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Thanks for all tried to help especially Noa, Hiba, Max, Paul, ..

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Efrat Noy

you may take action as well!

I found the following related Info

The one on Palestinian side know much about those crimes is Dr Mahmoud Sa'adeh from Yatta in Hebron!

Dear All,

Yesterday (Monday) we went with Iyad to search for and photograph evidence to document the military waste and dangerous materials that the IOF leaves in the area of the Jahalin Bedouin in the south Hebron hills. Iyad took us to visit a family whose child’s leg was badly burnt a month ago when he was playing in the desert with ammunition remains left behind by the Israeli military. Nothing could have prepared us for our meeting with the boy, whose name is Jabar, even though he had received medical attention at Yata [a nearby city]. The condition of his leg is shocking, and it will be a miracle if he does not lose his leg.

This resulted from his playing with some sort of acid that resembles salt (who knows what the implications are). Jabar, who is 13 years old, is urgently in need of medical treatment.

According to Iyad and the family, the care that he received at Yata was typical of the attitude there towards the Bedouins who come there for medical care.

We contacted the Physicians for Human Rights and B’tselem, and as a result the child will go today to a hospital in Hebron, accompanied by Issa from B’tselem, and hopefully from there to a hospital in Israel.

Following our visit, we went to the dessert and found evidence of the controlled explosions that the Israeli military performs, and the salt-like waste that charred the youngster.

The military does not bother to in any way indicate the presence of the dangerous chemicals it leaves behind.

I attach pictures of the boy and of the evidence we found.

The photos were also sent to B’tselem.

Hopefully, the child will get to the hospital today, and not lose his leg.


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שלום לכולם

אתמול (יום שני) יצאנו עם עיד כדי לחפש ולצלם עדויות לדווחים על

פסולת נפלים ותחמושת וחומרים מסוכנים שמשאיר צה"ל

בשטחי המרעה של שבט ג'האלין המתגוררים באזור אום דרג' (מזרחה

לאום אל חיר/התנחלות כרמל). עיד לקח אותנו לבקר משפחה

ששמע כי אחד מילדיה נכווה ברגלו לפני כחודש תוך משחק במדבר עם שאריות תחמושת של הצבא.

שום דבר לא הכין את כולנו למפגש עם הילד-(ששמו ג'אבר אבן מוסא

למרות שלכאורה קיבל טיפול ביאטה, מצב הרגל שלו פשוט מזעזע

וזה יהיה נס אם לא יאבד אותה

כל זאת כתוצאה ממשחק עם איזושהי חומצה דמוית מלח (מי יודע מה ההשלכות)

הילד, בן 13, זקוק לטיפול ד-ח-ו-ף!!! לטענת עיד והמשפחה

הטיפול שקיבל ביאטה אופייני ליחס לו זוכים הבדואים בבואם לקבל טיפול רפואי מפלסטינים

לאחר שיצרנו קשר עם רופאים לזכויות אדם ועם בצלם הילד ילקח היום לביה"ח בחברון

בליווי עיסא מבצלם שידאג שלא יפלו אותו בטיפול, בתקווה שיקבל הפנייה לבי"ח בישראל.

לאחר הביקור יצאנו למדבר ומצאנו עדויות לפיצוצים המבוקרים של צה"ל ולאותו חומר דמוי מלח.

הצבא לא דאג לסמן בשום דרך את המצאותם של חומרים מסוכנים באזור

אני מצרפת תמונות של הילד ושל השטח.

התמונות נשלחו גם לבצלם.

אינשאללה הילד יגיע היום לבי"ח ולא יאבד את רגלו

להתראות לכולם


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OK, the Israeli government, surely. Israel is a democracy there must be some channel through which you as can register your protest. What about your local MP?
No, no, no, Eva. This is a council of despair. This is an argument for doing nothing. I think we can make this a positive thing.

Sorry I should have written KM. MPS are what we have over here. Who is yours if you don't mind me asking.
Terrible, terrible. A disgrace. These stories make me ashamed of my country.

Max, to your question. There is no "your" Knesset member here- the system isn't a district one, the whole state is a one-country district. I agree with Eva that a complaint to the IDF wouldn't work (though I wouldn't in any way go to the extent saying Israel isn't a democracy), more likely a legal petition against the Ministry of Security would be more effective. This is done through various organizations such as ACRI (association for civil rights in Israel). The best is to contact Be'tzelem (who are not a legal organization per-se) and see who they are working with. I know Rabbis for Human Rights work representing people from south of Hebron ("drom har- Hebron"). I am sure be'tzelem contacted relevant organizations but I can write to them to make sure.
Come on Eva Israel is a democracy. Sure it is far from perfect and at times it even makes the Italian look good.

You maybe interested in a discussion I started call 'The Dysfunctional Jewish state'.
Max, Israel is a "moving selfish-democracy" and sure people under occupation it occupation can not change it directly/democratically .
Very special man situation. You need only to check the thousand of rules and lows about "land-thievery" .. they are so precise in inventing rules fits THEIR politics.

I wish all of this get changed ..
I certainly wish it would change too Jafra. No Israel is not the best democracy in the world there are many flaws but it has its strengths.

You might find this surprising but I think the best democracy in the world is the American one. It's foreign Policy is quite another story but incomparison to our system it is far superior. We have an unelected head of state, a meaningless state religion, a prime minister who can declare war without the concent of parliament and a second chamber in which the majority were not elected by the people of the country. Sorry I am going off topic again.
another thought. i heard that the mayor of Hebron is a very action oriented person. very into development and change. if he knew that helping in this situation is being talked about everywhere, maybe he could make some calls himself? just athought.
Hi there Marc. The Mayor of Hebron is Mr Khaled Osaily. I am trying to find out more.
I've started looking and asking for more reports can be referred to ..
Max, Noa is right about the system. We in the West forget that MP's are not responsible to local districts. Many of us feel that this would dramatically improve democracy in Israel, but this is a long way off. I recommend doing what Noa says, find more from local groups, and then find the pressure points, find the office, military, political, health or administrative that may be embarrassed or irritated by publicity. I am going to blog on this, and we can get it circulating on the web as a way to call attention to this. Even in non-democracies shining a light on something embarrassing can move mountains if done at the right pressure points. But, as i said, it must be done with respect and persistence.
Marc and Noa

Thanks for the info regarding Israel's political system. It sounds bloody mad to me. I certainly agree the local channel is the best one. Nothing is worse than outsiders mouthing off about things they clearly no little about. Can someone give me the links to the organisations that have been mentioned but only if they are in English (sorry!).

Are there local councils in Israel as we have here in Britian. There are mayors right? If you want to complain about something, I don't know - waste collection - who do you complain to in Israel? Sorry for going off topic Jafra.
I don't know if "bloody mad" would be the word to use. It is just different. Israel is a small country, and we have already discussed elsewhere that a district system isn't exactly relevant for it.
Back to the subject. We are talking about acts of the IDF. The ministry in charge of the IDF is the ministry of security. Petitions against acts like these are filed against the ministry of security, in Administrative Court or the Supreme court, depending on different criteria.
Organization that do this:
For starters.

The way I see it, this is a terrible personal story, but it is also a wider phenomenen that needs to be dealt with at a higher level. We have to distinct between two courses of action: the help Jaber is recieving, and finding out what can be done so the larger issue is dealt with.



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