Anyone interested in exploring using SMS for mobile learning

Hi everyone. I have joined a voluntary project with an organisation who are investigating uses of SMS for mobile learning. I am following discussions here but not sure about what kind of bandwidth is actually available during the day and whether SMS might be a good option ?

If you know of or work with an NGO and would be interested in finding out more, I would love to hear from you,

Best wishes

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Hi, sorry I should have explained a bit more - Jon has described it very well above. The reason I have decided to work with this organisation - Kiwanja/Frontline SMS - is that they are used to putting in SMS solutions not just for learning but as a way of managing every day problems - because more people have phones than computers. The other thing is that it may be possible to use SMS instead of having to connect to the internet - I'm guessing some parts of Israel and Palestine may have good connections to the internet, but guessing in others, it isn't and communication is much more difficult.

I have heard of an organisation called Souktel that works across Palestinian territories to help with communications. However I am in the UK and do not really have a great idea about this, but suppose you could be sent little pieces of learning via SMS - would it be possible to send them, are there enough phones around and do you think both children and adults would get any benefit from it ?



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