week meetings
Ministers can be changed monthly, or every tree month, or every half year

Every meeting need to be filmed



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