GOOD NEWS: Another PEACE CAFE is on the way! Want to help?

Dear friends

After leaving the June peace cafe event very excited and feeling as though it should be a regular community event , I took it upon myself to organize the next one!

If you feel like I do and want to help bring this event together OR if you feel like you know how to make it even better, please let me know by:
1. Filling out the attached form and emailing it back to me at :
Important! - I will insert this information onto a table which we can later use for future events; so if you have a general wish to contribute please write it on the form also.
2. Joining the "PEACE CAFE" group on google groups at this address :
There we will be able to converse and plan in greater detail.

Our final goal is to create a solid foundation for these meetings so they could be easily executed in any time or place.

Lets get it started!
Best wishes

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Great stuff Nohar! I am not in Israel until August so I guess I cannot help very much. So I am offering my moral support. Cheers Max.
thanks max! I hope we'll be able to make this happen by the time your in Israel but if not- bring us something from the "duty free" shops :)

we are able to make this happen
You have my blessing :-)
One thing Nohar. Send a message to all your friends on This will get the word around. Discussions can easily be missed in the forum. I shall do it for my friends list. Cheers.
That is a very important idea, AiW.
A place where all could meet would be ideal.
(Heck - a place where all cannot meet seems kind of useless!)
It should also be somewhere where people can get drinks, and have bathrooms available.
I really wish I could be there.
I'm tottaly agree with you Alice,
As me someone from Gaza Strip me and others should participate such meetings, because we should explain our opinion here and our suffer, so I hope if u could hold a meeting if u can in any country around us it's gonna be great idea.

Do you think it is possible to set a Peace Cafe in Gaza city? (without Israelis)

I think that documentation of the conversation and ideas about what is possible to do is valuable.

We are trying to describe and share the process so the structure will be easy to use any were. Any activity any one will suggest is geographically restricted and sadly cannot yet be manifested with reasonable effort - and we all humans here.
Hi Neri,
It should be possible to arrange for a meeting in Gaza (or wherever) to take place at the same time as a meeting somewhere else, and video-conference them together.

As for everyone not in Gaza, is Wadi Kelt accessible to Palestinians from the West Bank? Wadi Kelt is in kind of a central location.
How about Jericho?

There are a lot of possibilities I wish to emphesis that we all (Israelis and Palestinians) are starting a practice so it better to set achievable goals and expectation (as we will not bring Peace in a day).

The focus now to have a 2nd event with same format and let maximum people possibility to come and to duplicate such event in their habitat. getting all of us in one place is problematic.

Roni S. has knowledge and same goal to set video-conference no doubt this can be fruitful emotional event to have together and be linked. but I guess we need to consider the resources we have now.
Yes Neri.
Just something to keep in mind for the future.
Neri, please see my response to Mohammed...

The resources required may well be available at no cost. Testing them should be easy.




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