describe > analyse > act

Discussion will be almost useless if there is no concept we agree on to deliver RESULTs we can document, act upon and refer to.

That's why I am asking to establish admin group at mepeace where we (at lease main contributor) can agree on certain procedure we try to apply , where all can have benefits from.

if every one of us try's to describe the same problem from his own silo, we will describe 100 problem! Then we will work 100 times in different places .. get confused, frustrated , lose energy and time .. the situation on the ground will be not get changed.

look into

If we manage to create an admin group here, we will try to establish common action/interaction we use the community resources to follow and deliver.

The pre-discussions in the admin group will build the needed bridges between our silos.

Furthermore I see me peace as a "company" where we contribute to deliver .. if I see my contribution are almost useless or can be more efficient some where else I will decide for the other place to contribute. But I know we have much unused potential here.

We need more results on the ground beside more members ..

if you ask me what would be the highest priority for making-peace I would say: Organize!

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Same time different people from opposite sides of the globe think the same .... this is valuable attribute of Global-Brain idea.

The Global Brain application is what I understand Wael invite us to create - processes and tools to make this stream of thoughts into effective activity of all of us from all origins and all world views and the spectrum of consciousness that described as connected levels in Wael post.
Hi Neir .. here is Jafra.
what I tried to introduce here is "Israeli-Palestinian Peace Brain"-Application.

but GBA well explained ;)
we are all here to change and get changed I believe.

there is certain basics need to be done to build any boundary conditions of the platform used to facilitate change, where we need our logic-thinking and know-how soft and hard skills .. no politics, no theology, no emotions, .. only pure strategical thinking.

Some of them are here

I believe this is should be the highest focus to build a productive community.

No in the admin group we have to study a little bit and develop first strategy-draft .. over the time by learning-process and new comer into the admin group that strategy can grow and enhanced.

Al what we try to achieve using that strategy and process of communication is sure under discussing, but we have to try to keep the line with the "boundary-conditions" of our cooperative works.
Hi Jaffra,

You seem to be in fact simply proposing a strategy or planning group and not a management group. .

If you call your proposed group a strategy or planning group or the strategy or planning group none of the problems I described above ( apply.

Any proposals from such a group can then be considered and possibly adopted by consensus or by active interest shown by current members of the initiative.

exactly Paul ..

Manager are lazy freaks delegating stuff and do not like to act any thing be themselves ;)

I have some Manager skills, but I will sure do any thing I can ..
huups, I have to realize that it is now possible to add any group. (Thanks Hiba for the hint)

my idea, that main contributors try to tune before doing the actions on the main forum.
We can use the group function for
1. Projects: Any idea will discussed in the admin/moderator group will be announced in the main forum and build the work group for it. When the project closed, a summery will be drafted, archived to use in other projects or to point to for new comers etc

2. Skills/Area of Focus.
Any one can write a comment on those especial groups raising up queries or questions. They will be something like "technical resources"
I have once proposed a list which I will search and add later.

does it make sense to you?
Hi Jafra,

Based upon the above, I thought that you would start such a group. Because you have not, I started this

In my view, several people with technical competence should become (technical) administrators and then the members of that group should then decide that group's agenda and objectives.

Please join. :-)

Be well...
I did not want to hast Paul .. tune and tune then act even by creating a group.
To find consensus on Group name for example first ..

What I missed here, that interests did not stay on the topic and changed to new topics ..

as much as people are part of "decision making" they will keep in-line with it.

I've joined by the way.
Welcome... :-)

Jafra now has administrator privileges for the group. This means that he can change all of the group's settings.

I accept and understand your reservations, Jafra . Nothing is written in stone. At least three others with some technical competence should become (technical) administrators.of that group. Any member of mepeace can join and the archives of the group are public.
right Paul .. thanks to take the initiative!!



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