An opportunity for "boots on the ground" action. I hope some here on MEpeace can join up with this - I wish I could be there.

Hebrew & Arabic follows English

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) is proud to announce its 6th annual summer rebuilding work camp. Every year international volunteers join with Israeli peace activists and the Palestinian local community to rebuild the home of a Palestinian family demolished by the Israeli authorities. This year it is the home of the Elyan’s family in the village of Anata, near Jerusalem (see attached storey). During two weeks we will construct a home from the foundations to the roof, and hand the key to the family. Rebuilding demolished homes is ICAHD’s powerful statement of resistance to the Occupation and, beyond that, the resistance to the ongoing process of dispossessing the Palestinians from their land and patrimony.

For two weeks in July, camp participants engage in building activities punctuated by evening meetings with Palestinian and Israeli political figures, activists, academics and artists, including tours throughout the West Bank, Jerusalem and Israel. The focus will be on such issued as: home demolitions, settlement expansion, the “Separation Barrier”, the economic closure of the Occupied Territories, the refugee issue, possibilities of peace and strategizing. For two weeks the work site is a hive of construction, interaction, learning, discussion, and constructive resistance.

* Attached the Elyans family story and the camp program

We would very much like to see you at any day at our camp during the dates July 15 – 28. We will especially need help on the building site July 17,18,20,22,24,25.

We offer transportation to the camp every morning at 8am leaving from the New Gate in East Jerusalem. Return transportation will be available after lunch at 3pm or at 10.30pm after dinner and evening event.

Suggested donation: $50 for the day; $25 for ½ a day.

The cost covers meals, all activities on site, transport from the Old City to Beit Arabyia and back, and contribution to construction costs.

For more information please contact us at:

Tel: 972-(0)2-624-5560 Fax: 972-(0)2-622-1530 Mobile 972-(0)54-2652960

בין ה-15 וה-28 ביולי

"הוועד הישראלי נגד הריסת בתים"

יקיים את מחנה הקיץ השנתי השישי בכפר ענאתא בירושלים

השנה נבנה יחדיו את בית משפחת עליאן, שנהרס על-ידי שלטונות הכיבוש ב-21 באפריל 2004, (מצורף הסיפור של המשפחה והתוכנית של מחנה העבודה). במחנה ישתתפו פעילים ומתנדבים מאירופה ומארה"ב נוסף להשתתפות של ארגונים ופעילים ישראלים ופלסטינים.

בנוסף לעבודות הבניה במהלך היום יתקיימו גם מגוון פעיליות חינוכיות בנושא הסכסוך כמו סיורים הרצאות והקרנת סרטים בערבים בנוכחות היוצרים.

אנו פונים אליכם וקוראים לכם לקחת חלק בפעיולת חשובה זו, כי אנו רואים חשיבות רבה בהשתתפותכם בין אם זה בבניה או בפעיליות השונות שיתקימו לאורך השבועיים של המחנה.

למעוניינים, רשימת הימים שיש לנו צורך רב בנוכוחותכם ועזרתכם. היינו מאוד רוצים לראות אותכם במחנה בכל יום מימותיו, בין ה 15 ליולי עד 28, אבל חשוב להדגיש שבתאריכים הבאים העזרה וההשתתפות שלכם נחוצה יותר. 25,24,22,20,18,17 ביולי.

בכל בוקר אנו מציעים הסעה בשעה 08:00 מהשער החדש במזרח העיר ירושלים, יש אפשרות לחזור בשעה 15:00 אחרי ארוחת הצהריים, או בשעה 22:30 בערב.

* תרומה מומלצת: 50 ש"ח ליום ו25 ש"ח לחצי יום.

למעוניינים נא ליצור קשר לכתובת:

טלפון: 972-(0)2-624-5560 פקס: 972-(0)2-622-1530 נייד: 972-(0)54-2652960

معا سنبني بيت عائلة عليان

تستعد الحركه الاسرائيليه ضد هدم البيوت وفي اطار مخيمها التطوعي السادس لإعاده بناء منزل عائله نادر عليان ابن قريه عناتا /قضاء القدس والذ قامت قوات الاحتلال السرائيليه بهدمه في 21 من ابريل 2004 بحجه عدم الترخيص, وسيكون المخيم بمشاركه فلسطينيه، اسرائيليه ومتطوعين من اوروبا وامريكا، ويتخلله العديد من النشاطات التوعويه من جولات في مناطق مختلفه من الضفة واسرائيل ولقاءات متعددة مع ناشطين محليين وباحثين مختصيين في قضايا تتعلق بجوانب عده للاحتلال وتداعياته.
ينطلق المخيم في ال 15 من تموز ويستمر اسبوعيين حتى ال 28 من نفس الشهر

لقد تجندت الحركة الاسرائيلية ضد هدم البيوت من اجل اعادة اعمار البيت لعائلة عليان من خلال مخيم العمل التطوعي السادس, وتناشدكم اسرائليون, فلسطنيون واجانب الوقوف من اجل عائلة عليان ومن اجل رفع الراية ضد سياسة هدم البوت في القدس او في اي مكان اخر, ولنقف معا بجانب عائلة عليان بمحاولتهم اعادة بناء جزء من حياتهم.

