Hello! I am posting a call to teachers to join my vision - a vision of global social learning. It has a special meaning on this network. Because I believe that schools, both Hebrew and Arab, tend to twist the angles to fit with their national agenda. I believe that history lessons will never be the same once you invite your students to research a subject globally.
For this reasons and many others I established the kids4kids networking homework and even though we are entering a non-homework time - the summer vacation - I hope the network will attract youth who want to learn of each others and teachers who will give a hand to openness.

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Hi there,

great idea ~ I joined instantly ;)
YEY! thanks! Welcome!
This sounds good. I am a Mathematics student (doing my Bsc and want to do a PHD) so I guess I can help in that field but I am (proudly) useless in most things. One such thing is IT. What do I do? Do I explain to kids how such and such a thing works? If that is what it is. Sure. I am in.
Hi Max, thanks!
Yes if you could occasionally check on the relevant forums or groups it would be great!
really? why? this is sad...
I was going to ask the same question.

My guess is that for many Palestinians, even though they want to live in peace with Israelis, interacting with them puts them in a position of feeling like a collaborator. Also, I assume many got frustrated that they couldn’t change Israeli opinions or their own life circumstances by talking directly to Israelis so are putting their energies elsewhere. I would say the same is true of alot of Israelis who don’t write here.

Regardless of the reasons, how do we make this an environment that more Palestinians and Israelis will want to stay in? It is great to attract more people but if no one interacts...
Hi Corey,

Attempting constructive joint projects is the only way.

I must say that I was very disappointed that there seemed to be NO attempt to hold a Peace Cafe on the West Bank and in Gaza at the same time as the one in Tel Aviv. That could have been tried. That would have been a real sign of good will. I hinted that several times. That seems to me to have been possible. Maybe I am wrong about that. That would have had to be a Palestinian-led initiative. It did not happen. I really hope that there is one the next time there is a Peace Cafe.

Simply reinforcing victimhood only perpetuates it. That is what I think that Eva and people like her are really doing, despite their genuinely good intentions.

But then I also know that I am not the only one to see and understand that. It seems to me that Eva, and some others here, do not really seem to understand that and they are just looking for allies who think like they do.

Sorry that this is not about the main topic of this discussion. Like others here, I just responded to the digression. Someone else may like to start a discussion about this important and interesting digression Eva started.

Hi Eva,

Did you notice that I started with and do mean: "Attempting constructive joint projects is the only way!"

That also means not starting interesting discussions about things that simply inflame and reinforce victimhood.

And yes. I do hope that people who live in East Jerusalem, Gaza, and the West Bank do respond to this, honestly, constructively, and fearlessly.

Be well... PmR

Paul, come to OPT, come to Jenin ..
my people are not used to hold a meeting to discuss daily issues and challenges like for example the streets full of garbage when this the case!

We need a realistic spiral growth of consciousness in line with expectations.

I wished the Peace-Cafe came with a project, like poll to find out actually what the people want and how they think to achieve..

We need deeeeeeeeeee..eeeeeeeep analysis of reality.
Only sharp eyes on both side can estimate the right steps to move forward on smart analysis can deliver value and constructive actions/Interaction.

(am not aware of the other posts. Paul asked me to have a look/answer)
Economic development is a great thing for Palestinians to work at, we need much to do in this sector, also Palestinians can use this forum to express themselves and their society to the world and to start changing some of the notions about them.

Changing some of the negative and mostly untrue and unfair ideas about Palestinians could make a change, do you agree with me?
I think you misunderstood what I said because your response is just a deeper sense of what i was trying to say. Anyways, we need to here from Palestinians why more don't take part. Different topic but can we check with our friends for their opinions on this?
It is obvious that the number of Palestinian participants is few and limited comparing to others here, and this could be due to many things, first of all the Palestinians nature of being so careful and do not get into the atmosphere immediately, and no offence especially when there are Israelis around, a second thing would be due to academic issues, the main language here is English and some of the Palestinians who joined might not be having a strong and fluent English to enter some of the discussions here, besides the idea of joining networks such as mepeace and others needs to be spread more and advocated in the Palestinian society to encourage Palestinians to show the world whom they really are.



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