* مرفق تفاصيل قصة عائلة عليان وبرنامج المخيم.

للمعنيين سوف تقوم ادارة المخيم بتوفير سفريات يومية من القدس ال موقع المخيم في قرية عناتا.

للمزيد من المعلومات :

تلفون: 972-(0)2-624-5560 فاكس: 972-(0)2-622-1530نقال: 972-(0)54-2652960

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So, did anyone in MEpeace participate in this summer work camp?

It would be interesting to have some participant's feedback. I'll ask Eyal to write to them. Maybe they can tell there participants that there is a virtual community that is very much interested in their experience.

I too Catherine would have loved to be part of this camp. Their work really seems interesting. I really appreciate the combination of different kinds of activities.
Here is the email update I received from "the field" -
ICAHD Building Camp 2008: Day 3 - Summer Camp Participant: A.B. - Friday, July 17, 2008

Every morning around 4 am, the Muslim call to prayer resounds throughout the Anata valley from a mosque nearby Beit Arabeia. Though I tend to awaken upon hearing this call, what really gets me out of bed is Salim's 6 am call, "Coffee, coffee" and plate of just-picked figs. It's hard not to awaken physically after drinking a cup of the strong and dark Arabic brew, but I find that it's Salim's smile, warmth and gesture of hospitality that awakens my heart. This experience of human conviviality has been a constant experience during the ICHAD camp thus far. Despite all of the suffering of the Palestinian people we have met - and it is legion - we have been accepted with grace, treated with kindness and delighted by humor and joy. We have been taught, in short, just how it is to be human. And this experience of humanity now reverberates through the camp as friendships are fast forming and laughter uplifts the hard work of the construction site.

Filled with Arabeia's delectable breakfast of falafel, hummus, eggs and tomatoes, camp members first set off for a walking tour of Jerusalem's Old City led by ICAHD's Jeff Halper. It was hard not to cringe at the sight of an elderly Palestinian woman who was being detained by two young folk of the Israeli military as she tried to make her way into Jerusalem. We made it through the checkpoint with relative ease; what happened to her and of what she had wanted to accomplish that day? I kept thinking about her as we made our winding way from the Haram al-Sharif/Temple Mount to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. What emerged was the rich and varied history of Jerusalem, lived in, as it was, by many peoples over the course of thousands of years. This is a cosmopolitan city built upon the talents, insights and gifts of countless individuals and communities. There are none within the mix of this humanity, however, who may make an absolute claim upon the City itself. It is evident, however, from the dispute between the Greek Orthodox Catholics and the Roman Catholics as to whom will be responsible for sweeping the courtyard of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher to the take-over of certain sections Old City by Jewish settler communities at the expense of former Palestinian inhabitants, the plague of the "absolute claim no matter who gets crushed" remains a steadfast human trait. Never before has the art of living together humanely seemed so urgent to me.

Prior to leaving for our work sites in the afternoon, we spoke of Abu Mussa, a Bedouin man who lives in a nearby shack and who has been active in the resistance effort against home demolition. Two years ago, sadly, Mussa was afflicted by diabetes. The end result is that both of his legs have been amputated and he cannot afford to have his legs replaced by prostheses. We are soon to visit with him and I look forward to it. At the "small house" site, we engaged in an effort to clear the inside floors of construction debris and pass can after can of gravel, via human chain, from one another and onto the floors of the house. This gravel will be leveled and will form the base for the home's floor tiles. Led by our Palestinian comrades, we worked hard during the afternoon. To borrow a biblical image from the story of Genesis, I recall looking back to our Palestinian friends and at our work as we were leaving and saying to myself, "It is all good."

The evening took a rather sobering turn during the presentations offered by Offir Feurstein of B'Tselem and Yehuda Shaul of Break the Silence. The work of B'Tselem, an Israeli human rights organization, is to document human rights abuses committed by the Israeli military, police, settlers, etc. in the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Break the Silence, whose members served in the Israeli Defense Forces, gives an accounting of the atrocities of the IDF against Palestinian people in the Occupied Territories. Our ICHAD community was both riveted and sobered by what these two remarkable men had to say to us. Both Yehuda's story and person, for example, were quite striking. Here was a young Orthodox Jew who had once relished to opportunity to serve in the IDF but was now speaking truth about specific acts of IDF abuse and horror. Contained within the stories that he told us were accounts of the use of the Palestinian people as human shields, random killings and the desecration of Palestinian corpses and the rampant destruction of Palestinian homes for "security reasons." Yehuda, in an astonishing act of courage, now speaks publicly about the military atrocities of the Occupation, organizes photo exhibitions, publishes testimony of former members of the IDF, and leads young people through tours of "IDF-afflicted" Hebron. His claim is that he is simply holding a mirror up to Israeli society - to all of us - so that we may see what's clearly what's going on. Yehuda ended his talk by suggesting that our stance may not be "pro-Palestine" or "pro-Israeli" but more "for/against violence," and that if we truly loved humanity, we would make the choice against the use of violence. Under the light of a full moon, on a hillside in Anata, and well into the night, the gifts of insight, witness and courage was, once again, offered. I am so deeply grateful both to our Palestinian and Israeli friends.



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